Complicated Love

Emily in love with Niall and Niall is in love with Emily what happens when one of Niall's band mates falls in love with her too?

Sorry I changed the story a bit hope you enjoy it still :) xx Ella


7. Blooming love

Em's POV He unlocked the door and we walked inside he told me to sit down he came and sat with me he turned on the flat screen TV and put on a movie we chose Paranormal Activity , he put his arm around me I moved closer shortly after I sat up "Is there anything I can have to drink?" I asked him as we had skipped the coffee "Sure here I'll show you where the kitchen is" I followed him to the kitchen he got me a glass of water and we sat back down I looked at my phone it was 3:58 I still felt really tired, my eyelids started to get heavy and before I knew it I was asleep. Niall's POV I looked down, I saw that Emily had fallen asleep on my chest I smiled, she looked beautiful I was so tempted to kiss her perfect lips but I didn't, I kissed her forehead, her long blonde hair fell perfectly on her shoulder I didn't care about the movie I just wanted to watch Emily.

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