Complicated Love

Emily in love with Niall and Niall is in love with Emily what happens when one of Niall's band mates falls in love with her too?

Sorry I changed the story a bit hope you enjoy it still :) xx Ella


2. My story

Well my story is that I was born in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England but then I moved to Paris and I haven't been back to My home town in ages but I am really excited because next week I'm visiting my grandmother in Cheshire and mum said we can go to Holmes Chapel after we see grandma I can't wait!! (ONE WEEK LATER) "Emily get your suitcase ready we're leaving soon" Mum yelled from downstairs " MY SUITCASE IS ALREADY DOWNSTAIRS MUM" I yelled back "OK NOW I SEE IT" she said Far out sometimes I think that woman can't see past her own nose geez she needs some glasses! *A/N* Sorry it has taken me sooo long to update I have been really busy and just haven't had time but any way hope you like it so far I PROMISE I will update tomorrow as well anyway got to go!! Love Ella💜 Emily's POV I need to have a shower and wash my hair I walked to my bathroom and turned on the water "ahhhhhhh perfect temperature" I said to myself I washed my hair and got out of the shower I wrapped my black towel around my body and got into my onesie, as I started walking out of the bathroom I felt more and more tired I jumped straight into bed and pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.

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