The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


5. Maddi visit with Zayn

Haelys POV

I woke up early at 7:30, put on sweats and a tee shirt and walked outside. I had a net set up to hit and throw to. I grabbed my worn-down green bat from the garage and began to practice bunting. I knew it wasn't a great skill, but I wasn't very good at it, so I continued to practice just incase if something happens at the championships. I hit twenty or so balls into the net and decided to 
hit one for real. I hit it as hard as I could, and it bounced into nialls yard. I thought it broke a window but I wasn't sure. I ran over to their house and wrung the doorbell and waited for an answer. 

Zayn's POV

I was laying in bed texting my sister because it was 8:00 pm for them and I couldnt sleep. I just kept picturing haely in my mind. 
I heard the doorbell ring. I slumped out of my bed, knowing that I was the only one up. I slowly walked down the stairs, almost landing on my face a couple times. I opened up the door, expecting the UPS guy with a package from Louis' over protective mom, but I was wrong. "Hey, um....." haely said. her hair was a mess. it was adorable. my hair was probably too, but that probably wasn't all that attractive. 

haely POV

I stood at the door infront of Zayn. I didn't realize that he had abs. sexy abs. I had abs too, but it probably wasn't all that cute on a girl.
Zayn had that v-line going down the front of his torso that made so many girls fall so hard. he was wearing baggy sweatpants, and I didn't care. he was still a pretty nice looking guy. I've never thought of guys like this. 

"" I got lost in his muscular beauty. "sorry, I um hit a softball in your yard," I said snapping out of a sexyness-coma. "and it might've broke a window. I wanted to make sure though."

"oh, ok....." Zayn mumbled. I don't think he slept well. "do you wanto come in?" 
"sure!" I said in a chipper voice, trying to get him happy too. he's more of the laid back kind of guy.

"let me check the window......" I said giving up on the 'happy' thing. "shit......" I mumbled. 
"it's broken, isnt it." Zayn said.
"ya, um, I'll pay for everything. dont worry. it's my fault."
"don't sweat it babe." Zayn said. the hair on my arms stood up when he said 'babe'.
"so wanna just relax here?" Zayn asked. 
"sure. we're the only ones up and grace, teresa, and reilly are still asleep. " I sat down on the couch and Zayn wrapped his arm around me. I felt awkward because I've never had a guy actually do that. 

"so what are you up to today?" Zayn asked.
"softball. fixing your window. I was gonna visit Maddi." I said quickly. 
"wanna visit her now?" Zayn asked again, obviously bored.
"sure." I said. "meet me by my car in ten minutes with clothes on," I said, getting myself off the couch.
"what, you don't like this??" Zayn asked, showing off his abs. 
"your so vain," I joked as I made my way back to my house. I ran upstairs and put on a tee shirt from a concert I went to last summer with the girls. I put on a pair of boot cut jeans and my grey converse and walked downstairs. I put a note on the counter that said "went to see Maddi with Zayn. be home soon. <3 haely" and walked out the door to find Zayn standing in front of me. 
"sup" he said. we got in the van and I started driving to the hospital. it was almost an hour drive to the little hospital on the borderline of Ohio and kentucky. 

"so do you have a boyfriend?" Zayn asked me, looking at me with his deep brown eyes full of hope. 
"nope." I replied some what happily. "I've never had one." Zayn sighed with relief. "but the other girls have had their share. Teresa's had guys falling to her feet sense middle school and reilly is barbie-doll pretty. Graces shyness seemed to get guys falling for her and shes never done a bad thing in her life. but Maddi and bennett, her boyfriend, have been together for almost two years. there adorable together. have you ever had a girl?" I felt like I had been talking forever. 
"ya," Zayn said, clearing his throat. "only a couple back in England."
"so your from england?" I asked. I hadn't really thought about where they were from. "it mustve been a long way to come here." I added. "ya, England's a beautiful place , but the boys and I really just wanted to get away and move out." 
"oh, ok." I said. 

there was and awkward silence between us for almost ten minutes. "so, um, I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner tonight with me?" Zayn asked, looking at me with his brown eyes. this boy was flawless. and vain. "sure," I said giving him big smile. 

We pulled into the parking lot. it was pouring down rain now. we parked up front by the small hospital. 
"crap, I forgot my coat." "here, take mine," zayn whispered. "thanks..... I said smiling at him leaning in. he looked at me. I couldn't take it. his eyes were so deep and I needed him. "let's go," Zayn muttered, snapping me out of it, but still keeping my eyes on him. we walked into the tiny hospital and up to the the counter. "hello miss," the old lady said. "hi, we're here to see Maddi Simpson." I replied sweetly. "she's in room 205, dear. have a wonderful day." 

Zayn and I walked along the wall until we found room 205 and I slowly opened the door. 

"Hay girlie!" I said in a loud whisper. "hay gurl hay!" Maddi replied a little louder. Zayn and I stepped in the small room. "who's this?" Maddi asked again, gesturing to Zayn.  "oh, Maddi, he's our new neighbor, Zayn. He moved in yesterday with his four friends."  I said.
"hey man," bennett said to him. Bennett had messy straight black hair that sometimes hung in his face. I could see why Maddi adored him.

"So, how you been?" I asked Maddi. 
"getting better. The foods pretty bad here but bennett always grabs me some. I've been laying in bed for two days now watching every episode of full house. what've you been up to?" Maddi replied. 
"well we helped the boys unpack and we made them cookies and we made you some but I left them at the house," I said. "darn it!" said bennett. 
"You'll be ready for championships, right?" I asked Maddi hopefully. 
"Ya, I'm supposed to be released as early as tomorrow night on crutches or as late as sunday afternoon."
"Wow, thats really good! the girls and i were going to head to the field this afternoon." 
"Oh crap! I forgot the boys and I were going to go job hunting!" Zayn said, finally speaking up.
"Oh, sorry do you want me to drive you home?" I asked. 
"Um, sure. I'll text Niall that were on our way. Thanks." Zayn said again, looking at me. 
"Well we've got to go already! I'll be sure to come back tomorrow or later tonight. Bye guys!" I said to Bennett and Maddi.
"Bye haely, nice meeting you Zayn!" they called after us.
We wound our way through the hospital and out the doors to the parking lot and got in my car. 

"Maddi seems really nice" Zayn said as I pulled out. 
"ya...." I said smiling. the rest of the car ride was silent. 
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