Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


2. Harry's Place

Harry's POV:

So as we drive to my place I can't help but to stare at Nichole's honey brown long hair and her hazel eyes in the sunshine. I'v been thinking about her ever since I left I don't know how I could just let her slip out of my mind! I was a bit nervous also because of the paparazzi they were probably gonna find me and Nikki together, I don't mind but the word it going to get out and my reputation is going to decrease and the boys and I are not going to be so famous any more. Oh and have I mentioned I'm in One Direction? I didn't seem like Nikki has ever heard of us she just kept it normal when she saw me again. "So.." I say breaking the silence. "How have you been... you know since I left and all.." Her eyes on the floor of the car. "Honestly I'v been a bit of a mess without you Harry." She said blushing a bit. "How have you been?" She asked me. "Well I have been a little shell without you... I'v been quiet and not really myself lately." We got there just a few minutes after out conversation she looked at the house in shock "You.... you live here!?" "Yea me and the lads they're probably not home." I answered opening the car door for her. As we walked inside her eyes grew wider and wider. I showed her around and she was totally shocked. I smirked at her reaction.


Nichole's POV:

Holy shit Harry's house is huge! I thought I needed a map just to find my way to the kitchen it was amazing! Harry made some crapes with nutella as if her were a master chef. We both laughed and enjoyed our time together until he got close to me and leaned for a kiss until my phone went off. It was Cassie. "HOLY SHIT , Hazza Im super sorry I forgot about Ca-!" I tripped on my own foot and as Harry helped me up he gave me a kiss... ON THE LIPS! It was wonderful his hands on my waist and my fingers through is hair. His hands were just about to reach my bra until Cassie called again. I giggled and just as I left Harry grabbed my wrist and said "When will I see you again?" "Here" I handed him my phone number. He walked me to the door and I get him a quick kiss on the cheek and waved him goodbye. I started walking to the park where my car was and the paparazzi came flashing their cameras at me I shoved myself into my car and made my way to the mall. When I got there Cassie had a huge smile on her face. She hoped into the car with joy. My face looking normal. "What are you so happy about?" I asked in disgust. She giggled and showed me a picture of me and Harry kissing. "WHAT THE FUCK WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PIC?!" I yelled at her. She shrank into the passenger chair. "Its on the one direction fan site..." She said softly giggling a little. I rolled my eyes and noticed some black cars following us. Cassie was scared I don't understand why I should be scared I'm the younger one!


Cassie's POV

Just as Griffin and I were making out in the stall my phone buzzed there was a picture of Nikki and harry kissing! I was so shocked I looked at it and zoomed in to see if it was real, I called Nikki several times to ask her about it but she didn't answer so I just texted her to pick me up from the mall. In the mean time I just made-out with that Griffin guy.


Niall's POV:

As the lads and I were driving home in the van I saw a picture on twitter of a fan kissing Harry ON THE LIPS! My eyes widened as I showed the boys the picture Louis being childish yelled at me for allowing this to happen when I wasn't even around. He was a bit more drunk then me and the other lads luckily Liam was driving. I called Harry . "Hey lads whats up?" He said as he answered the 5th call. "WHO'S THE GIRL?!" Louis called into the phone. "Umm... uhh she's a friend..." Harry said in embarrassment. "How'd you guys know I was with a girl anyways?" Harry asked. Zayn yelled into the phone, "Check the fan site mate." Harry was silent for a few moments and then spoke "Alright I'm going to go now to see Nichole about this" And with that he hung up.


A/N: SO sorry I haven't been updating I just moved to Florida a day ago still unpacking I PROMISE I will try my best to keep updating 

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