Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


8. Changes

Nikki's Pov:

I kissed Louis... I don't want Niall anymore. Louis treats me like Niall never did. Louis loved me, I could tell. As we walked back holding hands the boys didn't care cause Louis and I always had a bond. I don't give a shit about whut Niall is going to say but I'm worried about whut Louis is going to do. Niall probably got that girl pregnant. I REALLY hated Julia Camry, she made me feel uncomfortable about my body. "Lou... can I tell you something?" I whispered to him in the car. "Whut is it love?" He said putting a piece of my hair behind my ear. "Whut are you going to do to Niall?" I whispered again. "I'm to have a chat with him... but to warn you, you should have seen whut I WAS going to do to him this morning!" He said loud enough for Harry and Liam to hear. "Oi, I'm pretty sure he didn't want to get beaten down." Liam said. As we drove I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in Louis's bedroom. I checked my phone for missed calls or text messages. 1 from Lou: Morning love, the boys and I went Tim Hortons for coffee Niall stayed. I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I got changed into some white skinny jeans a yellow crop shirt and some black converse. My hair was still a bit of a mess but I didn't care. Well until I came downstairs to see Niall and Julie Camry chatting in the kitchen. SHIT! I thought. Wait, why do I even care if Julia see's me? She might have changed after 3 years. I walked into the kitchen and got into the fridge for eggs and Julia jumped out of her chair. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" She yelled. I dropped an egg on the floor, she startled me! Niall helped me clean it up and when our eyes met I immediately looked away. He just frowned and didn't say anything. "Oh, you startled me!." I said throwing the egg that I dropped away. "I scared you!? What the hell are you doing in England?!" She said in her American accent. She must have just been here for the wedding, or at least I hope. "Well, I live here...or now hopefully moving out now" I said looking at Niall. "You both know each other?" Niall asked without a clue. I didn't answer, a tear just shot down my face cause of the memories of her bullying me. I ran upstairs into Louis's room and shoved my face into his pillow crying, good thing I didn't put on mascara. I heard a knock, "Nikki can I come in?" I heard someone say. "Go away!" I answered. "Please!?" It was Niall at the door, I could tell cause of his accent. I opened the door for him. "Why are you in Louis's room?" He asked me. "I slept here last night" I said with my hands on my hips. "Nichole do you know Julie?" He asked me.  "She... she...bullied me in grade 9 and... I have anorexia cause of her!..." I showed him my scars. I cried really hard. "And Louis told me that you had sex with her!" I said before he have me a hug. "Look, Nikki I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how and when and I was drunk! I'm so sorry!" He started crying I was too. "Look I get your sorry but you probably made her pregnant!" I yelled and cried. Just then Louis came in. I ran over to him like a child and cried into his chest. "Niall, just go!" Louis said angrily. "Lou can we go for a walk?" I asked him looking up into his eyes. "Sure love" He said smiling. 


Louis's pov:

As we walked down the wet street I held Nikki's hand. "Lou... Julie made me feel so insecure about myself... and Lou... I have anorexia Louis... She said with tears falling down her face. My eyes widened. "Louis, I'm so scared of the carbs and getting fat!" She said sobbing. "Look, we'll get through those issues but right now I really want to know....will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her while wiping her tears away. "Lou... I love you so much YES!" She said smiling and she kissed me for about half a minute. "WHOO YEAA YEAA I LOOOVE MY GIRL!!" I said jumping around. She laughed so hard as we walked back home holding hands. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE HAVE AN INTERVIEW IN HALF AN HOUR!?" Liam yelled. "Alright Dad, we'll get ready!" I said walking upstairs with Nikki. I guess she's coming with us. "Whut do you think I should wear?" Nikki said to me looking into her wardrobe in Niall's room. "Anything casual." I answered. She pulled out a white thin strap sundress with a pair of black converse high tops. "Beautiful" I said when I was her. I wore a white and black stripe shirt with a red pair of pants and white Toms. We walked out holding hands into the black van that drove us to the studio. "And I hear that Louis is going out with Niall's ex! Is that true?" Natalie the interviewer said showing pictures of me and Nikki and Niall and Nikki. "Yea it's true but we're all good" Liam said trying not to cause drama. "Well who is this girl I keep hearing of?" Natalie asked. "She's Nichole, my friend since grade school." Harry answered. "So... when will the camera's officially meet her?" Natalie asked now getting curious. "Actually she's back stage!" I said signaling her to come over. She sat down next to me. "Hullo dear!" Natalie said to Nikki. "Hello" She said smiling back. "So, are you planning on going the next interview?" Natalie asked her. "Of course I'm here to support my boyfriend and brothers!" She answered with a big smile. I liked that, she thought of them as brothers. "So where is Zayn!?" She asked looking around. "Well he's in California wit-" I started to say. "OOH Wait a minute, he's with his wife Cassie Richardson. I didn't know Nikki's last name was Richardson! "Or now Cassie Malik." She said giggling. She gasped "Is Cassie your sister!?" She said in shock looking at Nikki. "Indeed!" Nikki said smiling. "The camera's love you." I whispered in Nikki's ear. The interview ended 10 minutes later. Niall pulled Nikki aside and I had no idea whut they were saying all I heard was "Nikki you're like my sister... I'll never make a move on you" Niall said laughing with her. "Oh, that interview was fun!" Nikki said holding my hand. " I'm glad, you should come to our interviews more often babe." I said to her walking into the car. We got home and sat on the couch. "Hey we should check on Zayn and Cassie." Harry said jumping on the couch in between me and Nikki. "Alright" Nikki said pulling out her phone. She dialed the number. "OI, PUT IT ON SPEAKER!" Liam yelled running into the room with Niall in a headlock. Nikki giggled at them and threw a pillow at them. The phone rang. "Hullo?" Zayn answered It was 6:00 PM there. "HEYY!" We all yelled. "Cas, come here they're all on the phone, I'm putting you on speaker guys!" Zayn said into the phone. "Hey. how's California?" I asked. "It's beautiful and it ha-" Cassie was starting to say. "ZAYNN!! AHHHH" We heard Cassie scream. "CAS, STAND UNDER THE DOOR FRAME!!" Zayn yelled back. We heard glass break and lots of things fall. Nikki cried. I rubbed her back. "Whut in the bloody hell was that!?" Harry yelled. "I guess it was an earthquake." Niall said looking at the ground sadly. "Awh, I hope they're okay." I said and kissed Nikki's forehead.

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