What's it like going to a high school thats kind of cursed. One person dies each day and you never know why. How could you stop that curse each year? Chris and his friends try to figure that out.


1. The girl

"Have you heard of Misaki?, from the 9th grade, class 3" the boy voice said

"Was there anyone named that in class 3?" The boy said

"It happened 26 years ago, she's been popular since the 7th grade" the boy voice said

"She was smart, pretty and had a great personality" the boy voice said

"So she was loved by students and teachers alike" the boy voice says

"Yeah there's at least one person like that in every grade" the girl voice said

"But shortly after she started the 9th grade" the boy voice says "Misaki died. The boy voice says

"What?" Girl voice says

"How?" Girl voice says

"So everyone was shocked" boy voice says

"Until suddenly,someone said it" boy voice says

"Said what?" Girl voice says

"He pointed at Misaki's desk and said," boy voice says

"Misaki is right there she isn't dead. Boy voice says

"Was that...." Girl voice says

"We'll it was just an act" boy voice says

"But from that day on class 3 continued to behave....... As though Misaki was still alive" boy voice says

"That's kind if creepy" girl voice says

"They kept up the act right till graduation" boy voice says

"The principle even arranged to have Misaki seat included In the graduation ceremony" boy voice says

"Isn't that a good thing?" Girl voice says

"Sure if it ended there" boy voice says

"There's more?" Girl voice says

"The rest of the story is......" Boy voice says


Chris P.O.V

I just moved to Nevada from Connecticut. I was supposed to go to my new high school on Monday but I have gotten sick and now in the hospital.


"Uhh oh I'm Alex" a tall boy said in a school uniform


"I'm Tera " this beautiful girl with short hair and glasses said.


"This is-" the boy said pointing to the other girl next to him.


"I'm Sam" she had long hair that was brown.


They just stood there awkwardly in front of my hospital bed.


"Oh umm... This is for you" Tera Said handing me flowers.


"Oh and I wrote notes for you since you missed the first day of school" Alex said.


"Wow thank you" They was still standing in front of me awkwardly.


"Oh... Chris" Alex said


"Yes?" Nothing came out of his mouth he just stood there afraid to tell me his question.


"Chris..... You said your last name is spear" Sam asked




They was my high school students from Yumera High. Yea I know the name sounds weird but that's the school name.



Chris's P.O.V


It was night time outside and I was still in the hospital. I walked to the elevator down a dark hall with only one light working barely. Even the elevator was dark. I turned around to see a girl behind me


"Oh pardon me" She didn't say anything.


She had black hair,one eye was the color red? She had a eye patch over her other eye. Her head was down, I think she had a naked doll in her hand with a eye patch on it as well.


"Your going to the basement floor?" I questioned her, she didn't even look up.


"Yes" she said quietly


"What business do you have down there?" As the elevator was going down you could hear its old self moving slowly.


"My other half Is there" she said I didn't understand what she meant by that one bit.


The elevator stopped and opened up in the basement. The basement was dark the only light working was the one in front if the elevator, down the hall everything else was pitch black. The girl got out the elevator and started to walk into the pitch black.


"Wait!!" I said to her She kept walking in the dark with her head down and the doll in her hand.


"What's your name?" I asked She didn't respond but she stopped walking.


".........Mia" she said quietly and then kept walking into the darkness which she then disappeared.

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