Painstakingly Beautiful

Bella Jones is just an ordinary girl, she goes to high school, has a best friend, attends school activities, just like any other normal girl. On the other hand Bella was anything but ordinary. Her best friend was Austin Mahone, and not only was he becoming a huge star on Youtube, so was she and her twin sister Dillon. Little did she know that when that the band One Direction comes to her school for benefit concert that she will end up falling for one of the British boys. But when tragedy strikes will Bella ever be right again and be able to sing while being with the love of her life? And secrets will be uncovered and will she break under the pressure?


1. Epilogue

Did you ever feel like you just didn't want to live anymore? I have. Its the worst possible feeling you can experience. Trying everything you can to make a certain breath your last. Trying to inflict as much pain on yourself as you can because of what someone else is saying. Trying so hard to just end your life, not caring about how the people around you will feel when your gone. My name is Bella and this is the story of how I came to where I am now, and how I managed to come out of my dreary stage.

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