The Body of Flowers

A romance story about a young princess who was supposed to marry the prince of the kingdom they were at war with to bond together their cities, but when the prince has an affair and the princess tries to call off the wedding, she is forced to leave the kingdom killing her parents and leaving the kingdom run by the no good prince. The princess soon falls in love with a young boy in the woods, but will they be able to restore the kingdom?


1. Angels


“Jasmine! Come back! Please! It’s not what it looks like, please!” Prince Kerrigan howled as Jasmine skidded across the palace floor barefoot.

“Like I’d even believe you, we were supposed to be married this evening to unite our kingdoms.” Jasmine scowled, even though she didn’t even want to marry Prince Kerrigan, she was still a bit peeved.

“But, I wasn’t-“ He was interrupted by Jasmine as her voice overcame his.

“Don’t worry, I will tell our parents the wedding is off.” She dashed across the floor as fast as her legs could carry her and pulled open the court room doors. Once she stepped into the hall way she turned and paraded down the spiral staircase to her father’s study. She lifted her fist once she was to the door and began to knock vigorously.

“Father! I need to talk to you!” The door just slid open. She stepped inside the dark study, as she past candles dripping their wax all over the floor she felt a little uneasy. Still she needed to talk to her father so she paraded on.

“Father, am I glad to see you, Prince Kerriga-“ She spoke to a dark figure in the room, soon interrupted realizing the figure wasn’t moving.

“Father?” She slowly inched towards her father’s desk to find him face down on the surface and a spilt wine glass on a piece of parchment. In natural instinct she immediately felt for his pulse, she sighed relief when she found a heartbeat.

“Shh, don’t wake him, he is sleeping, but that wine he drank there, was meant for you, what a shame the maid messed up and gave it to him instead.” A sinister voice boomed and echoed around the room.

As she recognized the voice her heart pounded. Her palms started to leak sweat, a cool salty liquid. Coming to realization of her surroundings she spoke trying to keep any emotions out of it.

“Prince Kerrigan. Why? First you have an affair with one of our maids, on our wedding day, and then you poison my father, is he in a coma?” She scowled at him angrily.

“Yes, he will wake up in a few hours, and that poison was supposed to be drunk by you.”

“Lovely, it was sweet of you to try to poison me; poison is my favorite drink you know?” She hissed sarcastically.

“Too bad the maid had to mess up, and too bad you had to be such a bad girl and try to tattle on me, like a whiny little bi-.” And that was when Jasmine heard enough and Prince Kerrigan gained a hand shaped red mark upon his “Oh so perfect” face.

“You little! I was going to change my mind and let you go, fine, be that way.” He howled.

“Let me go? What were you planning to do?”  She stepped forward slightly curious.

“Just this.” She was pinned to the floor as he gripped her wrists pinning them to the floor.

“Now, here’s the deal, either you give this to your mother and run off into the woods and I will overtake the kingdom, or I will take this pretty little nice and plunge it into your pretty little heart and kill your mother for myself.” He handed her a small satchel.

“Here, slip this into your mother’s tea.” He continued to pin her.

“What is your decision?” He gripped his knife by the hilt.

“I will do it.” She sighed.

“Good decision.” She took the satchel from him solemnly.

“Now go.” He shoved her towards the door, she nearly fell on her face as his force was so strong.

So she darted down the hallway, the poor thing was the most scared she has even been in her life.

Obviously she didn’t want to kill anyone. Surrounding her in the castle halls hung thousands of elegantly painted portraits of kingdoms from stories and of creatures she was hoping didn’t exist.  Tears started to stream from her eyes like two waterfalls as she realized the fact that she was going to kill her own mother and let this fool take over the kingdom.  As she was running, behind her she heard a solemn gun shot that she knew was the death of her father. When she reached her mother’s chambers she paused morbidly before knocking.

“Come in.” Her mother’s pleasant voice rang.

“Mum, how are you feeling today?”

“Just fine, why do you ask?”

“Well you just look so pale so I brought you some vitamins that will dissolve in your tea.” She gestured to the satchel.

“Oh thank you dear, that sounds lovely, you look kind of pale yourself, you should drink some also.” She handed her a teacup.

“Uh, alright.” She carefully poured some of the fine granules from the satchel into both cups and poured the tea from the kettle over it.

“Smells great.” Her mother smiled innocently as she took a whiff of the poisoned tea.

“To good health and divine beauty.” Her mother said clanking her cup against Jasmine’s.

The queen took a swig of the tea and cringed as Jasmine pretended to drink the contents.

“Oh dear, I don’t feel so well.” Her skin tone lightened as the poison sat in.

“Mother, I’m sorry.” Jasmine cried as she watched the life pour out of her mother’s eyes.

“May the angels greet you kindly.” She murmured as her mother took her final breath.

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