Soul Surfer

(This book is based on the movie soul surfer so most of it will be the same but the boys will be in it. Hope you like it)
Bethany is just an ordinary girl that loves to surf. Some people say that she and her best friend Alana are like mermaids because they're in the water more than they're dry. But what will happen when Bethany, Alana, Alana's brother and dad go surfing? Will things get worse or will they get better after the dreadful accident happens?


1. The Beginning

Have you ever read a book about two teanagers that live to surf? Well I bet you've never heard or read anything like my story. Well there's teenagers out there that have had things happen to them like it happened to me but none of them get right back up and keep going. Well my story's different after what happened I got right back up after i healed enough. But I'm the girl that quit what I do best just because of this one girl named Melina birch. Well IM that girl that had a horrible accident came so close to dying but came back. I'm the girl that got straight back up. And I'm the girl that let everyone down because one girl didnt take it easy on me. I'm the girl that let everyone down that cared for me. That girl is me no one else it's me. Im Bethany Hamilton and this is my story.
Ever since I was able to walk I've surfed. Now I'm in my twenties all married and i have two wonderful kids Alana (named after my bestie) and Liam (named after well youll just have to find out wont you) it happened when I was 16 so I'll start from the start where I learned to surf. Ok let's see

Bethany's POV
it was a warm windy day and I had just woken up into a brand new sunny terrific day. Why terrific you ask well today it's my 5th birthday and daddy says I have to meet him down at the beach. As I throw on a bikini and a mini dress thingy I grab my favorite doll Millie and headed into the kitchen.
"hey Beth" my brother Noah says as I walk in.
"hi Noah" I said shyly and exited.
"where are you off to" Noah said poking my belly. I let out a small giggle.
"Noah stop" I said through giggles. Noah stopped poking me when I well to the ground laughing.
"I'm going to the beach. Daddy wanted me to" I sad standing up.
"ok well then let's go" Noah said grabbing my hand. Noah is three years older than me so now he's 8. As we walked onto the shore of our beautiful Hawaiian coast I gasped when I saw what was there.
"happy birthday Bethany" everyone yelled. There were so many people here but one person stood out.
"happy birthday" Alana my best friend said walking over to me.
"thanks" I said hugging Alana. Alana is the same age as me but her birthday was a few weeks ago. She turned five just like me.
"your dad got you something cool" Alana said taking my hand and walking me over to where my dad was standing next to a big thingy with a sheet over it.
"happy birthday princess" my daddy and mommy said as I approached them.
"thanks" I said excitedly.
"do you want to open your present?" my daddy asked me. I nodded and threw the sheet off to find a fluro blue surf board my size. A huge smile was plastered in my face as my daddy asked if I wanted to learn how to ride. I nodded and took my dress off revealing an electric blue bikini. I then grabbed my board and followed my daddy into the water. I cheered as my daddy caught his first wave then he caught another and another then he came back to shore.
"good job daddy" I said as he hugged me.
"why thank you pumpkin" he said as he messed my hair up.
"oi daddy" I said as I fixed my long blonde hair.
"hey Bethany" my friend zayn said.
"hi zayn" I replied.
"happy birthday" he said hugging me.
"thanks" I said hugging him back.
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