Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


9. Surprise!

Cassie's Pov:

EARTHQUAKE!! We were just talking on the phone with Nikki and the boys until an Earthquake! WHAT THE FUCK "Zayn, I'm scared!" I said under the door frame in his arms. "I'm here, it's alright babe!" He said over the shaking of the Earth. Finally it stopped. I ran towards the phone to see if Nikki was there. "Hullo!?" I said into the phone. "Whut the fuck happened?!" Nikki yelled, she must have been crying. "Just an earthqua-" I said "HOLY SHIT ARE YOU BOTH OKAY!?" Harry yelled. "Yea, we're fine." Zayn and I said at the same time. "Oh, we saw the interview, is it true about you and Louis." Zayn asked. "Yepp!" Nikki said popping her "P". "Well see you guys later we gotta go check out the hotel bye!" I said. We walked out holding hands. "Your had fits in my like its meant to be." Zayn said to me giving me a kiss. I blushed. As soon as we got on the plane I was asleep, I was so tired. When I woke up we were 2 hours until landing. "Morning love."  Zayn said kissing me. "Well, the boys are going to be jealous I got married to a sexy woman, and the girls are going to be jealous you got married to a sexy man." He said. I giggled. We landed 2 hours later. "OMG, CASSIE!!" Nikki yelled and ran towards me for a hug. "Hey!! How was it!" She said helping me put my bags in the car. "It was amazing we went to the casino's and the beaches were so pretty!" I answered really happy. "So how about you and Louis, have you ever thought to think he's 24? And whut about you you're 18!" I said asking too many questions. "Gee, I never thought about it like that.." She said and got into the car. She was quiet and thought about it for a while.


Nikki's Pov:

I never though about how old Louis was, he acted so immature he didn't seem 24... the rest of the ride the boys were asking about the Earthquake and ect. When we got home I thought more about it and then I remembered, I never finished grade 12! I started at least maybe a week of it but I never finished it. 

**Remember in the start of the story when I said Nikki was a teacher, forget that! also Nikki is 18 forget I said she was 20! she's the youngest ^_^*

I want to finish school it doesn't feel right to not finish school. I wonder if Louis was feeling about our ages. Its like a a 16 year old dating a 21 year old. "I'M BOOOORED!" Niall yelled. "Me too!"  Liam said sitting next to him on the couch. Niall sniffed for a second. "Whut is it boy!?" Liam said treating him like a dog. "Oi I'm not a pup mate!" Niall said "Well you sure act like one" Liam said laughing at his own joke. "That's it!" Niall yelled and he tackled Liam to the ground. "EHHHHHH" Liam screamed in a joking "OMG!" They both stopped fighting to look at me. "LOOKIE!" I said like a child. I showed them a picture of them a picture of them fighting, the caption said :'Liam and Niall fight, fake or real?' It was checked as real. "Guys we have to be careful with what we do and where we do it." I said seriously. "Wow, the internet is so fast" Niall said in amazement. I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow playfully. Louis came downstairs. "Hey Nikki can we talk?" Louis said. "Sure but I ne-" He grabbed my wrist and took me into the kitchen, but in a playful way. "Nikki I was thinking I'm 24.. you'e 18... this seems a bit outrageous right?" He said nervously. "That's funny, I was thinking the same thing!" I said. "I'm just happy that there was no drama between that!" Louis said. "Lou" I said just before he walked out. "Ya know, I never really finished grade 12... but I want to finish it before it's too late when... when do you think the right time would be?" I asked him. he thought for a while. "I think the best time for that would be just after Christmas break." He said "Okay, sounds great!" I said hugging him. I collected my things from Louis's room and put them into the empty guest room. I guess this is where I'll be living. I sighed, I'm REALLY tired! I unpacked my things into the drawers and closet. I fell asleep as soon as I finished packing. When I woke up and the boys were surrounding me. Niall with his guitar, Zayn with a cow bell, Liam with maracas, Louis and Harry with A BUCKET OF WATER?! "Wake up!" They sang. I turned the other way with the pillow over my head. they pulled the covers off me, I curled up into a ball and WHOOSH! They splashed water on me! I turned and saw Cassie filming it while laughing. They were all laughing. I went under the bed and grabbed my secret stash of water balloons. What!? if I'm gonna live with 5 boys you gotta be prepared! I threw the water balloons at them and they all ran out except for Cassie, she helped me get them out. The boys left soaking wet. "Hahaha!" We laughed looking back at the video she took. "So guess what!?" She said happily. "What!?" I answered just as happy. "You start school tomorrow!!" She said making my smile become normal. "You turd!" i said playfully throwing a pillow. "So any plans for today?" I asked her making my wet bed. "Umh..." She said thinking. "Oh, Lou is talking you to th-" Louis ran into the room and tackled her the Louis way. "I'm talking you out somewhere!" He said strangely. "Okay...?" I said really confused.


Louis's Pov:

I'm soaking wet! I love Nikki like a sister I guess she feels the same way, I treat her like me sister. In fact I'm talking her to the hospital because of her being anorexic. I heard Cassie talking and then I heard her say "Lou is taking you to th-" And I tackled her the Louis way to get her to stop talking, Whut was I supposed to do!? "So get ready, It's just gonna be me and you." I walked away and Cassie followed. "Don't tell her, if you do she won't wanna go." I told Cassie. "Oh okay, so what time will you be back?" She asked. It was 9:00 AM. "Uhm... maybe around 1:00 or sometime like that." I answered. She walked into the kitchen and I went out into the car to wait for Nikki. It was Fall, she wore some orange skinny jeans with an over-sized hoodie. "Ready?" I asked her before we drove off. She nodded. "Lou where are we even going.?" She asked me in a complaining voice. "The hospital." I answered normally. "WHAT? WHY? LOU!" She yelled. "Nikki, you have anorexia!" I yelled at her for the first time. I calmed down. "Look, I care about you , if you don't eat you can die... I don't want that to happen to you." I said looking at the road. "Fine, I'll go" She said looking down. We got there in about 10 minutes. "We have an appointment." I said to the receptionist. "Right this way" She said and led us to a room. "The doctor will be with you shortly." The lady said. "You nervous?" I asked her. "What is there to be nervous about?" She asked curiously. "About what the doctor is gonna prescribe to you and stuff." I answered. She just shrugged. The doctor walked in. "Hello I'm Dr. Hanson." The doctor said shaking our hands. "And we have, Nichole Richardson here for anorexia?" He asked. "Yes." Nikki said. "Alright I will have to ask you to exit the room Mr. Tomlinson. I nodded and left. About 2 hours later Nikki left the room eating a bag of crisps. He facial expression was a bit shocked. We got into the car. "Whuts wrong, did he touch you?" I said laughing. "He.. he took some blood tests and... I'm not a Richardson I'm a Payne..." She said looking shocked "Does that mean that mean Liam is your brother?" I asked. "I guess, but I don't understand how that could be .." She said confused. When we got home she was still a bit confused. "Liam can I talk to you.." Nikki said as soon as we got in the house 


Liam's Pov:

Now that I think about it our lives have been so boring, well when Nikki came that changed. I love Nikki, I really don't want her knowing that we're brother and sister cause then... I really think that will freak her out a bit. But Cassie will be even more freaked out. "Liam, can I talk to you?" Nikki said as soon as she walked in. "Sure!" I answered. "Uhm.. Liam I went to the hospital today... cause of my anorexia." She said. "Oh yea how is that?" I asked her. She held up bag of crisps and ate a crisp. "Oh, I'm so happy to see that!" I said and gave her a big hug. "So anyways... They told me... They told me that I'm a Payne... and you're... I guess I have a big brother." She said giving me a nervous smile. "Yes... I wanted to tell you. Can we go upstairs and talk?" I asked her. "Sure" She sighed. I guess she was a bit confused. We went into my room. "Alright so you want the truth?" I asked. She nodded. I sighed, "Alright when I was born I was our parents were divorced... Dad had me and she was alone... 2 years later they were drunk, they had sex and had you. You were born and Mum moved on with Steve and you took his last name... I wanted to tell you but I thought you would leave I'v only seen pictures of you and I was scared that I would loose you!" I cried. "Liam... I wouldn't have left... I love all of you too much to leave." She said and gave me a hug. "I'm just happy to have an older brother" She said still in a hug. "And I'm happy to have a younger sister." I said back. "You know I never finished grade 12." Nikki said a bit embarrassed. My eyes widened. "Are you gonna finish it!?" I asked in shock. "Yea! Cassie enrolled me and I start on tomorrow!" She said not so happy. "Well you need to start some time." I said. "Yes but it's just so sudden." She answered. "Alright then how bout' this, you can start school on Monday as a fresh new week." I said to her. "That sounds better!" She said happily. We went downstairs to tell everybody the news. Just as we walked downstairs Nikki jumped on my back! "Hey!" I yelled and spun around trying shake her off. Next thing I know we're tumbling downstairs. "Haha" We both laughed our heads off. "Whut happened!?" Zayn said running in the room we were in. "We just hahah, We just hahahah!" We couldn't stop laughing Zayn just left the room confused. Harry and Nikki made dinner. Me, Louis, Zayn and Niall played Fifa while Cassie was filing her nail on the couch watching us. "Dinner's ready!" Harry yelled from the kitchen. Of course Niall us over to get to the table first. Being the "Dad" I sat at the head of the table with Louis and Zayn by my side. Next to Zayn was Cassie and next to Louis was Nikki. And Harry sat at the other side of the table. "Nikki and I have something to tell you all." I said after everybody was settled. Nikki cleared her throat. "Liam and I are brother and sister." She said. Cassie was the most surprised. "Like, for real?" Cassie said. We told them the story and they were completely shocked. "So that mean's I'm your step sister!" Cassie said in joy. After that long day we all went to sleep.


Nikki's Pov:


"Wake up." Louis whispered in my ear. "LOU!" I yelled playfully pushing him off my bed. "Come on school starts in an hour!" He said running out of my room. I got dressed. I put on a white shirt with some Holister boot cuts with a pair of Toms Louis bought me. "Whuts for breakfast!?" Louis asked like a child. "Um... who wants bacon and pancakes?" Harry asked. "I do!" I said walking into the room. "I'm so happy that you're eating!" Harry said giving me a hug. "Now don't be getting in trouble just cause we have no parents!" Louis said in a sassy tone and snapping his fingers. I responded by putting whip cream on his nose, he tried to lick it off. "Lou, i find it hard to take you serious.." I said trying not to laugh at him. "I'm driving you to school." He said before I ran out for the bus. "Okay then we gotta hurry." I said dragging him outside. "WAIIT! I need a jacket!" he said running back into the house. I waited outside for him to come. A group of people walked by and stopped to talk to me. "You new to the school?" A boy with blonde hair asked. "Yea, I didn't in the begging." I said. "I think I would have remembered you." He said back. I blushed. "I found it!" Louis yelled walking out the house. Their jaws dropped. "That! That! That! That's Louis Tomlinson of One Direction!" One of the girls said. "Can I have your autograph!?" A girl with red dyed hair asked. "Sure love!" Louis said and signed her arm. She was so happy. Then Niall ran outside. "Oi, Lou that's my jacket!!" Niall yelled pulling the jacket off him. Their jaws dropped. "LOUIS, NIALL!" I pulled them apart. One of them put their hand on my shoulder. It was the blonde girl. "You wanna walk to school with us?" She said not taking her eyes off Niall and Louis. "Sure let me just tell em know." I answered. "Lou!" I said pulling him off Niall. Niall ended up falling on me. We ALL laughed. "Okay! Okay!" Niall said laughing and helped me up. "Lou I'm walking to school with them okay?" I said. "Sure love, be careful." He said. Now Liam Zayn Harry and Cassie came out. They all gave me a group hug. And I gave Liam an extra hug. "Alright bye!" I said finally.

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