The First Time

Haely is your average girl, living out on the outskirts of cincinnati, when a few new neighbors move in. Haely has always been "one of the guys," so she's not sure how to react. haely, reilly, Maddi, teresa and grace all have one main priority: softball. They can't loose any time. But with boys sweeping them off their feet, could they be able to win?

Sorry it souds cheesey but its good I promise!!


8. Getting Ready!

Haelys POV

"I'll text Maddi!!" I jumped up and down and took my phone out of my jeans pocket and we all made our way up stairs.
Me: Hehehe guess what!!!!!!!
Maddi: i donno what
Me: Grace and I both have dates tonight!!!!!!!!!!
Maddi: Lucky!! I get to come home tomorrow night!!! but I'll have crutches:(
Me: oh well at least u get to meet our new hot neighbors!!!
Maddi: They must be really hot if your saying so- u never r into guys
Me: Zayn's different.....
Maddi: So is bennett
Me: See ya tomorrow night!!!
Maddi: Bai luff u

I closed my phone and took out all of my makeup and met the girls in the bathroom. 
"Alright Girls, we have double today, so first were going to jack up Grace." 
"I can do clothes!" I happily said. 
"I'll do hair, and Reilly does makeup." Teresa decided and we set off to work. I knew exactly what I wanted her to wear. I searched out my own closet and found the one-shoulder dress I was looking for. I was a pale yellow that hugged her figure beautifully and reached just below her knees. I picked out a pair of black and silver ballet flats and a pair of silver-chained earrings with little black hoops at the bottom that went half way between her earlobes and her shoulders. I laid the outfit out on her bed and strolled into the bathroom. Her hair was in ringlets and her eyes were brought out in silver eye shadow and black mascara. "Oh my gosh, Grace! your beautiful! Liams going to fall so hard for you tonight!" I was so happy for her. Alex never deserved her and now Grace finally had the chance to win over a better boy's heart. 

"Alright! Switch!" Reilly exclaimed as Grace stood up and as I sat down. Teresa began to flat iron my hair and then do something with it after that. 

"I need lots of eyeliner. and mascara. I need your eyes to definitely come out here." Reilly said, studying our box of makeups. 

"It's a dinner date, not a model shoot, Reilly." I said, trying not to make a big deal about it. 

"I know, I know, but we want Zayn to love you more than he already does." Reilly said.
"By using a lot of mascara and eyeliner." I said sarcastically. 
"mmhmm" Reilly said as she uncapped the eyeliner and traced my eyes. 

***ten minutes later***

"Eek! Zayn's gonna be here in fifteen minutes! eek!!" 
Grace had chosen me a strapless off-white dress and black hoop earrings. I had black heels and Teresa had put my hair in a straightened waterfall braid. I had black eyeliner and mascara that brought out my green eyes. I couldn't wait to see Zayn. 

Graces silver eyeshadow definitely came through with her pale yellow dress and her black ballet flats. Liam was a lucky guy to have Grace. Grace never gives herself to anyone, and she has been even shy-er sense Alex. 

Zayn's POV

I had on a red tee shirt and black skinny jeans. I had a black sweat shirt on and I swooped my hair up with the blonde streak in the front that I knew drove Haely crazy. I pulled my black truck in the girls' driveway. I rang the door bell and Haely answered. "Hey, baby," I said, going in for a hug. she looked stunning. I could barely find words.
"Haha, not going that fast, hon." she said, walking around me. 
"Hard to get?" I asked, laughing. 
"Nope," she said cheerfully as we climbed into the car. "I'm not gonna be your 'baby' after a day," she said, and I started to drive off. there was a long pause.

"You look beautiful tonight." I finally said.
"You too," she said, gazing over at me. 

Haelys POV

I found myself staring at Zayn. He had that little blonde quiff in the front of his hair. He knew it drove me crazy.  I didn't want to go to fast with the 'baby' thing, but I did want to do things like go out to dinner more often. 

"Do you have any idea where your going?" I asked, knowing he really hadn't been anywhere. 
"Where ever I can go with you," he said, resting his hand in my lap.
"Cheesy, but romantic." I said, ruffling my fingers through his hair. "turn left."
"Hon, i know where we're going." he said, laughing.
"Haha, no you don't. You've lived here for two days and I've lived here for sixteen years. a right at the next stop sign," I said, keeping my fingers tangled in the back of his hair.  Zayn shifted his hand on the steering wheel. 
"Where are we going, now, miss Haely?" Zayn said, in a funny accent. 
"Olive Garden. Italian food. fancy. I thought it'd be nice. don't worry." I smiled and looked at Zayn, who was trying to focus on driving, but kept sneaking glances at me.  "I'm more of a country girl. I don't do fancy very often, so take a good look." I said, grinning. 
We pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant and Zayn parked the car. 
"I don't have a very good view, can I get a closer look?" Zayn said, coming in closer and cupping my face. I kept my fingers in his hair and added my right hand as we inched closer. My lips barely touched his and he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. He fell in and his lips were pushed into mine. We both sat there a second, our lips together, kissing, wondering what was going on, but then enjoyed the kiss. I ran my fingers up and down his neck and the back of his head, playing with his hair. He cupped my face in his hands and then placed them on my hips. 
I pulled away slightly and whispered to him, "not to fast, baby." 
"screw you," he said, pulling me back into the kiss and holding me closer. I felt safe in his arms. Zayn could work things like that, even if I had a better throwing arm then he does. But, his lips felt so warm on mine, and his deep voice drove me crazy. It was like we were meant to be here, in this moment. It felt like everything stopped and stared at Zayn and I as we shared this moment together. This magical moment. I had always been a tomboy, and now this was my first moment to be a real girl. on a date, for the first time. 

Zayn pulled away slowly. I saw a sad look in his eyes. 
"Honey, I dont just dish out kisses." I said teasingly. 
"You should," Zayn said happily and kissed me on my forehead.  We held hands and walked into the restaurant. We got a seat and sat down and looked at the menu. 
"Today is a big day of firsts." I said.
"What do you mean?" Zayn asked, looking worried. 
"My first kiss-" I started.
"Hold on- I was your first kiss??" Zayn said shocked. 
"Yep. and your my first date." I said happily.
" this is a date?" Zayn asked, sounding confused, but his eyes were full of hope.
"Were at a fancy restaurant, with fancy clothes on, by ourselves, and we just made out in the car. I'd call it a date."
"That's why I like you," Zayn said, putting his hand on top of mine. The waitress brought us breadsticks and set them on the table. "Thanks," Zayn said and he picked up a menu. "Why don't you have a salad, honey?" 
"you think I'm fat?" I said laughing. 
"No, your beautiful," I blushed, "my wallet is skinny though," he finished, laughing. 
"I've got the bill then. Order whatever you want." I smiled. 
"that's why I like you," Zayn smiled ear to ear. He held my hand under the table. This boy drove me crazy.
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