A young girl (16) is wanted in the the red county so she flee.......she is scared and then she meets a friend that try to help but it turns out really bad.


1. The Crime

"Why you little cluts!" screamed a lady.

"I'm so sorry someone tripped me," i said kindly. She was the wife of a very powerful man, the leader of the red county, Rufus Twinkle but everyone called him Lord Rufus.

"How dare you spill wine all over my wife's dress!" Lord rufus said. He was raising a hand to hit me when my parents walked over. My dad grabbed his hand and said,

"I'm so sorry, but please don't hit my daughter," but my dad realized who it was, "Lord Rufus I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you."

"Of course you didn't but your daughter is in trouble," replied Lord Rufus. My dad tried to say something but Lord Rufus continued to talk. "And she will pay the price for her new dress. 10,250 dollars."

"We don't have that kind of money!" My dad explains

"Well, if you don't pay it your daughter is mine!"


"NO! DAD!" They carried me away and locked me into the grand room of lord Rufus. As they carried me away my dad said one last thing i couldn't hear and left. I waited untill him came into the room.

"Now, that your mine, at least for the time being, clean this room spottless! I'll send a cleabot to help/watch you. So you don't steal or break anything! Now get to work!" He said handing me a feather duster. I started to cry, but then the cleabot came in.

"AWWW, don't cry everything is going to be all right," Cleabot said, "My master is just upset. He hates seeing his wife mad. This shouuldn't take to long."

"How long does it usually take you?"

" 'bout three dayssssssss," Cleabot snacked himself, "sorry 'bout that it happens sometimes. Let's start over there"

      Cleabot and I cleaned for little over three hours when we heard lady Grachie. She was upset and was yelling at a other Robot. Cleabot and I listened in...

"I want that girl gone. She spilled wine all over my dress! But how?"

" Well master, you could fame her."

"Thats' the dumbest.......Wait, that might work...."

They started to drift away and i turned to cleabot and started panicking. He tried to calm me down but it wasn't working. He told me that there was another girl that she didn't like, and I believed him.

   It was are second day cleaning and Cleabot told to clean the crown of Lady Grachie but to be very careful. it was about noon when Lord rufus came and checked on us. He was impressed but not satified. He told us we had till sundown to finish this room or else. Clebot started to panick, he said will never get the cleanned in time. That's when there was a crash. We ran over and the window was smashed I stepped though and saw the crown.

"Oh no! The crown, he's going to think it was me!" I yelled.

"I know it wasn't you but you need to run. You'd go to jail if he catches you! RUN RUN!"

I know he was right so i pulled a blue orb from my pocket and smashed it and teleported into blue country family diner.



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