The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


7. The first kiss

BEST. DAY. EVER." Teresa said as we walked through the doors of our home. Reilly jumped up and down and we all went in for a group hug. 
"Eeek!!" Reilly squealed. 
"So who we jackin up tonight??" Teresa asked. "Harry and I are don't have a date tonight..." she said glumly. 
"Same with Louis and me" Reilly said. Grace nodded in agreement. 
"I've had a date with Zayn sense before y'all were up!" I said. 
"How much time we got?" Reilly said, as it she was about to go on an important top secret mission. 
"Its four, and Zayn's picking me up at six, so two hours." I said cheerfully. 
"I call clothes!!" Grace hollered like a little kid. 
"Make up!" Reilly called for herself. 
"Yep, you've got to deal with this!" i said laughing, pointing to my hair and gesturing to Teresa. 
"whoop whoop" Teresa said glumly.
there was an awkward moment of silence. 
"anyone want to practice batting?" I asked. 
"Sure," Reilly and Teresa said."I'll get our bats, and Reilly you get the balls and haely get the net. met u in 5?" Teresa said happily.
"were not power rangers, we're softball players." I remarked. 
"What's the difference?" Reilly laughed. we laughed too. 
"You comin, Gracie?" Teresa asked, wanting her to come. 
"No thanks, im gonna read." Grace said quietly. 
"Okay, but your missing out!" Reilly said playfully. 
"Oh, shut up." Grace said, walking into the kitchen. 
Reilly, Teresa and I all walked outside and were on our mission. 

Graces POV 

When Haely, Reilly and Teresa walked out the back door, I made a dash for the front door.  I slid on my grey Toms and ran outside the door, heading for the boys houses' back door without being seen. I opened the door which was unlocked and ran upstairs without the boys seeing me. I slowly walked into Liam's room and sat on his bed, criss-cross.  I waited for a
few minutes, when his door started to open. I sat up straight and Liam walked in. 

"Grace!" he whispered with excitement and he flung his arms around me. "How did you get in here?" 
"Back door?" I said giving him a look. 
"oh, but why?" he said, sitting on the bed with me. 
"I couldn't stand not being with you." I said, holding his hand. we leaned back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. there was a moment of silence. 
"I really like you." I finally mustered up. 
"I really like you, too." he whispered in my ear as he rolled over on his side, facing me. Our faces were centimeters apart.  I stared into his eyes. They were chocolate brown and so big.  A persons eyes can tell you a lot about a person. Liam was a calm and relaxed person, who was always organized. Just like me. 

I looked at him again. 
"Your beautiful." he said, our faces coming closer.
"and your handsome," I whispered. 
I was nervous. I hadn't kissed anyone sense alex, almost two years ago, when I was fifteen. But when I was with Liam, everything was different. 

We leaned in closer and our lips grazed each others. I felt a small shock go throughout my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"I'm trying everything I can not to kiss you right now." he whispered. his hot breath made me feel warmer. 

Suddenly, his lips pushed into mine. They felt so warm across mine. he ran his fingers through my thick brown hair and I ran mine over the back of his neck. His lips were a perfect match to mine. This is what everyone has dreamed of. Liam pulled me in closer and I stood on my tiptoes. I could feel his abs though his thin tee shirt. I kept stroking the back of his neck and played with his hair. Our kiss seemed to stop time, and i just wanted to stay in the moment forever. He pulled away slightly and whispered just soft enough so that I could hear it, "I really like you." and pulled me back in. I ran my fingers through his soft hair. I never wanted it to end. A whole new sensation came over my body that I can't describe. Liam and I pulled apart slowly, just enough so I could see his face. "Your beautiful," he said again, smiling. his smile made me melt. "and your handsome." I replied. His kissed me on the tip of my nose, still running his fingers though my hair. I kept my arms around his neck, on my tiptoes. we didn't let go. I studied his face, grinning at every freckle, mark, and line. 
"Your beautiful," he said for the third time. 
"And your handsome," I said for the third time, coming even closer in. All of the sudden, the door of Liam's room was thrown open. Liam and I jerked away from the moment and each other. 
"Hey, do you have shampoo I can borrow?" said Harry, standing in the doorway with only a towel. 
"When did Grace get here?" he asked, looking at Liam. 
"Uhm, she's been here a while....." his voice trailed off. 
"Ya, I better get going..." I said staring at the floor like nothing happened and ran out the door with my head down.
"Bye, honey!" Liam said, his voice trailing off behind me. I smiled at the thought of him and ran out the back door, unseen. I snuck in the front door of our house and dashed to the couch before the other girls came in. I took out my book and pretended I was reading and then took out my phone. I had a new text. 
Liam: I miss you already baby;)
Me: Your so sweet<3 if the girls ask that never happened ok?
Liam: Deal, if we can do it again some time :*
Me: See you tomorrow?
Liam: How bout tonite?
Me: Your so desperate
Liam: Im desperate for you, hon. pick you up at 6?
Me: I'll be ready:) miss u
Liam: Miss u 2:)

I closed my phone and the girls walked in. 
"Hayyyy Gracieeeee!" Haely cheered. "Have fun reading?" 
I felt like a dirty person. "Ya, it's a pretty intense book," I said, emphasizing 'intense'.
"You suck at lying, Grace. what did you do?" Teresa said, sitting down on the couch next to me. 
"Nothing!" I said, obviously trying to keep our kiss a secret. 
"Grace. Really?" Reilly complained, giving me a look. i felt like a dirty liar. 
"Ok! ok! fine! I snuck over to the boys house and Liam and I kissed." I said giving in. I was so soft. 
"How intense of a kiss??" Haely said, leaning in. 
"We kissed for almost a solid five minutes." I said, remembering Liam and smiling. 
"WHOO HOO!" the girls hollered. 
"Liam and I also have a date tonight." 
"High five sister!" Haely yelled, putting her hand up. 
"We better get started now if both of you have dates!" Reilly cheered.
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