one thing

stephanie wilson bumps into harry styles while moving to london for college with her best friend samantha wilby

this is my first fiction guys hope you enjoy and stephie if your reading hope you enjoy


2. arriving in london


We arrived in London and we hired a car we had an apartment already because it was my auntie's and she's living in Australia for 3 months . When we got the there we decided to go for a swim because they had an inside pool and we still had 3 months till college actually started . When we got there ,there was a  hot guy there he ha beautiful brown curls and his eyes were amazing I rocognised him from somewhere...... oh thats right hes from that boyband ...uhhh...One direction .I wasnt a big fan but he was pretty cute  There was no one else there except for him sam and I .

"hello love", a cute thick british accent said .I turned my head and realised he was talking to me "umm hi" I said , "I'm Harry",he said ." Stephanie but people call me steph", I said shyly 

We ended up talking for a long time ,by this time Sam went back up to the apartment.I told him about college and he said he was sharing a room with his bandmate Zayn.I told him about how the apartment was my aunties. We had been sitting in the pool for almost 3 hours and i said to him ,"I should get going"i said kind of upset beacuse i had to go .When I was walking off when he said ,"wait" i turned around and he said "if you need  anything just call me or just come up to the third floor",he said handing me his number . I had to give him my number so  grabbed his arm and took out a pen and wrote it on his arm.



She was so beautiful I couldnt stop thinking about her last night i am going to call her tommorrow and see if she wants to hangout on the beach


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