The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


6. Truth or Dare

Zayn's POV

Haely was beautiful. the topic of boyfriends came up, and I started to get nervous. what would I do if she had a boyfriend? when she said she had never had one, I was absolutely shocked. I didn't get why every guy on the planet had a crush on her. her hair fell perfectly across her shoulders, and her bright green eyes lit up every room she walked into. she was always in a cheerful mood, trying to get everyone else happy, too. she was just amazing in every way. she was a wild, crazy girl once you got to know her. I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to cross paths with a girl like this and what the chances were that i would actually move next door to her.

***at home***

"Thanks, Haely. Ill pick you up around six, ok?" I said as I climbed out of the van. 
"ok, I'll be ready. thanks for coming!" she said sweetly. I ran inside and found Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall all wrapped up in blankets with phone books and laptops on their laps watching tv. 
"Hey guys." I said taking my laptop off the counter and hanging my black jacket on a chair. 
"Hey, where ya been? we thought you were still asleep." remarked Liam. 
"I went to go see Maddi in the hospital with Haely. ive been up sense eight. she came over when she hit a softball in the window." I said kind of proudly. Niall blushed.
"Hey, the girls probably have jobs, we could ask them" Harry suggested. 
"You just want to see Teresa!" Louis commented back. Liam kept silent. 
"that's not ALL of it" Harry remarked, smiling. "I'll run over to see if there available." Harry said, shoving his shoes on and making a dash next door.

Haelys POV 

My time with Zayn was great. He was a great guy. He was good looking and had a deep voice, which usually I can't handle with guys; it gets me every time. we got close to kissing out front of the hospital, but we went in. Were having dinner tonight, and this is usually when our "inner girl" comes out and all of the girls go crazy and get each other ready for dates because it doesn't happen very often. We put the person in a chair in the bathroom and one person does hair, one person does makeup, and two people pick out clothes. we all pretty much have the same sizes for everything (except shoes) so we have a lot to pick from and we don't shop often. 

I was in my room, listening to "Better than Revenge" by Taylor Swift in my ear buds while the girls were doing something else in their rooms. Images of Zayn and Niall kept running through my mind. I started singing along, because the girls didn't care, so I sang even louder. (AN it's an awesome song~if you haven't heard it, you should) 
"The story starts when it was hot and it was summer and-
i had it all, i had it right where i wanted them-
she came along, got him along, and next to his applause-
took him faster than you could say Santa clause (inside joke)-
I never saw it coming, no I never suspected it-
I underestimated just who I was dealing with-
she had to know the pain was beating on me like a drum-
she under estimated just who she was stealing from!" 
I finished the first verse, ending up singing as loud as I could. I turned around and found the door of my room standing wide open and Harry standing in the doorway, looking shocked.
"O MY GOD!" I screamed. "you scared the crap out of me!" 
"oh, um, sorry...." he said as I started laughing.  I finally calmed down and he spoke.
"your a great singer...." he said, his voice trailing off. I slapped my forehead.
"Thanks....?" I said, sitting down on a pile of pillows. "so what's up?" I asked. 
"oh, the boys and I were job hunting and we were thinking you guys had jobs and were wondering if you wanted to help" Harry explained.
"sure!" I replied happily. "I'll round up the girls." I ran across the hall into graces room, where she was sitting, reading a book. "hey Grace, wanna help the guys job hunt??" I almost yelled. I am just a crazy person.
"um, I donno. im at a really good part...." Grace sighed, looking at the cover of her book. 
"Liam will be there." Harry said with a straight face. 
"ok, let me change real quick and I'll meet you outside in a minute." 
"thought so...." I laughed.
Harry and I ran across the hall to Teresa's room, where she and Reilly sat, with Quelf pieces spread out across the floor. Harry's face completely lit up with a huge bright smile. 
"Hey, wanna help job hunt with the guys?" I asked and them.
"Sure" they said as they stood up and slapped huge grins across their faces at the mention of the boys.

We walked into their home, which was identical to ours, and sat down on the couch with our laptops. 
"So what kind of jobs do you guys want?" asked Reilly, sitting down next to Louis. 
"I donno, some thing that pays well, doesn't require a lot of work, and you don't have to get up early" Niall said laughing. He was so cute. 
"Well good luck," reilly smirked back. 
"So what do you guys like to do...?" Teresa asked, trying to get Reilly's point across. 
"I donno, but this is boring." Harry said, slumping in his chair, closer to Teresa. 
"Well have have to get money some how to stay in this house" Liam said, matter-of-factly.
"Let's play a game to 'get to know' each other!" Louis shouted. 
"Truth or  Dare!!" Harry chanted. 
"everyone, in a circle!" I said, directing them to the floor like little kids. 
"I'll go first. Harry, Truth or Dare??" I demanded. 
"Oh, darrrrrrre!" he said, hopeful. 
"Uhm, trade clothes with Teresa." I said, giggly. 
"What?" Teresa Exclaimed.
"NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!" Louis yelled. Harry shot him a look and gave Teresa a sly smile. 
"only the shirts, shoes, and accessories. like beanies." I said, between laughs. Harry took off his old tee shirt, reveling, yours truly, abs. he tossed it to Teresa, who was kicking off her shoes and placed them in front of Harry. Harry took off his beanie and handed it to Teresa, who was taking her hair out of a bun on top of her head to put it on. Louis, Reilly, Liam, Grace, Niall, Zayn and I were laying on the floor laughing, and we couldn't stop. Teresa marched into the bathroom and came out wearing Harry's baggy tee shirt. Harry put on Teresa's (which had been baggy on her, but almost skin tight on him). Louis laughed even harder. I took out my phone and took a picture on them together and posted it on twitter. 
When we finally calmed down, I asked,"do you guys have twitters?" they all shouted their usernames and I typed them in. 

@teresa_phoenix @reillylovesyou @gracie_catcher @maddi_simps Teresa and Harry with the wrong clothes!!! so funny!!

"Alright, Reilly, truth or dare??" Harry said, trying to change the topic. 
"Um, truth. I'm a chicken." Reilly said slyly. Louis gave her a look. 
"Do you really like Louis???" Harry jumped. Reilly turned to Louis with a huge smile on her face. 
"Yes." Reilly said firmly, looking Louis in the eye. Louis brought her into a huge bear hug. they pulled apart and looked at each other lovingly. Louis kissed Reilly carefully on the cheek. Reilly blushed even more. 

Reillys POV

I was practically jumping out of my skin to see the boys, mainly Louis, and helping them look for jobs. I was thrilled to play games, too, which would be even better. I didn't really know the boys very well, and I definitely wanted to. 

Louis. Louis. he kept running through my mind. when Harry asked me if I liked him, I wanted to jump up and scream yes. 

"Yes." I said confidently, looking him in his eyes. I never noticed how much his eyes relate to his personality. Louis wrapped me in a huge bear hug. I never wanted to let go. he whispered in my ear, "i really like you, too." his words sent shivers down my spine. this boy was amazing. we finally pulled apart, even though I didn't want to, and his kissed me on the cheek. the one little kiss sent lighting down my body. his soft lips against my cheek made my brain go bizzark. he grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers into mine. this was amazing.

"Get a room!" Harry laughed. 
"Your just jealous!" Zayn remarked. 
"Yes Zayn, I'm jealous that your wearing your own clothes." Harry snapped, laughing. 
"Ohhhhhh!" Haely, Teresa, Louis, Niall and I all said together.

"Back to the game", I said looking at Louis. "Zaynnnn, truth or dare!" I said, laughing still. 
"Dare!!" Zayn said. 
"Ok, kiss anyone in the room." I said, urging him on. 

Nialls POV

Zayn was going to kiss Haely. I knew it. she was the only one here that didn't exactly have a crush on anyone, so it must be her unless he's all of the sudden gay. Which does not sound like him at all.

Haelys POV

Zayn sat up straight and looked around the circle, studying each person carefully. He came to me. He looked at me square in the eye. he inched closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and his lips crashed into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, fiddling with his hair. shocks kept going through my body and up my back. his lips were soft against mine, and they fit perfectly. we pulled away and sighed. this was a perfect moment. with the perfect guy. my first kiss. 

Zayn's POV

It was wonderful. fantastic. amazing. words could not describe what just happened. I can't believe that I, Zayn Malik, kissed a girl as wonderful and as talented and as beautiful as Haely. I knew she was the one sense we met. I couldn't wait for tonight. just looking at her made my mind go crazy. 

Nialls POV

I should've seen this coming. I knew Zayn and Haely were going to kiss, but I wasn't sure if Haely would react to it. but she did. she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and toyed with the ends of his hair. It made me so mad. I wanted to jump up and separate them, but I couldnt. Haely looked so happy when they pulled away, I didn't want to make her unhappy. I let her be. She was beautiful with that huge smile on her face, even though she was smiling for Zayn. A small part inside of me died.

"Ok, Ok, this is just turning into a huge 'couples' game. It's time to get Liam and Grace together." Harry said, anxious to move on. Everyone looked at Grace and Liam, sitting in their own little world. They were already starting to hit it off when we looked over; their hands were in each others. I could tell that they were going to be together for a while. "Ok, theyre checked off the list. now it just us....." Harry said, his voice trailing off, staring at Teresa. 
"I CAN'T TAKE IT!" Teresa yelled playfully and pulled Harry into her. Their lips crashed together, just like Zayn and Haely had. Harry hugged Teresa tightly and Teresa ruffled her fingers through his curly hair; his hair was just like Haelys. Everything kept bouncing back to Haely. I needed a girlfriend. I needed Haely. 

Haelys POV

"Game Overrrrr!" I yelled like I was in a arcade game. "Players back to home!" I said playfully again and everyone stood up and the girls and I said our goodbyes and went home.
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