The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


10. Shower & Girlfriend??

Harry's POV 

"Some girl you've got there, Liam," I said, nudging him.  
"She's beautiful," Liam replied, starring off into space, clearly thinking about what just happened. That will be Teresa and I some day. Niall had also gone to take a shower and Liam, Louis, and I were laying on the couch. We were all wrapped up in blankets and Louis and Liam were scrolling through movies on Netflix, not agreeing on anything. 

Graces POV

"Guys I'm back!" I said, kicking off my shoes and walking up stairs, careful not to get coke everything. I ran upstairs and Reilly and Teresa were in Reilly's room, talking about softball and listening to music. I peeked in the door. 

"What are you doing here, Gracie?" Teresa asked, now sitting verses laying on the floor. 
"Did Liam get mad at you on your first date and dump a coke over your head?" Reilly asked. 
"Nope," I said, laughing at the thought. Reilly made a funny face. "We were just going to stay over there and watch a movie but I went to go get drinks and Niall shook up the coke bottle and then opened it. I'm taking a shower now." I said, walking into the bathroom and still seeing our makeup box on the counter. I heard my phone buzz. it was Liam. I smiled and opened my phone. 

Liam: You probably won't need to wear anything fancy now;)
Me: Haha I won't I was just about to get in the shower
Liam: k see u in a half hour?
Me: sure, b ready this time haha

I closed my phone and got in the shower. 

**after shower** 

I threw my clothes in the laundry basket and walked into my room with only a towel. I put on a pair of sweatpants with our school mascot and a tee shirt from a random softball tournament. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on my grey flip flops and ran out the door, calling to Reilly and Teresa who were still in Reilly's room. I couldn't wait to see Liam. I ran across the yard and over to the boys house. I peeked the door opened and I didn't see anyone there. I walking into the living room, to find Louis and Harry, asleep on the floor, and Liam half asleep on the end of the the couch. Niall must've still been in the shower. I tiptoed around Harry and sat down next so Liam. Liam moved over a little and snuggled closer to him. a took his hand in mine and he smiled and drifted off to sleep. I closed my eyes and fell asleep on Liam's shoulder, holding his hand. "you're handsome," I muttered sweetly. 

Haelys POV

we ordered our food and it came shortly after. Zayn and I talked over our Lasagna and laughed. We received many looks from people because we were so loud. He was a really funny guy. We finished our food and went out to the car, holding hands once again. His fingers interlocked in mine, and he kept taking glances at me the whole ride home. 

"You tryin to get wit dis?" I asked, giving him a funny look. 
"I've already got all dat," he said, kissing my cheek at a red light. This was crazy. I sighed a happy sigh, smiling at him. 

"Haely, can I ask you a question?" Zayn asked, breaking the silence. 
"Shoot," I said, facing forward. 
"W-Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, taking my hand in his. I was stunned. I couldn't have a boyfriend. Not even Zayn or Niall. Championships were less than a month away and we needed to win this year. If we didn't, we could possibly loose our team. That would mean life without softball for us. Thats basically life in hell, for me. 
"Don't take this the wrong way, I'm sorry, I really want to, but I can't. I'm really sorry Zayn." I said. His entire face dropped. He started loosing his grip on my hand. 
"Zayn, I really really want to, but with softball, I'm afraid I won't have enough time. If we loose the championships, we could loose our team. I can't take the risk. I'm really sorry." He looked up a little. "We can still hang out though. I can hang out every week and we can go out to dinner. I just can't commit my time to a boyfriend." I gripped his hand tighter. He looked up and tried to focus on driving more.  The car ride was silent after that. 

He looked at me one final time and sighed. He then looked forward and turned left. 

"ZAYN! STOP!!" I screeched, but it was too late. All I saw was darkness. 
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