Harsh Words: Remus and Owl.

It's the Marauders fourth year at Hogwarts and dinner is served. But who's that funny looking bird, looking at Remus from the Ravenclawtable? - Oneshot.

Inspired by my lovely friend's fanfiction, "Friendship, Love and Wizarding War".
//This is not the real first meet between the two of them, just my version of it!


1. Chapter one.

Remus Lupin surprised everyone of his mates by showing up at dinner that night. Or, at least those of his friends that knew exactly what he'd been doing the night before.

"Remus,"James Potter started out, but hesitated before saying anything else. He was just as surprised to see the boy as the other Marauders and was about to ask exactly what the boy was doing here and not at the Nursery - since it was, after all, only the night after full moon - but luckily he realized that this may not be the best question to ask in the middle of dinner with the rest of the school. Therefore, he only said: "Nice to see you again, mate."

Remus sent his friends a weak smile, before taking a seat next to the third of the group, Sirius Black. "Thank you, James. It's good to be back."

"And about time, anyway. Wormtail hasn't done anything but wining about how he's going to fail Transfiguration because of that essay 'bout some laws and stuff," Sirius said, "And James refuses to help him. So guess you're on it then, Lupin."

Peter Pettigrew - a brown haired mousy-looking boy, who was about a head lower than the rest of the group - shot the werewolf a nervous look. "Y-y-you don't have to help me, but I would really appreciate it, really."

"Of course I will help you," Remus said and Peter smiled, relieved. "But why won't James help you?"

"I have things of my own going on, you know," James said without looking at the boys - he was too busy staring at a certain redhead, whom at the same moment stepped into the hall, "I can't go help Petey out with every little thing."

"Of course not. Lily Evans stalking is so very more important than your friends education, I can see that, James." Remus said.

"He's got a point, Prongs," Sirius broke in, "Hey, did you even start that essay yourself?"

"I'm working on it," James said shortly, before getting to his feet. "Now, let me with my business. Oi, Evans!" And with that, he was gone, heading over to the redhead from before - whom only shoot the poor boy an annoyed look, before getting back to her plate with food.

Remus rolled his gray eyes as his friend found a seat beside Lily - who obviously wasn't happy about her new table-friend. The last thing Remus saw  before turning away from them, was James' hopeless try to talk to her and Lily completely ignoring him.

"They doesn't share a chance in the world," he said and turned to the remaining Marauders. "She really despises him because of that Snape bloke."

"Snivellus doesn't have a chance with her either, though," Sirius snorted, and when Remus and Peter just send him a confused glance, he continued: "Oh, come on! Haven't you seen the way he looks at her? He's like a puppy with her and it's bloody disgusting!"

"It's disgusting because he's a Slytherin?" Peter asked, still not completely understanding Sirius.

"Why of course," Sirius only said, continuing to eat the giant pile of food he'd placed on his way too little plate. "What else?"

Remus shook his head and was about to reply that not all Slytherins were bad, but was distracted by a Ravenclawgirl with brown and blond hair, who was obviously staring at him. Although, when their eyes met - hers were light blue and actually quite nice - she turned away, flushing into a deep red. Confused, Remus turned to Sirius. "Who's that?"

"Who's who?" Sirius said with his mouth full of chicken and mashed potatoes.

"The girl staring at Remus," Peter broke in. That gave them Sirius' attention. "You know, the Ravenclaw with the funny looking clothes."

Another glance at the girl made Remus agree with Peter - the girl did wear her clothes a little special. Because with her tie around her hair and her shirt bound so her shoulders were visible, she did stand out in the crowd of nicely dressed Ravenclaws - or, like Sirius and James preferred to call them, brainies.

Sirius followed Remus' glance and shrugged at once. "That's the Robson girl - what was her name again? It was some kind of animal..."

"Dragon?" Peter suggested. "Hippogrif?"

Sirius send him a look, but then realized he needed the help and shook his head. "No, something - something smaller, I think. If I just could remember..."

"Grindylow? Pixie? Thestral?"

"Small! For Gods sake, Peter, you really - Oi! Her name is Owl!" Sirius said, and the sound of her name must have triggered her attention, because the girl looked their way. Of course, only in a few seconds, until she realized exactly who'd said her name - then she hastily turned to her food once again.

"Owl," Remus said quietly to himself. What unique name that is. But Owl do look like a very unique girl, too, so he found that they matched pretty good. Owl Robson. Maybe it was short for something?

"Oh, Remus is in love with the bird-girl," Remus blinked when Sirius mentioned his name. "Sweet, isn't it, Wormtail?"

"I think James is getting the whole deal over there," Peter said and by that getting the others to focus on the last Marauder. Since the talking among the boys grew silence, they were able to hear the Lovers - quite loud - conversation. If you can even call it that, Remus thought for himself.

The said conversation was, in fact, mostly Lily talking. Or yelling. And James looked like he'd prefer the silence method Lily used before instead of this. He also looked like he really, really needed some help from a fellow Marauder. Sadly for James, the only Marauder who actually would be capable of dragging him out of this, were to busy laughing at the poor boy.

"James Potter," Lily's voice could be heard from the Marauders - and probably the rest of Gryffindor house - seat. "You are such a giant toad! To think that I would go to Hogsmeade with you, after all that you've done to me and Sev? You're disgusting!"

"Auch," Remus quietly said to the others."That was harsh."

"But he 'ougtha gotten used to it by now, right?" said a boy Remus weakly remembered having heard who's name was Brown. Owen Brown. "I mean, they do that at least twice a week." Owen continued.

"No," Peter answered. "I don't think James will ever get used to be let down by Lily."

"Yeah, he fancies her big time," Sirius agreed. "Poor guy."

Remus nodded - it was pretty terrible for James to be in love with a girl, whom despises him. Although the werewolf's thought were elsewhere than this tragic love story.

"So, she's in Ravenclaw, right? Our year?" Remus asked Sirius.

"Yeah," he said. "The whole deal."

"She has Care of Magical Creatures with me," Peter said, "She's really nice. And smart."

Sirius yawned. "Yeah, yeah, the perfect couples. Remus and a brainie. Now, the interesting stuff - when are you going to ask her out?"

Ask her out, Remus thought, is he insane? "I'm not asking her out."

"Wait, why not? As we all agreed:  She's perfect for you. And after that glance, it seems like she fancies you too-"

"She should probably stop that," Remus broke in. "I'm not exactly girl-material."

"What kind of material are you, then? The boy-stuff?" Sirius smirked.

Remus just shooked his head. "I'm not anyones material." Then he got to his feet and started heading towards the Gryffindor Tower with the excuse  of a headache. Really, he just wanted to get away from that girl, Robson. It was probably for the best, if he stayed away from her in a while - she'd appreciate it, too, if she knew what he really was.

"Hey, Remus, wait!" The sound of his name made Remus hesitate on the first steps toward the tower. Although, he didn't turn around to see who'd yelled it out - he had a bad feeling that he already knew.

"What?" he asked, surprisingly cold for his usual self. His companion, obviously, thought so too.

"I-I-I just wanted to... talk. To you."

"Well, I'm busy at the moment - is it of any importance?" Remus still didn't turn around to see if his words had hit hard.

"I-I guess not." They had. "But if you could tell me when you're not busy, 'cause I would really like to-"

"Look," Remus finally turned around to look at Owl, who was standing at the end of the stairs, looking pale and hurt. Remus suddenly felt guilty - even though he hadn't exactly been cruel to her, he wasn't very nice either. And Remus preferred to be nice - but he also preferred for people not to be too close to him. The friends he had at the moment had already been in danger because of him, way too many times.

"I just want to talk, really," Owl interrupted. "Maybe hang out someday. I don't bite." She smiled weakly, trying to soften Remus up. What she of course didn't know was, that Remus actually would love spending some time with her, but even the greatest smile she could give him, wouldn't change the fact that he would reject her. He had to.

"Look, Robson," He started once more - and again, Owl interrupted.

"It's Oweline. Or Owl, whatever you prefer." And then, realizing that she'd interrupted him again, added: "Sorry."

"Oweline," What a nice name, "You're sweet, OK? But you're... just not my type."

"I didn't say I wanted to date-" she started, but this time Remus interrupted her.

"I know. But I got to look at the case from a professionals point of view," Sirius, of course, "And that is what you want, right?"

There was quite for a moment. Then she said: "Maybe. Yes. But if that's not a possibility, then I'd like to be friends. Just... anything but strangers, really." She hesitated before saying the next thing, surely - Remus would think later - because she wasn't sure that it was so true anymore. "You seem so nice."

"Well," Remus said. "I'm not. So just leave me alone, OK?" And with that, he continued walking up the stairs, leaving the girl to herself.

In the following years, Remus would run into Owl quite a few times - seeing that they live under same roof and all - and every time he would be as rude as possible. He didn't enjoy it - he was, after all, Remus Lupin - but it was necessary. After all, even though he hated the fact that he did, he would rather break the poor girls heart and let her live on, than break her bones so that she would not.

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