She was only 14.

"She was only 14."
I'm Rachel. My best-friend Lucy killed herself last week. I'm NOT happy. It's kind of OK though; she's with me now.


4. 03.07.2012

She's slowly getting over it now. I hope she does soon. She doesn't understand how much this is hurting me. She doesn't understand how safe she is here with me now. She really doesn't.

3rd July 2012

They were fine until today. Nothing had been said for a good two months or so and then, BAM! Two things at once. One of her 'friends' Primrose, nicknamed Avatar as she had hair down to around her bum in a long plait, had sent a picture to Damion after he asked for one. It wasn't a naked one, just one of her in her underwear, although he asked for a naked one. He also had a vile chat with the slut of year ten, Rose Pottinger. They had a dirty truth and dare. She kept saying how she was going to bite him in certain places, suck his thing like there was no tomorrow. He said how when they met he would lick her out, and the rest if the disgusting and disgraceful stuff. 

She didn't believe that he was innocent. Purely because she saw both sets of messages with her own eyes.

They had a big argument about it and he constantly cried and begged for her forgiveness. She didn't forgive him yet she stayed with him. He somehow convinced her that it wouldn't happen again, therefore she thought it wouldn't  I think that's why she stayed with him. 

There was one thing staying on her mind though. Amber. 

Amber was one of Roxy's friends. I don't think Amber knew that Lucy and Damion were a couple. 

Lucy and I had seen messages on his phone to Amber with lots of 'x' and things of that kind of nature. So she would be naturally worried with his track record.

She didn't realize, taking him back would be the biggest mistake of her life.

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