Painstakingly Beautiful

Bella Jones is just an ordinary girl, she goes to high school, has a best friend, attends school activities, just like any other normal girl. On the other hand Bella was anything but ordinary. Her best friend was Austin Mahone, and not only was he becoming a huge star on Youtube, so was she and her twin sister Dillon. Little did she know that when that the band One Direction comes to her school for benefit concert that she will end up falling for one of the British boys. But when tragedy strikes will Bella ever be right again and be able to sing while being with the love of her life? And secrets will be uncovered and will she break under the pressure?


4. 7 boys, 2 girls

      "Can I drive?" Austin asks as they return from their morning jog. Bella felt like her lungs were going to explode. After three blocks she felt like passing out, and after five she felt like dying. She walks into her house gasping for breath not being able to talk, she grabs a glass of water and chugs it down as it soothes the burning fire in her throat. "You know you're not supposed to be driving without an adult." Says as her breath comes back. "Come on your birthday is like in a week and you will be turning 18, you're practically already an adult." Austin says pushing for her to say yes. "Well until then no." Bella says putting her glass in the sink and heading upstairs. Austin lets out a sigh of frustration and heads out the front door to change before they had to leave.

       Bella and Austin make their way through the crowded airport trying to find gate 17 where Liam had texted Bella to meet them. Austin finally spots it and they make their way over. Liam was already off the plane with a big smile on his face. "Hey Bells." He says pulling Bella into a tight hug. "Hey Liam, I missed you. Bella says hugging him back tightly.

      Louis grabs his suitcase and rolls it off the plane. He walks out to find Liam hugging a beautiful girl. It must have been one of  his cousins who they were doing the benefit concert for. She really was extremely beautiful. She has long wavy dark brown hair that faded to blonde at the bottom from, where she must have dyed it. Her eyes were a piercing blue and her smile was probably the most beautiful thing on her. She was wearing a short light blue skirt that showed off her tan long legs and a light pink button down blouse that matched perfectly. For shoes she wore gray high-heel ankle boots. Louis just stood there taking the sight of her in. Wait what am I thinking? I have a wonderful girlfriend at home in London, I shouldn't be looking at other girls? Louis thinks to himself. But he couldn't help it.

       Harry walks off the plane rolling his suitcase behind him. "Woah hottie alert." He says spotting the girl who was talking to Liam. Louis opens his mouth to say "back off" but closes it again without saying a word at the thought of Eleanor. Harry gives him an odd look then walks over to Liam and the girl. After a few moments hesitation Louis follows. "Harry, Louis, this is Bella, my cousin, Bella this is Harry and Louis, a few of my band mates." Liam says introducing them." I know who they are, mice to meet you." Bella says with a breathtaking smile. "You too." Louis manages to get out while returning the smile. "I hate to be a party pooper, but Liam we have a problem, we forgot to book a hotel." Harry explains. "Oh shoot, I knew we forgot to do something." Liam says with a worried expression. "You guys can just stay at my place, we have plenty of room." Bella offers looking over at them. "Are you sure, we don't want to intrude." Liam says looking at  her. "No its fine, it will be good to have some company for once." Bella says reassuring him that it was fine.

       Louis wondered where her parents were, but didn't bother asking. Instead he noticed the guy standing next to Bella. He was tall and lean, with his brown messy hair cropped upon his head looking like he just woke up. He was a little shorter than him. He was wearing a red shirt with dark expensive looking jeans. He had a familiar face, but Louis couldn't quite remember who he was. He must have been Bella's boyfriend. Louis feels a stab of jealously, but quickly denies it. 

      Bella notices Louis eyes float over to Austin. "Oh yea I completely forgot, but this is my friend Austin." Bella says introducing him. "Nice to meet you." Harry says politely. "You too." Austin says with a slight smile, but you could obviously tell he was uncomfortable. "Wait are you Austin Mahone that new star from YouTube?" Harry asks being the first one to recognize him. Austin laughs. "Yea that's me." "Oh so we have the next Justin Bieber over here." Liam says with a laugh. Austin smiles. "I sure hope so." He responds.

         Louis just stands there not making any effort to conversate, being too busy lost in his own thoughts. After making small talk for a little while Niall and Zayn walk over. After all the introductions they grab their luggage and head to the car. Bella couldn't help but notice how quiet Louis was. She could have sworn Liam said he was the loudest one in the group. Then why was he being so quiet? Did she say something? Maybe he was just home sick and needed some time. But that seemed unlikely considering he was in the middle of a world tour. But why did she care so much? Sure, Louis was extremely cute, with his electric green eyes and windblown hair and he was incredibly fit, but she never cared about a guy she barley knew this much. Bella pushes the thoughts to the back of her mind and pulls into the driveway of her home. She gets out of the car and offers help with their luggage, but the boys politely decline and carry their belongings into the living room. 

        "There is a guest room with twin beds, one with a king bed, another with a queen, and then there is an extra bunk in Zack's room." Bella explains. "I'll room with Zack" Liam offers. "I haven't seen him in a while, it will be nice to spend some time with him." Liam says picking up his bags and carrying them to Zack's room. "Me and Nialler can take the twin beds." Zayn offers then grabs his bags and sets off to find his room with Niall. "I'll take the room with the king bed, because you know I'm a king." Harry says with a deep laugh. "I'm guessing you're the conceded one." Bella says playfully.  "Actually no that's Zayn, but he has his moments." Louis says flashing a smile in Bella's direction. That must have been the first thing hes said all day. Bella thinks to herself.  Harry heads off to the direction of his room with his stuff. "Here Ill show you to your room." Bella says to Louis then heads off down the hall.  She comes to a good sized room with light gray walls and a bed that was made neatly with a bed white bed spread. Light was flooding in from the window on the side with a great view of the backyard, and a giant tree with a well-made tree house propped upon its branches. In the corner was a desk with a simple lamp on it. Placed on the wall was a flat screen TV, there was an open door with a bathroom connected to it. "This used to be my mother's art studio." Bella says looking around imagining it before it was redone and turned into a guest room. Louis says nothing and puts his bags down on the bed. Bella turns around and walks out of the room, knowing something was bothering him, and leaving him with his thoughts. "Wait." Louis says turning around to face her before she walked out. His eyes were sad and dark, something was definitely bothering him. "I'm sorry if I'm not that talkative and coming off as rude, I just have a lot on my mind." Louis explains. Bella smiles and shrugs. "It's okay, we all have those days, I'm right across the hall if you need to talk." Bella says sweetly before turning and walking out. Louis couldn't help but smile to himself to know that someone understood. 

                          *                                                                              *                                                                              *




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