16 Wishes

When Raven's dad tells her about the '16 Wishes' tradition, each day counting up to her 16th birthday she gets one wish
It starts of simple, her first wish is that people would accept her at school
Then it gets a bit out of control
Raven wishes that she could be popular and on the cheer team
But Raven gets to caught up in the world of popularity to even notice her friends
Her wishing gets out of control
Then it comes down to her second last wish
She wishes to meet her favourite band in the whole world
One Direction.
Funnily enough, hours after Raven has wished to meet the British/Irish boyband while browsing the school computers a One Direction competition
Knowing her odds, Raven enters the competition
Now she has gone too far
Meeting them was the best thing she had ever done, but turned out in a disaster
Will Raven be able to fix the mess she has made?


1. The First Wish

I slam my phone down
"WHAT!" i scream to my mum that is yelling t me from downstairs
"COME DOWN HERE" she yells
I sigh loudly and slide down the stairs
She is sitting at the kitchen with a very tall, beautiful white birthday cake, neatly decorated with a large 16 and 16 pretty orange candles lit
"Mum my birthdays not for 16 days"
A smile appers on her face and my dad walks in
"Huh?" i look at him strangly
"Have you ever heard of the 16 Wishes tradition?"
I shake my head
He laughs
"On each day before you 16th birthday you blow out one candle"
"Yawn" i say pretending to yawn
My mum rolls her eyes
"Each time you blow out one candle, you get a wish"
My eyes light up
Theres a few minutes of silence
"Well arent you going to blow out a candle and make a wish?"
I roll my eyes and walk over to the cake
"I swear this is a wedding cake" i chuckle
I hear my parents laughter as i slowly shut my eyes and blow out the candle closest to me
I stop and think
"I wish...to be accepted at school" i think to myself as i blow out the first candle
"Thats my girl" my dad gives me a big slap on the back as i walk back up the stairs to my room
I flop down on my bed and call my best friend, Eliana
"Your not gonna beleive this!" she squeals into the phone
"What?!" i say my eyes opening wide
"Aubree's party Is this Saturday!" she yells excitedly
"I dont care about that bitc-
My hand freezes and the phone slips from my hand
"Hello? Hello? Hello?" i hear Eliana talking but i jump up in excitement instead
Once i feel a little better i pick up the phone
"When is she giving out the invites?! Oh my gosh i cant wait!"
Theres no answer
"Oh what?" she says quickly
"When is Aubree handing out invites? She has to invite me or her stupid reputation will be ruined"
More silence
"Yeah?" i reply getting a bad feeling about the tone in her voice
"Aubree handed out the invitations 1 week ago"
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