The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


1. Moving Out

haelys POV 

I was your average girl.
I never dressed fancy. I tried to convince my mom to wear jeans to a tea party in kindergarden. I had brown, curly hair that was an inch past my sholder blades. and when you think of curly hair, you think straight at the top and ringlets towards the bottom, but no. it was curly all the way down and was always puffing out, so it was constantly in a messy bun. I loved to play softball. it was my life. I play shortstop for our local team, the Phoenixes. I rarely had time for anything else. I did my homework at school when the teacher wasn't looking so I could have more time to practice batting in the backyard. 
I lived in a small country neighbor hood on the outskirts of Cincinnati. I always preferred to wrestle around with my collie then go shopping. several houses around us were for sale because of the horrible economy around here. when i heard that the house next to mine was being moved into, I was so excited. the team was always looking for extra players and one of our catchers was in the hospital. I was hoping that that they were around m age for carpooling to practices or to even be on the team. 

Nialls POV

When my family told me that I had to move out, I was actually pretty happy. my older brother, Gavin, moved out last year and I was pretty lonely. my parents spoiled me when my brother left, probably because now they only had one child. but I was ready to move. I found a flier for a house for sale, and from the pictures of it, it was beautiful. I didnt know where it was, but I just had to have it. the flier said that it was on the outskirts of a large city. I really did want to move away from all the mayhem of the big city. when I told my four best friends that I was finally moving out, they all seemed glad too. 
"so, where is this gorgeous place anyways?" asked Liam soaking up the pictures from the flier.
"I donno." I honestly replied. 
"well that might be a problem." Harry stated. 
"it says......" Liams voice trailed off and he frowned. "cincinnati. where's that?" 
none of us knew. I pulled out my phone and plopped on the couch. "the wonderful city of Cincinnati" link popped up. I clicked on it and waited. 
"Ohio." I mumbled, as my heart sank. 
"ohio?!?" Zayn shouted. "are you crazy? that's half way across the globe!"
"well what else am I supposed to do? I don't wanna leave you guys!" I thought out loud.
"well I guess we will have to move in with you then." Louis said playfully. 
"ok." I said seriously. "as long as you guys help pay for everything. the plane will come next week to pick us up so you better start packing." Liam gave me a look. "are you serious?" he asked. "yeh." I said. 
"shhhh!" we all said at once.  
"we don't want to wake up Anne and Gemma." Harry whispered. 
"so it's a deal. we'll all take a flight to cincinnati next Thursday and get unpacked then. The flier said the neighbors are super friendly and like family.... so we could probably get some help unpacking and looking for jobs. we need money some how." I said. we all jumped up and down with excitement one more time and then tiptoed out of Harry's house. 
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