Painstakingly Beautiful

Bella Jones is just an ordinary girl, she goes to high school, has a best friend, attends school activities, just like any other normal girl. On the other hand Bella was anything but ordinary. Her best friend was Austin Mahone, and not only was he becoming a huge star on Youtube, so was she and her twin sister Dillon. Little did she know that when that the band One Direction comes to her school for benefit concert that she will end up falling for one of the British boys. But when tragedy strikes will Bella ever be right again and be able to sing while being with the love of her life? And secrets will be uncovered and will she break under the pressure?


2. (Trying to) Make a Difference

Bella Jones walk down the hall with her twin sister Dillon Jones taking in all over her surroundings of the crowed hallways of high school. The bright blue lockers on either side of her, the groups of kids huddling in the hallways, the giant posters signaling the big game on Saturday, and the jocks clustered around the captain of the football teams locker. "Hey Tyler." Dillon says flirtatiously as they walk by. The stuck up jock turns his head towards Dillons direction and smiles. "Hey Dillon." He responds then turns and looks at Bella. "Bella." he says with a lopsided grin and winks at her. Bella rolls her eyes and keeps walking to the direction of her locker at the end of the hall. "How can you not be drooling over Tyler Mystic, because he is totatlly drooling over you." Dillon says speeding up to match Bellas quick pace. "Because hes a jerk." Bella says reaching her locker. "Yes but hes really cute." Dillon says as Bella puts in her combination. Her locker opens with a click and she shrugs. "Oh well." "Ill catch up with you late, hopefully someone has seen our new video." Dillon says turning and starting to walk to her homeroom. "Cross your fingers!" Bella shouts after her. Dillon turns her head and smiles at her then walks into her homeroom. Bella turns and grabs her books then closes her locker with a thud. "Hey stranger." A voice says as a face appears next to her locker. "Holy crap! Austin you scared me!" Bella exclaims slapping his shoulder. Austin laughs. "Hi to you too." Bella laughs softly and starts walking to homeroom. Austin falls in lace beside her. "I saw your new video." He says with a smile. "What do you think?" Bella asks. Bella and Dillon had just finished editing their new music video cover of Kelly Clarcksons new song Good Girl with the helo of their friend Paige. "I thought it was really good, Paige did a great job of editing it and putting it together." Austin says with a smile. "Yea I know were hoping to get even more views than last time." Bella responds as they pass Tyler and the jocks once again. "Well when I was on this morning it was at 200,000 views." Austin explains. "Thats awesome!" Bella exclaims as they reach her homeroom. "Yea, so were still meeting in the computer lab today after school right?" Austin whispers so no one can hear. Bella nods. "Yea Dillon is going to come after a quick volleyball meeting." Bella whispers back. They werent tecnically allowed to be down there but Austin couldnt find any other avilable spots for after school. "Okay see you in Biology." Austin says before pulling her into a quick hug and walking to his homeroom.

Six dreadful hours later Bella makes her way from her Calculus class and back to her locker. She punches in her combination and opens her locker throwing her books inisde. Tyler appears next to her leaning nonchalantly against the locker next to hers. "Hey Bella." He says with his lopsided grin. "Get lost Tyler." Bella groans shutting her locker a little harder than intended. She turns on her heel and walks away from him wanting to put as much space between them as possible. "Come on babe dont be like that." Tyler says jogging up to her."Get away from me Tyler." Bella says quickening her pace trying to get away from him. She feels her phone vibrate in her pocket, but doesnt bother to check it knowing it was probably Austin wondering where she was. "Come on give me a chance." Tyler says following slightly behind her. Bella turns around sharply and glares at him. "Like you asked half the girls in this school to do and they dont exactly say nice things about you now, so no im not going to. Now I have to go or are you just going to follow me all the way home too?" She says crossing her arms over her chest. "Fine , fine." Tyler says backing off. Bella turns away from him and walks away. She makes a sharp left instead of going out the main doors goes downstairs to the basement. She makes her way down to the basement computer lab. bella walks into the computer lab to find Austin and Dillon already thre. "What took you so long? I was actually here before you and I had a volleyball meeting." Dillon asks. "Sorry." Bella says.shruging off her backpack and sitting in one of the empty chairs. "My teacher let us out late and i ran into some trouble." Bella explains. "And by trouble what do you mean?" Austin asks swiviling around in his rolly chair. Bella shrugs as if it were nothing. "Tyler, but I handeled it.." Bella says wanting to drop the subject. "You sure you dont want me to straighten him out, go a few rounds with him, show him whos boos." Austin says jokingly raising his fists in front of his face in a boxing position. Dillon and Bella laughs. "Austin..i love you, but you would get your ass.kicked" Dillon says patting his shoulder. "Its the thought that counts." Bella says and smiles at Austin "Exactly thank you Bella." Austin says giving Dillon a mean look. "Okay lets get down to buisness, have you found anyone?" Dillon asks sitting down next to Bella. "Katy Perry is in Australia, Justin Bieber is on tour, Lady Gaga just freaks me out, and Im pretty sure Taylor Swift is dodging my calls." Austin explains. The three friends were organizing a fundraiser for their music teacher after they found out she had lung cancer. Mrs. Leanne had helped them all impro ve with thier music and singing skills. She was only 26 she didnt deserve that, she needed to live her life not spend all her time in a hospital fighting off death. They thought they owed it to her to try everything in their power to help her. So they were trying to put on a benifit concert to help raise money for her treatment. Austin ended up getting all the stars numbers from his managers phone which after some convncing he finally let him use. "Well who else is there?" Dillon asks. "No one really." Austin replies with a glum expression. Bella takes out her phone as it vibrates once again in her pocket, it was her cousin Liam. She hadnt seen him in a while but he was supposed to be coming to visit soon. Dillons voice snaps Bella out of her thoughts. "Who you textin'?" Dillon asks looking over at Bella. "No one of your concern." Bella replies whike typing a quick response to Liam. Austin tip toes up behind Bella and takes her phone. "Hey give it back!" Bella exclaims trying to reach for her phone. "Shes texting somone named Liam." Austin says looking up at her phone while holding it out of reach from her. "Our cousin Liam, the one from One Direction?" Dillon asks as if trying to hint towards something. "Yes now give it back!" Bella whines trying ti.reach.for her phone. Austin rolls her eyes. "Sometimes I swear you guys dont have a brain." He lowers the phone and starts to call Liam pushing Bella away with his other arm. "Wait what is he doing?" Bella asks still not sure of whats going on. "Hes calling Liam to see if they wnt to do the benifit concert, duh." Dillon says shakingher head like a little brat. "Ohhh." Bella says nodding her head and giving up the fight to get her phone. "Hi Liam this is Austin Mahone, Bellas best friend, we are trying to put on a benifit concert for our music teacher whom we found out was diagnosed with cancer. We were wondering if One Direction would be interested in doing it." Austin explains. "Well I would have to talk to the boys but I dont see why not, it seems like a great cause." Liam responds on the other end. "Okay just try to get bacm to us as soon as possible." Austin replies in a cheerful voice. "Will do." Liam says befire hanging up. "Looks like this might actually work. " Austin says turning to Bella and Dillon while handing Bella her phone back. "We will just have to wait and see." Bella responds taking her phone from Austin and slipping it back into her pocket.

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