Painstakingly Beautiful

Bella Jones is just an ordinary girl, she goes to high school, has a best friend, attends school activities, just like any other normal girl. On the other hand Bella was anything but ordinary. Her best friend was Austin Mahone, and not only was he becoming a huge star on Youtube, so was she and her twin sister Dillon. Little did she know that when that the band One Direction comes to her school for benefit concert that she will end up falling for one of the British boys. But when tragedy strikes will Bella ever be right again and be able to sing while being with the love of her life? And secrets will be uncovered and will she break under the pressure?


3. Putting the Pieces Together

What the hell is this?" Austin asks as he and Bella reach the front steps of his house. Right in front of them was a giant skittles duffel bag. It looked like a person could fit in there. Bella picks it up and looks inside. Inside were at least a hundred packages of skittles. "Theres a ton of skittles inside." Bella says turning to show him. "Well it was on my doorstep." Austin says snatching the bag out of Bella's hands. "Your still going to give me some." Bella says taking the keys from him and unlocking the front door. 
       Dillon had to go and pick up their little brother Zachary from his elementary school. He was in fifth grade and quite the little trouble maker. But Austin was always there for him when he got in trouble. He was a great listener and would always listen to Zach's side of the story. Bella could remember getting calls from Austin at 2:00 in the morning stating that Zach snuck out of the house once again and slipped over to next door to see Austin. 
      Bella and Austin walk inside and head into Austin's room. Bella plops down on his bed and grabs Austin's laptop from from the side table, turning it on and sliding it onto her lap. Austin sits down at his desk and grabs his guitar. Bella quickly types in her username and password signing onto her YouTube account. She clicks the the video she and her sister had posted up the night before. The views just kept going up and up. It went up almost 200,00 views just during the period of the day. And it only had about 400 dislikes. Scrolling down Bella notices all the negative comments. She let's out a sigh as she reads each one of them. Dillon always said not to take it to heart, but it's hard when people are saying nasty things about you. Each comment was like a razor blade slicing into her skin. Did these people really have nothin better to do than talk trash about people online? They probably felt powerful behind their computers, phones or, laptops but she bet that they couldn't even say it to a persons face. It was petty, they didn't have any right to talk about her, thy didn't even know her. 
       Bella slams the laptop shut as all the nasty comments echo through her mind. One more minute looking at that and she would have lost it. She couldn't let it get to her. She couldn't let them know she was vulnerable to it. Thy would only use it against her. 
     Austin turns away from the computer and looks at Bella as she slams the laptop shut as if it were on fire. "Sorry." Bella mumbles looking down at the laptop as if it were going to bite her. Austin doesn't reply but looks at her trying to figure put what was wrong. After a couple moments he decides to change the subject knowing she wasn't going to say anything. "So, you sleeping over?" He asks getting up from his desk and going over to his dresser. "Yea if you want me to." Bella says pushing his laptop away. Austin slips his shirt off over his head. "Of course I want you to it gets boring without you here to keep me company." He says shuffling around for a new shirt to wear. Bella gives off a small smile, all the comments still on her mind. Austin pulls out a blue Hollister shirt and a black Abercrombie shirt and holds them up. "Which one?" He asks. "The blue one, I don't like when you wear black it drowns out your eyes." Bella explains. "Why? You gotta hot date?" Bella asks playfully with a smirk. Austin laughs "No, I'm hanging out with you on a Friday night." Bella crosses her arms over her chest and pretends to be offend. "What's that supposed to mean?" "Nothing." Austin says pulling the shirt over his head. "You know I love you." He says with a smiles as his head pops through the shirt hole. Bella smiles and lays back on his bed. "You better." She says laying her head on his pillow and drifting of into a light sleep as her mind begs to forget everything she saw.

         Bella is awakened by the blaring sound of her phone ringing. She reaches  into he pocket and pulls out her phone answering it,not wanting to wake Austin who was asleep in the arm chair across from her, and hoping it would be her father. He was the only one that would call that late because he was stationed over seas. He had been for as long as Bella could remember. But she loved him so much, whenever he came home she and her sister would burst out into tears known that he was okay. They didn't have anyone else. There mom had been diagnosed with cancer shortly after Zachary was born. She died from it not ling after. Bella and Dillon were only seven. Zach didn't even have the slightest memory of her. 
        But to Bella's disappointment it wasn't her father. It was Liam. "Hello." She whispers groggily through the phone. "Bella? Hey it's Liam, sorry if I woke you, we weren't quite sure on what time it was where you are. Liam explains on the other and of the line. "It's fine." Bella says sitting up slowly. "What do you need?" She asks wanting to get off the phone and go back to sleep. "I was calling about the benefit concert, we would be happy to do it." Liam says with a cheerful voice. "Me and the boys will be flying in tomorrow morning and we will be in for a week, so hopefully me you and Dillon can hang out and catch up. Liam continues. "That sounds great!" Bella says a little louder than intended and Austin stirs in his sleep. "Alrighty then see you tomorrow, oh and I must warn you the boys are crazy." Liam says with a laugh. "Hey!" A high pitched voice exclaims in the background. "Believe me, if I can deal with Austin and Zach then I can deal with anyone." Bella says with a grin as she looks over at her best friend who was sleeping peacefully across from her.
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