She was only 14.

"She was only 14."
I'm Rachel. My best-friend Lucy killed herself last week. I'm NOT happy. It's kind of OK though; she's with me now.


3. 03.05.2012

Lucy's locked herself away for around a week now. Its OK though. I've made sure she has everything she needs considering I had a feeling this would happen.

3rd May 2012


Yesterday they broke up again. For the third time in two months I would say, maybe the second time, maybe the forth time or more. He had been saying how he fancied someone else whilst he was out with Lucy, Roxy, Robbie(one of her other friends), and Teegan(another one of her friends). That someone else was Teegan. He admitted it in front of Robbie. I even heard him.

Lucy found out, like she always does. She asked him and he tried to twist the words. "I only said she was acting like my girlfriend, you weren't really paying much attention to me," he claimed. She didn't believe him. She loved him with all her heart and more but couldn't let it get out of hand and happen to her again. She told him it was over. It was one of the hardest things she did. 

Once again, she went back to what she did before. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Eleven. Guaranteed they would leave scars, she would have twenty-six scars on her arms. At the age of fourteen, nearly fifteen, you should be enjoying life, it goes so, so quickly its unbelievable.

She forgave him again. Went back out with him after he gave her the same old, same old story. How he loved her, and how he never did it etc. They got back together.

The previous times they had broken up were for the same few things. Him saying he fancied people. Cheating. Sending people inappropriate things eg, pictures etc, or he would ask for pictures off other girls. 

She still forgave him. She forgave him all them times. She's going to forgive him more times than that in the future. That's going to be the end of her. He's going to be the end of her.

She just didn't understand that yet. She doesn't understand until it's too late.

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