Complicated Love

Emily in love with Niall and Niall is in love with Emily what happens when one of Niall's band mates falls in love with her too?

Sorry I changed the story a bit hope you enjoy it still :) xx Ella


4. Plane Ride

Niall's POV " No please don't do this Erin!" I yelled into the phone "I'm sorry Niall but I don't love you anymore" then she hung up, I can't believe it my girlfriend had just broken up with me I called Harry he tried to calm me down but it didn't work I just couldn't believe it we had been together for two years and she just calls me and tells me she doesn't love me anymore I am so upset. Emily's POV I got my iPhone out of my handbag and checked Facebook no new notifications yet I also checked Instagram still nothing, dang now I really have nothing to do, hold on maybe I do " Hey Alice wanna play truth or dare?" I asked "Sure now I can stop stalking people on Facebook LOL" she said " Hahaha you're a dag, anyway, Truth or dare?" I asked " Dare, I like a challenge" "You like challenges hey, hmmm, I'll give you a challenge I dare you to stand up and yell out the lyrics to a Little Mix song" I told her "I hate you Em" " I love you too Ally" I replied she poked her tongue out at me she stood up and yelled out " IT'S IN HIS DNA, D D D DNA IT'S IN HIS DNA AND HE JUST TAKES MY BREATH AWAY, BR BR BR BREATH AWAY" she sat back down "You just bloody made me embarrass myself in front of loads of people!!" "Shut up Alice!! Everyone can hear you" "Oh well anyway, truth or dare?" She asked me "Truth" I replied " "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No and also that was a really bad question" I replied "I'm sorry but I'm better at choosing dares!"she yelled back "I'm gonna stop playing now I'm still tired" I said as I was yawning, I lay back and drifted off to sleep.

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