Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


13. I love you

Raini's Pov:

"Shhhh, you'll wake him!" I whispered to Cameron. She giggled so much. "Okay now put the syrup by his pillow and the whip cream in his hair; but softly!" Cameron whispered and giggled. I did what she said and giggled too. "Okay next is Louis we need to mess his clean room!" I whispered. We put his books on the floor and his clothes on his bed and all around his room. "Okay we're done." She said and gave her a high-five. "You think they're going to-" I said. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Harry yelled. Me and Cam fell on the floor in laughter. "WHO? WHAT? WHY!?" Louis yelled coming out his room. "Rai, come here give me a hug!" Harry said covered in syrup and whip cream. "Oh, no you don't!" I said running away while he chased me. He ended up slipping on the floor. "Haz... Are you okay...?" I asked he didn't move. "YEAH!!" He screamed giving me a hug and now I was covered in syrup. Nikki and Niall came downstairs. "Real sexy you two.." Nikki said sarcastically. Niall made cereal and Nikki made pancakes for all of us. "Yum! Thank you Nikki!" Niall said stuffing his face even though he already had cereal. "Your welcome." Nikki said laughing. "So today we have an interview do you girls wanna come?" Zayn asked us. I saw Cameron look at Louis for permission. He nodded. "Okay" Cameron said. We all got dressed; nothing too formal but casual. Within an hour we were in the studio. "Woah!" I said amazed. "I know that was my reaction when I was in my first interview." Nikki said. Cameron stayed close to Louis. We started the interview with introducing our selves. "And who is the girl here?" Gabby the host asked looking at Cameron. "This is Cameron a friend of mine." Louis said with his arm around her. "Now, people are saying that she is your cousin is this true?" Gabby asked Louis. "No.. Not true at all but we do have that kind of connection." Louis answered. "This is your first time in an interview correct Raini?" Gabby asked. "Yes ma'ma.." I answered. "Your name is so beautiful who named you?" She asked my. "Thank you. My grandmother named me; The day I was born there was a thunderstorm and that inspired her  for the name." I said smiling. "Zayn and Cassie are you thinking of having kids?" Gabby asked them Zayn looked at Cassie. "Actually we have, we're thinking of having a girl." Zayn said smiling. Gasps came from the audiance. "Really? Do you have any idea's for her name?" Gabby asked. "No names have come up, we're still thinking." Cassie answered. "And Liam, you an Nikki how is your bond?" Gabby said turning to him. "We're pretty good like any other brother and sister bond I'm very over protecteve but we're really close." He said. "That's all the time we have for today thank you all for watching!" Gabby said waving to the audiance. We all walked backstage. "Hey, before you guys leave can I get a picture?" Gabby asked. "Sure" Harry answered. We all took a silly picture I was choking Harry, Nikki was trying to carry Niall like a baby, Liam on Louis's back and Cameron Zayn and Cassie Cameron looked normal. "Thank you!" Gabby said smiling. "Bye!" We said waving. "Ready for this?" Harry whispered in my ear. "Wait." I said and took in a deep breath. "Lets go." I said he grabbed my hand and we ran out into the car past the screaming fans.


Zayn's Pov:

We walked out into the crowd in order to get to the car. When we got in eveybody stared at me and Cassie. "Why didn't you tell ME your sister that you were thinking of having a baby?" Nikki yelled at Cassie. "I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how.." She answered in the same tone. "Um.. You could say 'Nikki Zayn and I want a child!" Nikki yelled to Cassie. "SHHHHH! Cam is sleeping!!" Louis whispered/yelled. The rest of the ride home it was quiet. Cassie and I went to our room. "Are you sure about this?" I asked Cassie. She bit her lip and nodded. We did IT. Had a baby. I woke up in the morning naked and Cassie was in the bathroom. She ran out the bathroom with a huge smile on her face. "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!" She jumped on the bed happily. "Okay you wanna tell the others?" I asked. "Yeah!" She said and bolted out the door. I followed her into the kitchen. "Okay Zayn and I have news!" Cassie said happily. "We heard you guys last night!" Liam said rubbing his eyes. "Did we mention that we're thinking of moving out?" I asked. "No, why?" Niall asked with eggs comming out his mouth. "Because we need our space and having a kid this isn't the best enviorment for him/her." Cassie said looking at Louis who was putting his pancakes on his face. Now we were all looking at Louis this time he put syrup on his face. "Lou, even Cameron is more mature than you!" Harry said slapping his head. Cameron giggled. Nikki left the room. "Okay, so what should we do for Nikki's bithday?" Niall asked jumpping out his chair. "We should go to that one lake near the town!" I suggested. "Great idea." Liam said. "Now about presants!" Cassie said clapping her hands. "I was thinking of getting her an I phone 5" Louis said. Cassie nodded and wrote it down. "Um.... how about a scate board, dose she still love those?" Raini asked. "Yes she dose." Cassie answered writing it down. "A pair Beats from me." I said and Cassie wrote down. "An autograph book from the Beetles!" Harry said. "How do you suppose to get that Harry?" Cameron asked him. "Well I know a guy..." Harry answered cheekily. "I want to give her the telephone booth from the Take Me Home photo shoot." Liam said. "Woah, that's a good one!" I said patting his back. "I wanna ask her to marry me..." Niall said shyly. Everybody stared at him. "Are you sure mate? Liam asked him. "Yeah, I love her to death!" Niall answered.. Cassie wrote it down. "What are you gonna give her Cassie?" I asked her. "I was thinking about taking her out to meet Ed Sheeran." She said. "Woah!" Harry said. "Mhm I got him to go out for brunch with her while we set up the party here." Cassie said writing it down. "Okay so Harry and Raini you guys are in chare of decorations. Louis you and Cameron will be doing food. Niall and Liam invatations. And Zayn and I will be helping out with you guys" Cassie said writing it all down. They all went out to do what Cassie said. "Okay I'm gonna tell Nikki about her brunch." Cassie said going upstiars. I was thinking about names for the baby. Girl: Issable, Abbigal, Megan, or Tammy. Boy: Timmothy, George, Christopher, Tyler. "Okay she's getting ready" Cassie said walking in the room. "What's wrong babe?" She asked. "Nothing, I was just thinking of names for the baby." I answered. "You know I was thinking for a girl Tammy would be a beautiful name." Cassie said. "Funny, I was thinking the same thing." I said chucking. "We should help out Louis; I don't think Cameron is gona be able to stop him from dipping his finger in the cake!" Cassie said grabbing the keys.


Niall's Pov:

Liam and I went out to buy cards for invatations. "Niall are you sure you wanna marry her now?" Liam aksed me. "I'm 100% sure." I told him looking at the shelf of the cards. "Just don't even think about tearing up my sister's heart." He said giving me a serious look. "Alright, how about these cards?" I asked him holding up a card with us on it. "Perfect!" He said admiring himself on the card. After that we went out to Kay Jewlers. "Alright how about this one do you think she'll like it?" Liam asked me holding up a ring. "No, that one's too big." I said. A few paparazi's came by the store taking pictures of us we tried hiding our faces. "Niall James Horan, will you marry me!" Liam said kneeling. "No you douche bag!" I said playfully hitting he shoulder. He pretended to be sad. We found the perfect ring after about 30 minutes and looking at 50 rings. When we got home everybody had everything. "Woah, good job Louis you didn't eat the cake!" I said patting his back. "Yeah, I saved it for you to eat... And Cameron threatened to not give me any of it if I even touched it..." Louis said pretending to be sad. "You'll live Lou." Cameron said walking by. "Who wants to bring out the Twitcam during her birthday, It can be just like we invited the fans to her birthday!" Harry suggested. "Great idea!" Raini said. "Does everybody have their presants?" Cassie asked. "Mine's outside." Liam said pointing to the door. We all went to the backyard to see the telephone booth. "I missed this thing!" Louis said running up to it and hugging the telephone booth. "She's here everybody hide!!!" Cassie squealed. We all hid in random places. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" We chanted. Nikki gasped. "Happy birthday babe." I said grabbing her waist. "Thank you all so much!" She said giving a group hug. "Okay can we skip to presents!" Louis said sitting on the floor. "Not yet we need to play games!" Cameron squealed. "Nooooooooo!" Louis said pretending to cry. "Who wants to play spin the bottle?" Raini asked. "MEE!" Louis said being the first. I got a soda bottle from in the house. It landed on Cameron. "Cameron truth or dare?" Liam asked. "Truth!" She answered. "Is it true you are a One Direction fan?" Liam asked. "Yes.." She said blushing. "Who's your favourite?" Zayn asked. "Harry." She said blushing. "Awwww!" Harry said hugging her. Next the bottle landed on me. "Niall truth or dare." Cassie asked. "Dare" I said. "I dare you to switch clothse with Nikki." Cassie said smirking. I turned to Nikki who was laughing. "Come on!" I said dragging her inside. I came out wearing a white sundress and Nikki was wearing my baggy pants and my white shirt. "Hello sexy!" I said grabbing her waist. "Hello Nialla!" She joked. We walked outside. "Woah! Niall looks sexy!" Harry said laughing on the floor. "Harry you're taken!" Raini said hitting his head and laughing too. "Can we do presents now?!" Cameron asked. "Sure!" Nikki said. "What? So when I ask its a no?" Louis said crossing his arms. "I'll open yours first Lou." She said grabbing his present. She unwrapped it like a child opening a Christmas presant. "OMG!!! Thank you so much!!!" She said tackling him with a hug. "Me next!!" Cameron said. "Okay." Nikki said opening hers. "I'v always wanted a Nikon camera thank you so much Cam!!" She said giving her a hug. "Next is Liam." Nikki said. "Okay right this was ma'ma" Liam said escorting her to the telephone booth. We heard her squeal and she came back riding on Liam's back laughing. "Okay now Zayn." Zayn handed her a square wrapped box. "Thank you so much... brother!" She said hugging him tightly. "Here Nikki, I'v know you SO long to get you this!" Raini said with a BIG bag. "OMG! We need to go scate boarding after this!!" Nikki said looking at her scate board. "Okay Harry!" She said taking a thin wrapped presant. "Hazz! This is epic!" She said drooling over the autograph book of the Beetles. "Nikki for my preasent we're gonna go get matching tattoo's tomorrow." Cassie said. "Oooh imagine what mom would say about that." Nikki said. "You hippies!" They both said laughing. "Nikki could you come here for my presant." I said taking her hand. I put blind folds over her. "Niall where are we going?" She asked as we got in the car. "You'll see." I answered smiling. We stopped at a beautiful lake with blossom trees with the flowers falling down from them. "Okay you can talk them off now." I said still wearing the dress and kneeling. She took it off and looked at me with a tear running down her face. I couldn't read her facial expression. "Niall......" She said stuttering


A/N: What should Nikki say about Niall? What should Cassie and Zayn name their baby? I NEED COMMENTS PLEASE!!<3



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