Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


6. LOTS Of Fun

Nikki's Pov:

As we waited for reports in the hospital Niall took out his guitar and started playing songs related to our situation. "Alright everyone is fine except for Liam, will  you please come over here for a while sir." Said the doctor. Liam nodded and walked up into the room. "Liam got hurt?" Emily scared. "No, just his wrists they were cut all over." Louis answered. "Probably from the glass..." Emily said still a bit sad. "Nikki can I talk to you..." Harry asked me. "Sure what's up Hazza?" We walked away from the others. "The reason I was able to kill him... was because of you.... I miss you..." Harry said holding back tears. "What do you mean I'm h-" I started. "I mean like, when we used to hang out... you're always with Niall we don't get to be together like the old days." He said, a tear ran down his face. "Well since we're here in Florida why don't we go to our old park!" I said cheering him up. "Yea, after we get out of here!" He said happily. I hugged him tightly. "Harry you're like my brother... I really missed you." I said holding back tears. We walked back to the others just in time, Liam came and joined us as we all walked over to the car.  "Niall, Harry and I are going by my old house just like the old days." I said to him as we walked into the house holding hands. "Alright babe." He said  kissing me good bye. "HAZZA!!" I called out like a child. He ran upstairs with a rubber chicken. "Seriously Harry!" I said laughing. "You ready?" I asked him still giggling. "Yep lets go!" He said grabbing his keys. We raced each other into the car, I won of course! "We're here!!!" Harry yelled in a childish voice. "Race you to the swing set!" I said "Oh you're on!" He said sprinting, He tripped and fell and not seeing him I fell onto of him. "Haha!" He said tickling me. "Harryy!! Haha! Harry STOP! HAHA!" I screamed as he tickled me.


Harry's Pov:

Nikki is so beautiful, her laugh is so cute.When we got to our park we raced to the swing set and just as she was about to beat me I tripped her and she came tumbling on top of me. I started ticking her and she wouldn't stop laughing. "Push me!" Nikki said like baby. "Alright!" I said walking over to the swing set. I pushed her gently on the swing. "See, I miss being like this... at the park like we were 12 again." She said with her sweet voice. "Me too... " She said sadly. "Do you love Niall" I asked her looking at the ground. "Yea, he's my whole world" She said smiling at the ground. My heart cracked. I love Nikki, a lot I wish I never left for the X Factor. I need to forget about this, she's Niall's girl! It would be so wrong to make a move. I want her back.


Niall's Pov:

"MOVIE TIME!" Louis and  Liam yelled together. "What movie shall we see?" Zayn asked with his arm around Cassie. "How about Jurassic Park?" Emily suggested. "Yeah!" Everybody agreed. Just as I put the movie Harry and Nikki came into the room laughing. "Looks like someone had fun." Liam said looking at them. "Mhm, what movie are you all watching?" She asked snuggling real close to me. "Jurassic Park." I answered kissing her. She giggled, her laugh is so sweet. "WAIT! Niall, mate you forgot popcorn!" Zayn said looking at me in shock. "Nah, I have my popcorn here" I said Eskimo kissing Nikki's nose. She blushed. About half and hour into the movie Nikki fell asleep on my shoulder. I smiled, "You love her huh?" Louis asked me. I stroked her hair. "She's my everything." I answered and kissed her hair. Harry saw us and just left the room, I wonder what't up with him. What was he doing with Nikki at the park? Did he, No he wouldn't I trust him not to do something like that. The part where the man got eaten by the dinosaur on the loo. I couldn't help but to laugh along with the others. By the time the movie finished I fell asleep on Nikki's shoulder. "Awh look at the couple!" I hear Louis say. *Click* He took a picture. "That's going on twitter!" Louis to someone else. 


Cassie's Pov:

After the movie Zayn and I went to bed. I got out the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Zayn was sitting on the bed waiting for me. "I love you" He said taking my towel off  "Love you more" I said smiling. "You know, I can't wait until we get back to England." He said gently laying my naked body on the bed. "Really, why is that? I asked him playing dumb. "Cause I'm ready to see my wife." He said smiling. I pushed away from him. "Your wife!?" I asked getting up. "No! Babe, I'm talking about you!" He said bringing me back down. "Oh" I said biting my lip. He smiled and kissed my neck. "Okay, you have got to loose the clothes!" I said stripping him down. Then... you know!


Zayn's Pov:

Finally, she's asleep! I slipped the engagement ring onto her finger while she was fast asleep and snuggled myself closer to her. "Love you" I whispered pulling the blankets our naked bodies. "LEEEEEE YUMMMMMM!" I heard Louis yell. I looked at my phone, 11:30 AM. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed and got dressed for England. "LIII LIIII!!!!!" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. "I WANT NUTELLAAAAAA!!!! He shouted acting like a child. I walked out into the kitchen and grabbed the nutella from where Liam hid it. "Lou! Come and get it!" I yelled to him. By this time everyone was awake. When all the girls came down they looked at Louis' stuffed face. "Real sexy Lou" Cassie said sarcastically patting his head. "Hey, babe..." I said to Cassie. I gasped and showed her the ring on her finger. I gave her the yes-or-no look. "YES ZAYN!!" She squealed and ran into my arms. I kissed her, I love her so damn much. Harry came down with a rubber chicken, Liam with a bat, And Niall was just in a karate position. The girls were giggling looking at them. "Really Hazza!?" Emily giggled. "What, it was the first thing I saw." He said proudly. "What happened?" Niall asked. "Nothing just happiness" Cassie said in between kisses from Zayn. 

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