The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


3. homecoming and unpacking


nialls POV

we were waiting at the air port for our flight to be called. "Flight number 10A is boarding now" I heard over the loud speaker. The boys and I picked up our carry-ons and boarded the plane for cincinnati. 

***twelve hours later***

"Thank you for using Flying Start and we hope to see you again soon." said the captain. we all got up and straightened our legs and grabbed our bags. we strolled off the plane and ran for baggage claim. We got there in time and took our suite cases out front of the airport and waved down a taxi. there aren't a lot of taxis in Cincinnati, ive learned. I gave our driver the address of our new home ad he drove us there. 

Haelys POV

Reilly, Teresa, Grace and I all decided to make cookies for our new neighbors to be friendly and an extra batch for Maddi. we rolled out the dough and punched random cookie cutters into it, not even knowing what half of them are. we put them in the oven and ate the rest of the cookie dough on the couch, watching Disney movies. 

Zayn's POV

when the taxi driver drove up to the new house, I was completely stunned. The home was huge with a winding stair case up the middle of it. We made a mad dash to the bedrooms to claim each one for our own. I got a pretty big one (even though most of them were big) with a giant walk in closet and the bathroom right across the hall. Perfect. 

it seemed like everyone was as love with the house as I was. the previous owners left us all beds and couches in the living room. those guys were really generous. 

Haely's POV

when I saw the taxi pull up out side, I got really excited. I don't know why. Teresa, Reilly, Grace and I all walked over carefully with trays of cookies. Grace wrung the doorbell. A tall, handsome, blonde haired-guy answered the door. 
"Hello?" he mumbled.
"Hi!" teresa said, being overly clingy. "Were your new neighbors! we live right there," she said gesturing to our house," and we wanted to give you a warm welcome with cookies!" The boy, who was around my age, slapped a wide grin on his face at the mention of cookies. "we were wondering if you needed help unpacking." reilly added. "sure," the boy said gesturing inside the house. "I'm Niall, by the way." 
"sup Niall." I said. I was always thought as "one of the guys" when it came to boys. 
"so is it just you?" grace asked shyly. she pushed a strand of her thick light brown hair out of her face. 
"oh, no." Niall replied. "I've got quite the crew. HEY GUYS THERE'S SOME PRETTY GIRLS HERE!!!!" he yelled we all blushed, especially Reilly, who always had rosy cheeks. "Already?" came a faint voice. "I was gonna give it a week before we had pretty girls show up uninvited....." I heard a stumbling down the spiral staircase and a boy ran in, and stopped in his tracks. he was staring right at teresa. we all were kinda dressed like bums, with tee shirts and sweatpants on, but the boy didn't care, especially for teresa. "uhm, girls, this is harry. he's kind of a ladys man." Niall explained. "We couldn't tell." reilly remarked. 
"So, what are your girls' names?" Harry asked, obviously eager. 
we went down the line. "I'm grace," said grace, still being kind of shy. "she reminds me of Liam." niall said quietly to Harry. harry laughed. "I'm teresa....." Harry smiled even bigger. "this is reilly and I'm haely." I finished. 
"I can introduce my self!" reilly wined playfully. "Louis," Niall and harry said at the same time, looking at each other. 

I heard talking and then three more boys hurried down the staircase. 
"girls, meet louis," niall glanced at reilly, "Liam," he glanced at grace, "and Zayn." 
Louis looked confused. "who are these girls again?" 
"were your new neighbors!" reilly jumped in. reilly was probably smiling as big as Harry by now. 
"we made cookies!" said grace quietly, glancing at Liam as she said it. Louis walk by the four of us and took our four trays of cookies. 
"I think I'll have to take these...." he said in a funny tone. I nudged Reilly knowing that theyll have a relationship going in no time, flat. 

"So it's just the four of you girls, right?" Liam asked.
"nope." I said. "we have one more girl. she's in the hospital. we had a softball incident last week that she was involved in." 

Their eyes were filled with worry. "she's okay," teresa said. "she's recovering. we can all meet her at the hospital, if you want." she continued. 

"we'd really love to, but not right now love. we've got a lot of unpacking to do....." Niall said sadly. 
"We can help!" Reilly jumped at the chance. 
"sure." said Zayn, in a low. raspy voice. 
"what should we do?" asked teresa, with harry still desperately looking at her. 
"uhm, you can help us in our rooms?" Niall asked, and we all seemed up for the job. 

Harry's POV

I couldnt believe it. Teresa was beautiful. her long blonde hair laid neatly across her shoulders and her hazel eyes seemed to be just asking for me. when i ran down the stairs, still getting used to the new home, I was thrilled to have these girls here. When Niall said to have the girls help us in our rooms, I grabbed teresa by the wrist and pulled her up the winding stairs into my room.

nialls POV

it was obvious that these girls have been treated like "one of the guys" their whole lives. i felt like they needed a new point of view. they were all perfect and beautiful. they wore tee shirts and sweatpants but none of us cared. Harry seemed consumed in Teresa's beauty, while I couldn't help but to stare at haely. she just seemed like a great girl. she was smiling the whole time she was here. 
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