Start all over.

Start all over is about Paige Alister an australian girl trying to escape her bad past and start all over. Paige and her family move to England where she starts at a new school and meets none other then Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. She soon learns that she cant escape her horrible ex-boyfriend especially not when shes carrying his baby! And its because of him that she's scared to love again.


6. The Past

El arrived with the test 5 minutes later. As soon as she opened the door i was Bauling my eyes out on her shoulder She sat me down on the couch and rubbed my back utill i calmed down. Oncei had stopped crying she sat me up and asked me the questions i was dreading telling her, "How did this happen? Whos is it?" I took a deep breath and replied "Well we dont even know if i really am so it doesnt matter. Lets just take the test and get it over and done with." I really was trying to avoid telling her about my bad past and horrible ex-boyfriend. She nodded and lead me to the bathroom. I went in and took the test then got El to come in as we waited. God, it felt forever waiting for it. Then as i was sobbing against the wall i heard El gasp. And thats when i knew it was possitive, i didnt even have to look at it i just knew from El's reaction. She then came and hugged me from behind and i collapsed into a emotional heap.I was screaming an crying and El was trying to calm me down but she couldnt. I couldnt take care of a baby! Im only 17! I have my whole life infront of me! I wasnt ready for this!! It took about 45 minutes for El to calm me down. She then lead me to my bedroom and we layed in my bed. We layed there silently in our own thoughts when she broke it asking me again whos it is. This time i know i had to tell her. I was gonna have to tell her one day so i may aswell get it over and done with now. I took a deep breath and told her my story. "Before i moved here i had a boyfriend of 6 months, his name was Tom. At first he was sweet and i fel inlove with him, then one day he just changed. He stated being mean to me, he started hitting me, he didnt want me hanging out with anyone besides him, i lost all my friends. When i tryed to break up with him he threatened saying he would kill me and my family. So i had to continue being his girlfriend. After i tryed breaking up with him things got even worse he barely let me see my family. He told me i had to move in with him and when i refused he gave me a really bad bashing and i ended up in hospital. He made a story saying that i got bashed walking back from the shops or something, and no body suspected him. Then when i was better he started rapeing me. It was horrible he had handcuffs and he used to handcuff me to the bed and do horrible things to me. Sometimes he let a couple of his close friends rape me aswell. It was horrible. He was always swearing at me and calling me mean things and hitting me if i didnt do what he said. He was always using a condom because he said that he didnt want to have kids and if he did not with me because they would turn out fugly." I took another deep breath and looked at Eleanor, she was crying like me. I the continued my story. "One day when he was out with his friends at the pub i knew it was my chance, I had to go fast because i knew he would be back soon and he always wanted one thing when he got back from the pub. I started packing my things whe suddenly, i heard the front door slam open i quickly chucked my bag under the bed. He came up to the bedroom and forced me into sex, but this time he was so drunk he forgot a condom. When he was finished he fell into a deep sleep. I took the chance and grabed my bag from under the bed and ran. I ran untill i couldnt breath, i decided i was far enough away from him, but i had to think fast because he would wake up soon. After a short breath i ran to the police station and told them my story. They went to his house and took him to jail for 4 years. A police officer took me to my mums and she was relived to see me. After a couple of days she decided that we needed a new start. A week later we moved to here." I finshed my story and looked at El. She pulled me into a hug and we cryed together for hours.

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