Choosing The Right One

Nichole and Harry have been friends since birth Nichole has a special bond with Harry no one can break... except for Nichole mean step sister Cassie she tries her best to have Harry drool over her until Harry moves to the UK for X Factor auditions. Nichole is very sad and has made no friends since it happened. Meanwhile Harry has millions of fans and 4 best buds. Oh yea did I mention Harry is in One Direction?


7. Can you keep a secret?

**3 Week's Later**

Zayn's Pov:

"Stand still!" Liam said fixing my bow tie. "Im just so excited mate!" I said back. Louis was playing with needles just when Harry snatched them from him. Niall was in the corner texting Nikki. "Ow! Lou!" Harry cried. "Sorry Harry" Louis said giggling. "Niall will you please get off your phone, this is a big day for Zayn!" Liam said fixing my tux. "Sorry it's just that... I don't get why Nikki just HAD to teach today!" Niall answered still glued to his phone. "It's time" Someone said to us. Niall turned his phone off. I chose Liam as my best man because he's like my brother and he's always there for me. Finally I saw that sexy woman walk down that aisle looking in to my eyes with her beautiful eyes. We said our vow's and I gave my wife a first kiss. We danced for a few hours and took a limo to the airport. "Okay PLEASE tell me where we're going!" Cassie said with puppy eyes. "Just wait!" I said grabbing her hand. There was a 5 hour ride and when we got to our destination we were in California. "Hey, wake up babe" I said giving her a kiss on the forehead.


Nichole's Pov:


Tears of joy ran down my face during the wedding Niall just wiped them off and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  "Maybe that would be us one day" Niall said smiling. During the after party Zayn and Cassie ran off into a white limo. Niall and I danced for a while until Louis and I got a bit tired so took a cab home. I fell asleep on his shoulder. "Wake up love." Louis said tapping my shoulder. I woke up feeling lazy. "Lou, carry me!" I said like a baby. He carried me as if I were a baby, I was acting a bit like one. "Thanks Louis"  I said giving him a hug. I got into one of Niall's over sized shirt and no pants under, I was feeling lazy. I jumped onto the couch next to Louis. He was watching Kipper the Dog, a show I watched as a child. We started talking about Niall and then we started talking about how him and Niall met. "So the day we met it was a Tuesday, no wait I believe it was a Monday" He said being silly. I never really notice how pretty Lou's eyes are. I giggled at him. "So we were at Nados and he almost knocked me down over a chicken leg and then I said, 'OI, MATE WATCH IT!'" I giggled. He must have noticed he was talking too much. "So where did you and Niall meet?" He asked me. "Well, Harry wanted to apologize but he didn't have the guts so Niall did it for me and told me I was beautiful." I answered. "That's cause you are" He mumbled. He looked down at the ground and then into my eyes. I looked up at his crystal blue eyes. He leaned in and closed his eyes. WHAT AM I DOING I'M WITH NIALL! "Um Lou!" Just then the boys came in drunk and loud except for Liam being the responsible wasn't drunk. I went to bed after Louis tried to kiss me. For some reason Niall didn't come to bed. When I woke up Niall was half off the couch still sleeping. I walked into the kitchen and saw Louis sitting at the table on his laptop. As I made pancakes at the stove and turned around to see Harry, Liam, and Louis looking at me with puppy eyes. "Oh you scared me.... Whut...? I said looking at them. "PLEAASE COME TO THE BEACH WITH US!!" They chanted. "Alright! Where's Niall?" I asked. They all just walked out as if they didn't hear me. Something was up...


Niall's Pov:

***Flash back from the after party***

** "Hey sexy!" One of Cassie's friends said to me. I turned away from her. 'No I have Nikki' I thought to myself. Someone from behind taped my shoulder and as I turned they smashed their lips onto mine. It was the girl who called me sexy earlier. She was beautiful, long blonde hair, crystal grey eyes. I kissed her back, next thing I knew we in bed. I ran back to find Liam to take me home. "I messed up..." I said to Liam and Harry on the way home. "Whut did you do?" Harry asked curiously. "I just.. I just had sex with Julia Camry!" I blurted. Their eyes widened. "Bloody hell man, was it sexy. I heard she does it good" Harry said. "HARRY NICHOLE!!! She's gonna find out" I said with tears running down my face. "Awh, mate I don't know whut to tell you..." Liam said looking at the road. We reached the house and came in laughing like nothing happened.**



I avoided Nikki, damn I felt so bad. "Where's Niall?" I heard Nikki say in the kitchen. "I'm here love" I said hiding the guilt. "Hey babe why didn't you come to bed last night?" She said jumping onto my lap. "Umh, I was very tired from the party" I lied. "Oh, well are you going to the beach with us?" She asked. "Um babe, I'm feeling a sick today... Why don't you and the lads go." I said acting sick. "Alright babe, get better" She said giving me a 10 second kiss. I feel so guilty how am gonna tell her. She ran upstairs to get ready. "THE HELL!" I hear Louis say. Knowing it was Louis I didn't run over to see whut happened, cause it Louis ya know! "SHHH LOU" They all yelled at this point I ran to see whut was up. When I walked in Louis tackled me, and not in the Louis way. In an angry way. "HOW COULD YOU!?" Louis yelled. I remember that's whut I said to Harry when he hurt Nikki. I got up from the floor. "I was drunk mate!" I yelled but not loud enough for Nikki to hear. "I'm going to tell her!" Louis said. I held him back. "Please I'll tell her after you come back" I said to Lou. "Alright I'm ready!" Nikki said coming down stairs. She wore an orange sundress with some yellow sunglasses. She is beautiful. As they walked away Louis put his arm around her I have a feeling he's going to tell her...


Louis's pov:

Nikki is like my little sister but i'm growing feeling for her... If they break up I'm gonna show her that I love her, I'm going to treat her right. As we walked out I put my arm around her shoulder, friendly move. She smiled. "So whut beach are we going to?" She asked us as she got into the car. "It's a surprise" Harry said giggling like a child. As we drove we laughed so much I kept yelling at cars that drove by. We got pulled over cause I was driving too slow. "Lou shall I drive" Harry asked "Sure mate." I said moving to the back seat in between Liam and Nikki. Her hair was moving with the wind, it was beautiful and her eyes were the  most beautiful in the whole world. We drove for half an hour until we got there. When we put the blanket down and went straight into the water. She looked so pretty in her bikini it was red, my favorite color. I caught her off guard and threw her into the water playfully and she squealed. After a few hours of building castles and messing in the water just me and Nikki walked around the beach as the sun went down. It was quite romantic, I'm not usually the romantic type... "This is so beautiful" She said breaking the silence. "Not as beautiful as you" I mumbled. She blushed, I guess she heard me. "Lou... why has Niall been acting so strange?" She asked looking at the ground. I stopped walking. "...Nikki, he wanted to tell you this before..." I took in a deep breath. "He had sex with Julia Camry.." I said and pulled her into a hug. She cried for 5 minutes into my chest. "Do you know who she is Lou" She said looking up at me. "No, who is she?" I asked looking into her eyes. She looked at her wrists, there were scares. "She bullied me in school...  and called me fat, ugly and..." I could tell the last thing that she was going to be horrid so I braced myself. "She.. she told me my mum died cause she didn't want to be with me cause of those reasons" Tears gushed from her eyes. I pulled her in for another hug. "Love, the world will have haters but just remember this, they all just pick on you because they envy you" I told her giving her a kiss on the forehead. She looked into my eyes and said something that made my heart skip too many beats "... Louis, I love you." And she put her arms around my neck and kissed me.


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