Complicated Love

Emily in love with Niall and Niall is in love with Emily what happens when one of Niall's band mates falls in love with her too?

Sorry I changed the story a bit hope you enjoy it still :) xx Ella


3. Going to the Airport

Emily's POV "OH SHIT!!" I said as my eyes shot open I had hit my leg on the bedside table I looked at my clock "8:00 crap I slept in!" I jumped out of bed and grabbed some clothes I put on a white t-shirt and some pink skinny jeans I ran to the bathroom and brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun I put some foundation and mascara on with my cotton candy perfume I put on my white converse shoes and came down the stairs " finally Emily seriously you have an alarm clock so use it!!" Dad yelled at me "Yeah I know but.." I was cut off by mum "No time to explain let's go!!" Mum said. We all got our luggage and ran to the car "Can you please turn the radio on dad" asked my sister "Sure Alice" dad replied and switched it on Change Your Life by Little mix came on I started to sing along just as the chorus came on we arrived at the airport " Come on girls" dad said we grabbed our suitcases again and went through the door I was sad that dad wasn't coming with us but I was also excited that we get a girls week "Ok flight to Cheshire, England is now boarding" "Holy shit we have to run" mum yelled we put our luggage on the conveyor belt and went to the plane we gave the flight attendant our tickets and went onto the plane I sat down in my seat I was next to Alice.

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