Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


12. Like his sister

Louis's Pov:

"Hey did you hear Raini and Harry out there?" Niall asked me. "Of course I did mate! I know everything... I even know you.... talk in your sleep." I said laughing. Niall turned to Nikki. "I told you not to tell anyone!" Niall said with food in his mouth. "...Niall you have food on your face." Nikki said calmly getting a tissue and wiping the food off his face. Niall calmed down too but I was bursting out laughing. "Wait were are they now?" Nikki asked. "Still sleeping." Niall answered. "You think we shoul-" I said but Niall and Nikki were already ahead of me; Niall had his guitar out and ready. We crept upstairs into their room. "Awh.. look at them." Nikki said. "Wake up... wake up... WAKE UP!!" We all sang and jumped on their bed. 2 Down 3 to go! I thought as we all went into Liam's room. "WAKE UP!!!" All of us including Rai and Harry said jumping on Liam's bed. "Oi, I'm right here!" Liam said from behind us. "But.. how.. oooooh! You put the pillows there replacing your body!" Harry said pulling the blankets out to see the pillows. "Very smart!" I said patting his shoulder. "Now we need to get Cassie and Zayn." Raini said with an evil but funny look on her face. "Oh, look who's catching on! It took Nikki a week to get used to this." Niall said laughing. "Come on!" Nikki said pulling Niall shirt into Zayn and Cassie's room. "WA- Don't even think about it." We tried singing but Zayn said with his face in the pillow. "Well at least wake up..." Harry said hitting Zayn's back. "OW! Harry that was my leg!" Cassie said hitting him in the head. "Oops!" Harry said laughing on the floor."Harry you look so retarded get up!" I said kicking Harry in the balls to get up. "Ow...." He said. Who wants to go around London today?" Liam asked. "MEEE!!!" I said waving my arms up. Everyone else agreed. We headed out in the van. "This is my baby so be careful!" I said patting the van. We stopped in front of a small plaza. Niall started strumming his guitar to The A Team by Ed Sheeran. I got thirsty so I went into a small shop for some water. "Please! I don't have anything!" A girl pleaded to the cashier. "Leave before I call the police!" The man behind the counter said. The girl walked out of the shop limping; That poor girl. I walked out of the shop and saw the girl sitting on the floor and crying. Her clothes were ripped she had so many scars and wounds. "Are you  okay love?" I asked crouching next to her. She flinched when I sat down. "It's okay I won't hurt you." I said. "Whut's your name?" I asked. "Ca... Cameron...." She stuttered. "I'm-" "I know who you are, you're the popular boy from One Direction." She said stopping me from talking. "Well, what are you doing out here?" I asked her. "Just... just going for a walk." She said with a silent tear coming from her eye I could tell she lied. "It's okay you can tell me" I said softly. "I'm running away... from my dad...."  She answered crying. I wiped her tear away. "Don't pity me." She said moving her face away. "Why did you run away love?" I asked her. "You don't have time for the whole story." She said. I sat down next to her. "I'm not going anywhere." I told her. She took in a deep breath. "Well, my mom she took a job in Ireland and left me here with my 'Trustworthy' father... but he abuses me.... he hits me when I don't do right, but I always do right! He expects me to got to stores and beg for what he wants... And if it doesn't work... He want's me to steal!" She said crying. A tear ran from my eye. "See you're feeling bad for me!" She said getting up. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Home" She answered flatly. "Wait!" I said grabbing her wrist. She turned around and I saw her brown beautiful eyes. "You can stay with me." I told her. "No, that wouldn't be right." She said and pulled away. "It's fine, you don't need to go home and be beaten!" I told her before she turned around the corner. She stopped and looked at me. "I insist." I said to her. "Alright..." She mumbled. We walked over to where everybody was and there was a huge crowd. I heard her gulp. "It's okay." I said holding her hand as we ran through the screaming fans. "We need to go NOW!" Harry said pushing away the fans hands. Me and Cameron laughed at Harry. We got into the van and Cameron sat in the passenger seat. "Who's this?" Cassie asked looking at her in disgust. "This is Cameron." I said. She looked very uncomfortable. "So Cameron how old are you?" Niall asked breaking the silence. "14" She answered very quiet. We got home and I could see that Cameron was already getting used to things. "So this will be your room" I said showing her the guest room. "Thank you so much Louis." She said. "Hey Cameron you wanna go shopping with us?" Raini and Nikki asked. She looked at me for permission to answer. I nodded. "Sure, but I don't have any money.." Cameron said quietly. "Cameron don't be silly it's on us!" Nikki said grabbing her hand out the door.

Cameron's Pov:

It was kind of Louis to take me in. It was better than going home and getting beat... "Nikki thank you so much for all this." I said as we walked into Forever 21. "No problem, this is exactly how I was when I first got used to all this." She said. I dug out the least expensive clothes that I could find. "Are you sure that's what you want?" Raini asked me. "Yes." I said to her. "Cam you're so silly! You don't need to do that pick out what ever you want." She told me. I don't like spending people's money even when I go out to restaurants with my mom I like to get the cheapest foods. We all paid for our clothes and went out for frozen yogurt. I can't remember the last time I ate anything since my mom left. "You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!" I said hugging them. "Anytime Cam!" On the way home they were telling me about the things that to boys do. "Almost every morning the boys sing the "Wake up" song. It's when Niall plays his guitar and everybody else jumps on the bed to wake you up." Nikki explained. "It happened to us this morning." Raini said. I giggled. When we got home the boys were on the roof hitting golf balls on into the pool while Cassie was getting a tan. "Niall, really?" Nikki said with her hands on her hips. "Yeah, It's fun babe try!" Niall said handing her a club. She shot one into the neighbors yard. "I'm done...." She said walking into the house laughing. "Did you have fun Cameron?" Louis asked me. "Mhm."  I nodded quietly. "Who wants to watch a movie!!?" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. "I do!" I yelled in the same tone giggling. We raced into the living room and jumped onto the couch. "What movie should we see?" Louis asked. "MILO AND OTIS!" Zayn and Cassie said at the same time. "Alright." Louis said putting the movie in. I fell asleep with in 30 minutes. When I woke up everybody was surrounding me. "Whut...?" I asked in confusion. "LOUIS DID IT!" Raini said. I turned to Louis and he had a mirror in his hand. I HAD A MOUSTASHE! "LOU!" I yelled at him and ran into the bathroom. "It comes off with baby oil." Raini said helping me get it off. "You know Harry did the same to me and I was thinking of revenge, do you have any ideas?" She asked me. "Well... tomorrow they have an interview and we could stay home and junk their rooms." I whispered to her. "Have you seen Harry's room it's pretty messy but it could be messier..." She said with an evil grin. I went to sleep pretty early it was a long day.


"HELP! PLEASE!!" I yelled 

"No one can hear you, you're just gonna die her right now in the rain" a voice said



I woke up sweating and Louis was right by my side. "Shhh It's okay love it was just a dream." Louis said pushing my hair away from my face. "You wanna tell me about it?" Louis asked. I wasn't the kind to bottle things in I like to talk to people about how I feel. I took in a deep breath. "My dad... he left me out in a heavy tornado.." I showed him a scar behind my left arm. "A metal piece scrap hit me here and a voice in my head.... told me I would die out there.... I was just so lucky to survive..." I said in tears. "Why would he do that?" Louis asked me. "Because... I told him that I hated him..." I said crying. "Cameron, as long as you're with me you'll never get hurt." Louis said hugging me tight. "Louis... I feel like we're connected... like we're related.. like my brother." I whispered. "You're like my sister Cameron." He whispered back. I like that: I'm like his sister.



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