Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


10. Old faces

Nikki's Pov:

I learned their names: Jenny was the res head, Annie was the brunette, William was the blonde boy, And the other boy was Derick he had auburn hair. "So you live with one direction?" Derick asked me. "Yea, Liam is my older brother." I answered. They stopped walking. "Like, seriously!?" Annie said in shock. "Yep, but the boys can get a bit annoying..." I said laughing at myself. I haven't told them my name we just talked about me living with the boys. Jenny gasped. "You're Nichole Richardson, well Nichole Payne!!" She said. "Woah, I saw you in that interview!!" William said. I kinda liked him already, he's pretty cute. "Hold up guy's we're speaking to a celebrity!" Derick said. I giggled, I wonder if anyone from school would know who I am. When we walked in Jenny Annie and Derick went to their classes. William took me to the front office to help me get my schedule. He was very sweet. My first class was maths William was in that class with me. The teacher was SO boring! I could have fallen asleep. Then was English, William wasn't in this class with me. The class wan't as boring as math. The next was lunch Annie, Jenny, William and Derick took me to the cute cafe for lunch. Unlike the people in grade 11 we got to go out for lunch. Next class was drama, me and Jenny had that class together. Then was History. And lastly was Science. I called Louis to pick me up from school and only him! I don't anyone else knowing I'm related to Liam, they'll treat me different. I waited for them in front of the school. I heard screaming girls and next thing I know I hear Louis calling my name. I ran into the car and guess who I saw. EVERYBODY! Cassie, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis! "Lou, I said only you!" I whispered into his ear. "Oh, sowy.." He said in puppy eyes. "Can we go out there and sign!!?" Harry asked. "Pleaaaase!?" Niall joined in with him. "Screw it!" I mumbled, what's the worst way the kids in school can treat me? "HARRRY!!!!!" Most of the girls said. I stayed arm-locked with Niall, none of the girls usually scream Niall's name they don't pay attention to him at all. I gave him a tight squeeze. "Whut was that for?" He asked me. "Nothing, I'm just a bit cold." I lied. Some girls saw me hug Niall, I guess they got what that meant. "Niall!" A girl yelled over the other girls voice. We both walked over her still arm locked. He signed her arm. I smiled. We were finished in about an hour. I fell asleep on the way home on Niall shoulder. I miss Niall, the way he would kiss my hair, the way we would both act crazy... What am I doing he cheated on me! He's just SO lucky Julie wasn't pregnant. We must have been going somewhere else cause the car ride was so long. "You still love her?" I heard one of the boys ask Niall. "I never stopped loving her." Niall said and sighed. I love him too... "Hey, Nikki we're here." Niall said poking me. I grabbed Niall's finger and poked him back. We giggled. "Where are we?" I asked yawing. "Nado's!" He said opening the door for me. "Table for seven." Liam said when we got into the restaurant. "Right this way" The hostess said taking us to a table. People weren't shocked to see us here the boys came here all the time. "Niall..." I said looking down. "Yea" He said looking at me with his crystal blue eyes. "I... I" Before I could finish he grabbed my wrist and we went outside. "Niall, I miss you." I said wiping tears. "I heard what you said... when you said you never stopped loving me." I said again. "Nikki, it's true... I was drunk I wasn't thinking... That was stupid of me!" He said angry at himself. "Niall... I love you, I forgive you." I said "You.. you forgive me?" He asked. "How could you forgive me I ha-" I stopped him from talking by kissing him "I missed that" I said smiling. He gave me a huge bear hug. We walked in holding hands. They all gasped. "You're back together?" Zayn asked. "Yepp!" I answered smiling. "Now we must celibate 3 things. Nikki's recovery from anorexia, Nikki starting school, AND Nikki back with Niall!" Louis tried to say in one breath. "Nikki this, Nikki that! She is one special girl." Harry said laughing. We all ordered and had so much fun. We got home by 9:30 PM. I brushed my teeth and went straight to sleep in my room.


Cassie's Pov:

I wake up in the morning to see Zayn on the floor asleep. That silly boy he was tired after last night at Nado's. I was just going to wake him up then my phone rang. I left the room and answered the phone. 

Officer: Hello is this Cassie Richardson?

Me: Yes, May I help you?

Officer: This is the Police Station, your father Steve Richardson has finished his time in prison and is ready to see you, before you start we have a few men coming to set up cameras for safety reasons.

Me: Alright how about at 6:00 PM today?

Officer: That would be perfect can we have you come to the Station before that to fill out some paper work? 

Me: Sure I'll be there within 2 hours. 

I hung up, by this time Zayn was awake. "Hey babe who was that?" He asked me still in his boxers. "The police station, my dad a has finished his time in prison." I answered putting my arms around his neck giving a kiss. "We need to go to the police station to sign some paper work." I said again walking back into our room. He nodded an went into the bathroom for a shower. I got dressed and made myself breakfast. Niall came downstairs with Nikki hanging off his shoulder. I just stared at them. "Nikki wouldn't get out of bed so I carried her.." He said he turned around so I could see Nikki and she waved at me with a sarcastic smile. "Nikki  Steve has finished his time in prison... and he's coming here." I said not looking at her. Her jaw dropped. Niall's did too. "I thought Harry killed him!" Nikki said in shock. "I guess he survived, but I forgive him. He didn't take his pills and he was drunk that night. He's my father after all." I said looking up at them. Nikki has never liked Steve she knew that Steve wasn't her real dad and she's always hated him for trying to replace her real dad she never knew. Zayn came downstairs. "Some people will be coming here to set up security cameras but Steve won't know about it, they want to monitor him in case he tries to do something." Zayn said making toast. "And Zayn and I are going to the police station to fill out some paperwork." I said sitting at the table. "I really don't wanna see Steve." Nikki said. She didn't even like calling him dad. Liam Harry and Louis came racing down stairs into the living room turning on the TV. We all ran to see what was going on. They has the MTV on:One Direction's Liam Payne has a sister? Nichole Elle Richardson. Nikki rolled her eyes at the last name. Or now Payne, the 18 year old girl is currently dating Niall Horan is she going to change her name to Nichole Horan. Liam turned the TV off. Nikki looked upset none of this kind of thing has ever happened, sure they got pictures of Niall and her together but they went too far on this one. "Nikki love, This is whut happens when you become famous there's going to be more of this but you'll get used to it I promise." Liam said to Nikki giving her a big hug. Louis saw them and his eyes got big. "AWHHH GROUP HUG!" He said tackling them to the ground. Then Harry joined and then Niall, then Zayn and of course me! "OH MY GAWD WOULD YOU BOULDERS GET OFF ME!" Nikki yelled at the bottom of the dog pile. We all got off and broke out laughing. "Alright Zayn and I have to go now, some men will be coming to put the camera's in." I said to them and left the house. 


Niall's Pov:

"Awh, you still upset about the dog pile?" I said giving Nikki a puppy dog face. "Yes, it hurt Niall." She said on the other side of the couch. I scooted closer to her. The boys were all in the attic playing Fifa and you could her them yell from all the way up there. She gave me a big smile and moved next to me into my arms. I looked into her eyes and gave her a passionate kiss. Her lips were so soft. She pulled away. "Niall I love you." She said giving me another kiss. We turned on the TV and put on Titanic. That movie was so sad. Nikki cried so much. I held her very close. "Nikki, babe are you okay?" I asked looking into her red eyes from crying. "I'm okay it's just the movie." She said wiping tears. The door rang. "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! WOULD YOU GET THAT!!!?" I yelled to him. He ran down stairs. "Why is Ni-" He was interrupted by the doorbell. He came back with some men with equipment for the security cameras. There were so many drill sounds so we went to finish the movie in our bedroom. When the movie finished we were surrounded by tissues. "Nikki, I love you so much." I whispered in her ear. That only made more tears run down her face. I was even crying at one point. "I'm going to go wash my face." Nikki said leaving the room. I walked into the living room and they were done setting up the camera's I didn't even notice them in there. Cassie and everybody else came into the room and saw my red eyes. "Niall whut's wrong?" Harry asked. "We saw Titanic, big mistake!" I said. Nikki came out from the bathroom. "Why didn't they put the cameras up?" She asked. We all laughed. "They did, we don't want Steve to know he's being monitored so they made them hidden" Louis said still laughing. "Whut time is Steve coming?" She asked. By this time we were done laughing. "At 6:00 so in maybe half an hour. We all got ready for dinner with Steve. Zayn opened the door. Before Zayn could say anything Cassie came in "DADDY!" She gave him a big hug. "Look, Cassandra, I am so sorry fo-" Steve started saying but he stopped cause he saw Nikki walk by. "Nichole... and Liam!?" He asked in shock. Liam walked in with Nikki holding her close. "Yes sir, she is aware about our relation." Liam said to him. "And Cassandra is this your husband I'v heard of?" Steve asked shaking Zayn's hand. "Yes Daddy." Cassie said blushing. "Steve this is my boyfriend Niall." Nikki said now in my arms. "Awh come here Nichole." Steve said pulling her into a hug. I could tell she didn't like the way he called her Nichole. "So who's ready for dinner?!" Louis said running into the room. Harry came in behind him and stepped back when he saw Steve. "Hello Mr. Richardson." Louis said shaking Steve's hand. "Hello Mr. Richardson." Harry said shaking Steve's hand as well. We all went to the table and had a conversation about us being famous and all. "So Nichole, I know you're really close to all your friends. But do you ever think about moving back in with me like the old times?" Steve said. Nikki was thinking really hard about his question. "Maybe... maybe just for a while, until I'm ready to move out by my self?" Nikki answered. He answered shocked me. Everybody looked at Nikki in shock. "Niall and Liam could come along. Her face lightened up and she looked at me for approval. I nodded and smiled. "That would be even better." She said with a bigger smile then I had. "So do you think we could come next Sunday." Nikki asked. Liam looked pretty happy too since he was going to be with his sister.


Harry's pov:

So Louis and I are left to wash the dishes while Zayn, Cassie, Liam, Niall and Nikki go to see Steve's house. "Oi quit splashing me Lou!" I said. "It was an accident!" He responded giving me a raspberry. "Oh so you wanna be like that!?" I said splashing him with the soapy water. We were running around the house with water everywhere. Louis slipped on the floor. "OI ARE YOU MAD I JUST SLIPPED ON THE FLOOR OVER THERE!" I was in the living room watching TV. "Well maybe you should watch where you step." I answered staring at the TV. Louis walked off fake crying. A few minutes later everybody came back tired. "Harry come here." Nikki said. I followed her into her room and when I came in I didn't see her. Her and Niall came out from behind me just hit me with pillows. "HA! You fell for our trap!" Niall said hitting me. "Whut trap?" I asked confused. Niall and Nikki looked at each other evilly. They put a pillowcase over my head and took me somewhere. I heard a car start and then laughing. "Niall!? Nikki!? Whut in the bloody hell are you doing!?" I asked kicking in different directions. "Uhm, Hazza I wouldn't be doing that... this is your car." Niall said laughing. The car stopped and we were at a Cafe. "Whut are we doing here?" I asked fixing my hair. "Harry babe, you need a girl." Nikki said pulling me into the Cafe. It was Rain forest themed and it was beautiful. There was a beautiful girl sitting at the table the waitress took us to. "Hullo Harry." She said giving me a hug. "You don't remember Raini?" Nikki whispered in my ear. Then it hit me. Raini was me and Nikki's best friend when we were little. Raini was very unique. She had natural blonde hair. A piercing in her eyebrow and nose. She had different colour highlights; Pink, blue, purple and green. Nikki knew I had a crush on her in grade 8 I still did have a crush on her now. "Rai, It's been too long!" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. Her personality was exactly how she looked, a unique crazy beautiful girl. "Okay well Niall and I are going shipping and he's going to enjoy it." She said giving Niall a silly look. She took Niall hand and dragged him away but before he left he gave me a thumbs up. "So Haz you still didn't cut you lovely locks!" She said starring at my hair. "You know how I feel about my hair" I said sipping my water. We had such a fun time we were going out to see each other again tomorrow. "Bye Harry" Raini said. "Wait! Would you like to come over to see the boys? You know if you're not doing anything." I said a bit nervous. "Harry, I'd love to." She said with a huge smile. We walked over to the car where we met up with Niall and Nikki. The whole time on the way home we were singing out loud to out CD Take me home. Well until little things came on. Everybody was quiet. When it was Niall's part of the song he kept looking at Nikki and gave her small kisses. They were really cute together. "Here we are!" I said when we got home. "You're house is beautiful Harry and 7 people live here! It's so big!" She kept saying about the house. I remember when Nikki first saw the house she was flabbergasted by how big it was. As soon as we got home Nikki and Niall ran upstairs and we heard someone squeal. "LOUIS" Zayn yelled. "There's no shock." I mumbled. "Louis is usually the one doing pranks causing trouble." I explained to Rai. She looked nervous. "It's okay Louis knows how to behave with guests." She giggle. "LOU, WHY WOULD YOU SHOCK HER WITH A PEN!" Niall yelled at him. "Well I didn't know it was a shocking pen!" Louis said back in defense. "Niall, babe I'm fine it's not like he hung me off the roof." Nikki said laughing at herself. "Hey, guys this it Ra-" I was saying. "RAI!!" Cassie said running over to her. "Uh oh here we go, the drama queen's here." Raini whispered in my ear. "OMG IT'S BEEN SO LONG!" Cassie said hugging her. "It sure has Cassandra." Raini said hiding the sarcasm when she said her name. Cassie gave her one of those oh-thats-how-you-want-to-be looks. "As I was saying, This is Raini Me and Nikki's best friend." Rai blushed when I called her my best friend. "Beautiful name" Louis said shaking her hand. "Awh, you're family!" Niall said giving her a hug. Then Zayn, Me, Cassie, Nikki Louis and Liam joined in the hug. "... You're so sweet!" Rai said hugging back. We all took turns playing Fifa against Louis who is the all time champion... Well he was until Rai beat him. "Ooooh..." We all chanted when she beat him for the second time. "I... got beat... at my own game! She's the 'Chosen One'" Louis said dramatically putting the fruit bowl over her head as a crown. It got really late. "Guys I think I'm gonna go it's getting a late." Raini said getting up. "NOOOOOOOO!" We all said together. "I have clothes you can borrow!" Nikki said trying to change her mind. "Well, would the others mind if I were to spend the night?" She asked looking at everybody. "Are you kidding you're the Fifa queen why would we want you to leave!?" Liam said to her. "Yea, my Rai Rai, None of us would want you to leave." I said putting a friendly arm around her. She felt very warm and I could feel her body get goosebumps. It took a while to get sleeping arrangements but we managed to have me and Rai in a room together I would just sleep on the floor. "PARTYY!" Louis yelled into running into the room. "Uhh no way I have school tomorrow" Nikki said wrinkling her forehead. "Awh... whut time is it?" Niall asked. "8:45" Zayn answered starring at the TV. "I'm so-" Niall started saying. "HUNGRY!" Everybody else said finishing Niall sentence. "Niall, babe you're so predictable when it comes to food." Nikki said giggling. Niall just put her over his shoulder and ran around. "Who's predictable?" Niall kept asking with her still on his shoulder. "Okay, guys do that upstairs or not at all you're blocking the telly!" Louis yelled throwing popcorn at them. They just raced upstairs laughing. We all got prepared for bed. Me and Rai were both in my room watching Titanic. Niall was right it was a big mistake watching that movie. Raini was crying so much. I cried to, I'm a sensitive person. "God, I hate this movie for being so sad!" Rai said with red eyes from crying. "Raini, will you be my girlfriend?" I asked holing her hand. "Yes!" She said giving me a big hug. I just love her for being so unique! "Thank you Harry." She said blushing. I didn't realize I said that aloud what I also didn't realize was that we were kissing. Her lips were so soft. I ended up sleeping on the bed with her and it was a good sleep.




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