Complicated Love

Emily in love with Niall and Niall is in love with Emily what happens when one of Niall's band mates falls in love with her too?

Sorry I changed the story a bit hope you enjoy it still :) xx Ella


6. Meeting Niall

Emily's POV I started walking to the shopping centre around the corner I just wanted to go to Forever 21 so I went there I bought a black jumper with a white infinity sign on it and a purse that was pink with silver studs I started to walk to a cafè to get a coffee I wasn't looking where I was going and I bumped into a man he looked about 19 he had messy blonde hair and amazing blue eyes "I am so sorry!" I said to him "That's ok love my name is Niall by the way" he said smiling "I'm Emily" I said smiling back at him "Um do you want to get a coffee?" He asked me "Yes please that would be lovely" I said grinning. Niall's POV Emily was so pretty I think I have a crush on her, I pretty much forgot about Erin when I saw her I really want to ask her out but she'll probably say no I am so excited that she said yes to get a coffee with me "Stuff it I will ask her out" I thought to myself "Hey Emily would you like to go out on a date with me?" I asked her. Em's POV Oh my god he just asked me out on a date "Of course I would what day were you thinking?" I said to him "Umm maybe tomorrow at 8pm" he answered "Perfect" "Do you want to come back to my house?" He asked me "Sure" I said, we started walking to his car he had a black Ferrari it was awesome I got in the passenger side and we drove off, I looked at my watch it was only 3:12 I had plenty of time until I had to go home. After awhile we got to his house it was more like mansion it was freaking HUGE!!

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