Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


3. The BIG Risk

Nicholes POV:

As soon as Cassie and I got home I ran straight to my bed and yelled into my pillow, "Why me!" I yelled. Then I heard someone knock on the door. I didn't feel like getting up so Cassie answered and screamed. I darted downstairs and saw Harry covering Cassie's mouth. "HARRY! DID YOU SEE THE PICTURE!" I almost yelled. "Hell yea I did! That't why I came here!" He said. Cassie was so shocked to see Harry I had no idea why but she pulled him aside to talk to him. When they came back Harry looked a bit upset. "Um... Nikki, do you know who I am?" He said calmly. "Yea your Harry Styles, your my bes-." Um Nichole... you remember when I left, well they accepted me in the X Factor and...I'm so sorry..." Tears formed from his eyes and he looked down "UGH, NIKKI HE CAN'T BE SEEN WITH YOU!" Cassie screamed. I started crying and Harry just left and slammed the door behind him. I ran up into the bathroom and just sat there crying. Cassie knocked on the door. "Um... Nichole." She hasn't called me that since our mom died. "I'm so sor-" Don't be.." I interrupted her. "Harry is famous now he can't be seen with you.." Cassie said. I unlocked the bathroom door and pulled her in for a hug. She hugged me back, I cried on her shoulder. She pulled away and said "There are other people out there for you" She was so caring now, I think it was because this is real, she knows how I felt.


Cassie's POV:

Gawd I felt like such a bitch when I yelled at Nikki. After Harry left she ran up to the bathroom, she looked like how she felt when mom died. I didn't want her feeling like that way so I walked up to the bathroom door and apologized. I felt like such a big sister. Harry was such an ass hole to kiss her then tell her he can't be with her. I don't know how she's going to be without him.


Niall's POV:

The girl Harry kissed was beautiful she had honey brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes I'v ever seen! Harry came home and he ran up to his room without saying a word. I knocked on the door. "I'm not here!" He cried. I came in with a box of tissues. "You okay mate?" I asked him curiously. "I feel like an ass!" He said in tears. "I just told Nikki I can't be with her..." His voice trailed off. "She cried cause I was her best friend and I kissed her and messed it up..." Harry said sniffling. Wow, Harry is an ass. "Well why don't you go apologize?" I asked him. "She's over at her house crying! How do I tell her if she's in tears Niall!" He yelled in guilt. "I'll tell her!" I said cheering him up. His face lightened up, "Really, you'd do that for me?!" He said very happy. "Sure mate!" I said walking to the door and grabbing my keys. I made my way towards Nichole's house. Her neighborhood was amazing it had a small children playground, a big nice lake and then her house- Absolutely wonderful. It was big and beautiful. I knocked on the door and I think it was her sister who answered the door.


Nichole's POV:

I knew Harry was from One Direction but I didn't like thinking of it because it makes me feel farther from him. I heard Cassie scream AGAIN! This time I just took my time to walk downstairs and saw Niall Horan at my door with flowers. I tried to keep it cool and not look like, OMG NIALL HORAN! I think he is just so freaking cute! He's my favorite in One Direction! As I walk down  the stairs I stumble a bit and he caught me before I hit the floor. Gawd I'm such a klutz! I blushed so much I was as red as a tomato. I giggled a in embarrassment. "Um.. Nichole, Hazza wanted me to come here and he really doesn't want you feeling bad about what he said" Niall said. I could feel him staring at my beauty. Cassie was just standing there until she blurted "Oh I think I hear my phone!" She could tell we wanted to be alone. She ran of giggling. I blushed at him, he smiled at me. Gawd! Did I mention how he is so freaking cute! He handed me the flowers. "I.. I think..." He started saying. I stared into his eyes. "I think you're really pretty Nichole..." We both blushed. "Thank you Niall, you're very attractive as well." I blushed even more. "Umh...Nichole I know we just met.. But I just think your just so damn beauti-" I stop him by pressing my lips against him and he puts his hands on my waist and my arms around his neck. He pulled away. "You're so damn beautiful" He said finishing what we was going to say. I smiled and blushed so much! He smiled back and then frowned. "Damn, what is Harry gonna say?!" "...Why don't I come with you to see Harry, I bet he'll understand if I tell him" I answer.


Cassie's POV:

Why is it that Nikki get those celebrities chasing after her! Totally unfair. When Niall came I couldn't help but to squeal, Like he's from 1D! Who wouldn't squeal! He stared at Nikki so much I could tell he really liked her. Niall wan't my favorite from 1D, Zayn was so I just made an excuse to let them be alone. I think they would be a cute couple! Of course being a big sister I was being nosy and saw them kissing and heard them talking about what Harry would say, Usually I would do do something about that but they were leaving out to tell him. "Where are you two going?" I asked as if I wasn't watching. "Oh we're just going to see Harry, we'll be back around 9:00 (PM)" Nikki answered. "Oh, okay tell him I said hi" I said. "Okay bye!" Niall helped her put her jacket and as they walked out they holding hands. So cute! They were taking a HUGE risk dating now!



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