Tommi Anne Dewey, Your 18 years old girl that had a chance to be with one of the five hottest guys in the universe. They met up in a hospital after her mom died because of a car accident. What are they doing now? Please read...


1. The day you slipped away.

Here I am, sliding down the wall, hand running up my golden brown hair, my blueish-greenish eyes are blood shot and sobbing. My mom is fighting for her life now, inside a room where a doctor and 3 nurses shouting and panicking. "Tommi!" A voice shouted through my head. You're imagining Tommi, I thought. "Tommi!" The voice beamed again. Now that was real. I jerked my head to the right, confused. There was my bestfriend, Jayne Sparks. She ran to me and engulfed me into a soft, yet tight hug. I can feel cold water into my shirt. Tears. Tears from Jayne. "Jay, Are you crying?" I said, between sobs. Yes, her nickname is Jay. Weird right? Our nicknames are for boys. Anyway, she nodded, more tears dripping onto my shirt. We pulled away, wiping away the fresh tears but failing. "I'm so so so sorry." She apologized. I smiled and more tears streamed down. You see, my mom and her mom used to be bestfriends too. But since Jay's mom's 2nd husband tried to kiss my mom, well, let's just say that her mom tried to kill my mom using a bus. But Jay's not included in the war between our moms. Neither am I. "It's not your fault Jay." I cooed, hugging her again. She cried even harder. "Shh.." I cooed her again. Her mom is dead because the bus fell down on a bridge after the accident of my mom. Now my mom is in coma, near in death. "I'm sorry for your mom too. I'm very very sorry." I apologized, tears streaming down my cheeks. "It's not your fault. It's Adrian's fault." She said, chuckling. Adrian's the klutzy asshole. He is also known as the 2nd husband of Auntie Joyce, Jay's mom. "I'm gonna kill that asshole." Jay cursed. I smiled just as the doctor came, bursting out of the hospital room of my mom. "She's alive!" He shouted. Me and Jay shot up and ran in, smiling. "Mom!" "Auntie Karen!" We shouted. She smiled and opened her arms. We engulfed her into a bear hug. "You frightened me mom!" I shouted, tears coming out of my freaking eyes again. She laughed and hugged us closer. "I'm very sorry Auntie Karen, I'm really really really -" Before Jay can finish her never ending apologies,  mom said, "It's okay, Jay. It's not your fault. I'm not mad at you, I'm not even mad at your mom." Jay smiled and hugged her tight. "I'm happy to see you guys again." Mom said, smiling ear-to-ear. You see, mom treats Jay like she treats me. Jay's like my sister. "Girls, listen to me." Mom said, sternly as we nodded. "I may not last long," I cut her off. "But mom, I-" She cut me off back. "Listen, I may not last long but I just want to tell you guys that I love you." Now me and Jay were crying like crazy. "Now, don't cry, don't cry. I just want to let you know that I love you girls, And I'll be in a good place, I need you two to protect each other. Love each other and find the right boy to be in love with. I trust you two. I love you." She said, smiling and crying. "I love you too." We said in the same time. "And I'll be sure to choose the right guy." Jay joked. "And to protect Tommi, ofcourse." She added, which leads us to chuckle. Then mom's heart beat became fast. "This is goodbye girls." She said. My eyes widened and I hugged her tightly. "No mom, No. Please, don't leave me. Don't leave us." I said, crying. "I'll be alright, dear." Jay was in shock, tears are slowly making there way down her cheeks. Mom reached for her and hugged her. "I'll miss you two." She whispered. "Auntie Karen. Please don't, We love you and we need you." Jay whispered back. "I have to go sweetie." She said her farewell before the heart monitor went on a blank bee and a flat line. "No!" We shouted as the nurse and the doctor came in, nurses pulling us out. We cried and cried until there were no more tears to brim out. We just stared there, waiting for an answer which was immediately brought out by the doctor bursting out of the room. "I'm very sorry Ms. Dewey." He looked sad. I nodded and sniffed. My mom is dead. My mom is dead. I got up, followed by Jay. "I'm going to the canteen." I said, going straight to the direction of the canteen. "Going to get fresh air." Jay replied. Food always calms me down after a fight or something unfortunate happens.

"That will be $12 please." The cashier said. Did I mentioned that We're in the US? I looked through my wallet and reached the money to her. She smiled and gave the food to me as well as the change. I looked for a table and spotted one that is clear. I walked over to it and sat, opening my potato chips and eating some. "Hello Miss. May I sit with you because There is no more table to eat on." An Irish accent spoke or asked. I looked up and saw a blonde haired dude with ocean blue eyes. He had a cute smile. I nodded and smiled. He smiled back and sat. "So, why is a pretty lady sitting alone, eating on a table in a hospital?" He asked again. "Mom, just...Died.." I answered, sniffing. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to ask...I mean I-" "It's okay, I'm just....You know." I said, chuckling. He smiled and ate some of his fries. Then it hit me. "Y-You're N-Niall Hor-Horan?!" Yes, I am a fan of One Direction if you're wondering. He smiled and nodded again. "Glad you recognized me." He said proudly. "But why're you in a hospital?" I asked. "Well...Liam got his ankle sprained so badly." He answered, taking another fry and dipping it to the ketchup and eating it. I nodded. Just then, Louis, who came out of nowhere, sat beside Niall with a burger. "Hello, Niall and mysterious girl who is with Niall." He greeted. I laughed and introduced myself. "I'm Tommi by the way." "Nice name! I love it!" Louis yelled causing me to laugh. "Well, you know who we are, right?" Niall asked. I raised an eyebrow. "Ofcourse! You're the most famous British-Irish boy band in the universe!" I yelled. "True!" Jay's voice came out of nowhere. I jerked my head to the left and there she was, running towards us. She made it to us and sat down, grabbing some chips. "Hi! I'm Jayne! But call me Jay!" She shouted. "Hi! I'm Louis! But call me Louis!" Louis shouted back. "I know who you are Boobear!" She shouted back, teasingly. "Hey! I'm the only one who's allowed to call him that!" A husky, british voice came out of nowhere then suddenly, Harry came sat by Niall. "And who are these beautiful girls?" He asked with a wink. "I'm Tommi!" "I'm Jay!" Then Louis interrupted. "I'm Louis!" We chuckled. Then the conversation went on and on about our cause in the hospital.

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