Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


11. Raini & Harry together forever?

Raini's Pov: 

"Morning beautiful." Harry said to me as I walked downstairs. I don't really think I'm ready to be Harry's girlfriend honestly... I want to tell him but how...? "Harry.." I said biting my lip. "Yes love?" He asked making eggs. I tear ran from my eye. "I don't think I'm ready for this... To be your girlfriend..." I said crying more. He turned off the stove and looked me right in my eyes. I could tell it hurt him that I said that. "... I understand." He said sighing. "Hazz...I leave back to America in... 2 days.." I said crying even more. "Rai... I get why you're not ready for this." He said. I looked up into his eyes, those hazel eyes of his.  "You're not ready for the nick-names, the fan's reactions, the camera's and all those other things, I get it love... I was too forward." He said still looking in my eyes. "Harry I still love you, I'll never stop but I'm not read-" He cut me off by giving me a friendly hug. "My sister is picking my up from here at 12:00" I said to him. It was 8:00. "Is it alright if I ask why you came to England?" He asked. I sighed. "My mom and dad went on a trip, just them and on the way back they were driving and Dad lost control of the wheel and... You know. So we're here for the funeral..." I answered. "You know, to get your mind off things we need to watch a marathon; ALL SCREAM MOVIES!" He yelled making me smile. "Shall we?" He said holing his hand out. "We shall." I said taking his hand and smiling. Harry and I plopped down on the couch on put in Scream 1. I fell asleep on Scream 3; I'm a heavy sleeper and Harry knows that so he decided to draw a moustashe on me WITH SHARPIE! "HARRY!!" I screamed from the bathroom. "Hey, look who's here!" Harry said with my sister Bethany next to him. I rolled my eyes. "Revenge is sweet and it's served on a cold dish..." I whispered evilly into Harry's ear. He froze thinking about what I said. "You need to shave! I mean really!" Bethany said to me as we got into the car. Dylan and Tommy were in the back. Dylan is 15. Tommy is 12 and Bethany is 21, She's kind of like my mother since... you know. "You look like a retard." Tom said flatly at me. "Love you too Tom!" I said messing up his hair. "Yea, real sexy Rai." Dylan said joining Tommy. "Not funny, Harry drew it on me!" I said looking back at them. "Wait, you saw Harry?" Dylan said. Harry was like his older brother he never had. Tommy didn't know Harry that well he was about 8 when we were all friends. "Yeah Nikki's living with him here." I said. "Did you tell them you're leaving tonight." Beth said looking at the road. "I told him we're leaving in 2 days..." I mumbled. "Why the hell would you do that?" She asked me. "I don't know... you know how I feel about his eyes and when he looks at me with them!" I answered looking crazy. "Oooh!" Tommy and  Dylan chanted. "Harry is just a friend!" I yelled at them. When we got to the hotel I started packing right away I didn't want to think about leaving my friends behind. But we're going home so there's the bright side... Worst part; telling Harry I lied...


Harry's Pov

Raini is leaving in 2 days I want to visit her before she leaves but I really don't think I have the time. I have an interview today at 3:00 tomorrow a concert from 1:00 to 4:00 and meet and greet for 3 hours after that and the next day; same routine. I went upstairs in my room and saw Louis eating Nikki and Niall's ginger bread house. "LOU-" I stared saying but he hit me in the balls and hid to house. "Don't say a word!!" He said. Everyone ran in to see what happened. "Oh, Louis hit him in the balls again." Niall said chuckling and leaving the room followed by the others. "OH LOU WHAT THE HELL!" I whispered/yelled to him. "I'm hungry..." He said in puppy eyes. "You need a hug?" I asked him getting ready to hug him. "Yes!" He said walking over to me. The phone rang and when Louis was gonna tackle me for a hug I ran straight to the phone and he hit his head on the wall. "Karma Louis!" I said laughing. "Hullo?" I said answering the phone. "Hazza, I'm so sorry! I'm actually leaving... now." Raini said, it sounded like she was crying. "How long did you know?" I asked. Louis ran up next to me to hear the conversation. "Well since we got here; It's just that when I look in your eyes... I loose it, the butterflies kick in and I can't do anything right..." She said still crying. "Rai-" I tried to say "Hazza I gotta go the plane is starting I lov-" She was saying. Those words ran through my mind. "HARRY!" Louis yelled. "We gotta get ready mate." He said. We all were finished today Nikki and Cassie were joining us and they were gonna be asked questions too. Before I knew it we were finished. 

**The next day**

"It's time!!" Liam said happily. We were going to sing for the first time in about a month. We got on stage we sang 

What Makes You Beautiful

Live While We're Young

Summer Love

And Moments. When Liam finished his part I zoned out. The song made me think of Raini. It went quiet, except for the background music. Tears ran down my face. "I can't do it, I miss her too much" I whispered and left the stage. The music stopped and whispering started. Nikki came to comfort me. "Hazza I'v never seen you like this." She said hugging me "I'v never felt like this about a girl, Rai she's different..." I said to her .Nikki's hugs were always so warm even in the cold. More tears ran down my face Nikki started crying too. "Harry when you cry you know I have to cry!" Nikki said wiping her tears. The boys got off stage into the back to look for me. "You miss her?" Louis asked. They know about Raini. I nodded. "We should get home." Liam said. "Why are you crying?" Niall asked Nikki. "I can't help it!" Nikki said sniffling. My phone rang just before we got into the car. "Raini-" I tried to say. "Harry I saw the concert! I love you!; I'm on my way back!" She said crying. "But what about your brothers and sister?" I asked her. "They're staying in Florida." She answered. "Rai, will you come to live with me?" I said completely frozen. "Yes! Yes Harry." She said without hesitation. "My flight is leaving now pick me up from the airport at 6:00!" She said before hanging up. "Well... Lets finish this concert!" I said making them all cheer. We sang Little Things

Up All Night

Take Me Home 

And before I knew it, it was time to pick up Raini from the airport. "Harry calm down you look happier than Louis when he first joined the band." Zayn said laughing. "I'm just excited!!" I said jumping up and down. Then Rai came. She was wearing a beanie with a Hipsta Please shirt and red skinny jeans. "HARRRY!!!" She yelling dropping her bags and running over to hug me. "Holy shit I missed you so much!" I said hugging her very tight. "Harry... what does it mean when Louis runs over in slow motion...?" She asked. "Uh oh, RUN!" We ran before Louis called a dog pile and he ended up hitting the floor. "Ahw, you'll be okay Lou. Liam said patting his back. "Hey where are Niall and Nikki?" Cassie asked looking around. "Found them." Zayn said pointing at McDonalds. We walked over to where they were and Niall and Nikki stuffed their faces with Big Macs. Niall turned to us and saw Raini. "RAINI!!!" He said with food in his mouth. "OMG RAI I MISSED YOU FOR 4 HOURS!" Nikki said hugging her with tears of joy. "Niall.... what are you doing at McDonalds anyways?" I asked him. "Uhm... Nikki made me!" He said hiding behind her. "Mhm, it's true... his eating habits are rubbing off on me" Nikki said looking at the ground. "Soon you'll be drinking like me!" Niall said putting his arm around her while she giggled. On the way home we were all singing to Live While We're Young. When we got home and everybody was inside I stopped Raini in front of the door. "Rai... When you said you loved me was that true?" I asked her looking deeply into her eyes. "Yes.." She said blushing. "Harry... I think I'm ready... to be your girlfriend." She said to me. "Really?" I asked her smiling. "Mhm... If Nikki and Cassie can handle it I guess I can to." She said smiling. "Really!?" I asked her. "Yes Harry Edward Styles!" She yelled giving me a huge hug. "Together forever." I whispered in her ear.

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