Start all over.

Start all over is about Paige Alister an australian girl trying to escape her bad past and start all over. Paige and her family move to England where she starts at a new school and meets none other then Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. She soon learns that she cant escape her horrible ex-boyfriend especially not when shes carrying his baby! And its because of him that she's scared to love again.


5. Shocked

Paige's POV.

Soon more and more people turned up from school. And an hour later there were people everywhere! i went outside to get some air and saw Harry and went over to him. When he saw me he smiled and said "Hey, im really sorry about before its just something came over me and i couldnt stop it. I really like you Paige and i want you to know that, but before you say anything you should no that Liam likes you to." I was shocked. Did both Harry and Liam really like me or was this some kind of a joke? I was so confussed, without saying anything to Harry i turned around and went back inside to find El. However when i went back inside to find her Liam saw me and came up to me. "Hey, are you having fun?" he asked. I wasnt sure that i was meant to know that he liked me or if Harry had just acciedently let that slip, so i decided to act normal. "Yeah I am the Partys great. Have you seen El?" i was really busting to talk to her but as i scanned the room i couldnt see her anywhere. "Umm i think shes upsairs with Lou, but you might not want to desturb them if you know what i mean." he winked at me. Shit just when i needed to talk to her shes getting down and dirty with Louis just my luck! I couldnt contain my couriousity any longer i had to know if Harry was telling the truth. "Do you like me Liam?" i blurted out. He looked shocked for a second then nodded and asked me "Harry told you didnt he?" i nodded i couldnt take it much longer i had to get out of here. i mumbled something about the bathroom to Liam and left him without looking back. I was feeling sick so i decided i would walk home. Once i got to the end of the street i felt it coming i tryed to swallow it down but i couldnt i vomited all over the grass. I was shocked. i hadnt had any alchol to drink so why would i be throwing up? i contiuned walking think about the mess i had gotten myself into. The last time someone had liked me was when Tom liked me. I couldnt go through that again not what he did to me. Then it hit me. I was late, like really late and maybe thats why i threw up. No it couldnt be, he used protection. I was panicking, i couldnt take this i quikly called El hoping she would answer. I had to tell someone, this couldnt be right. "Paige, im kinda busy right now, so make it quick" El answered. I was in a state of shock i still hadnt set it outloud but i had to tell her, "El, i need your help. I think im, im pregnant!" i heard her gasp. "Please dont tell the boys!" i quickly added hearing Louis ask what was wrong in the backround. "W-where are you im coming to get you, this cant be right we have to figure this out." She replied just as i turned into my street. "I'm almost home, i dont think anyone is home, can you pick up at test and met me here?" i asked her. She said yes and i hang up. i unlocked my door and went into the kitchen. There was a note saying that my mum and sister had gone out for dinner and would be home later. I went into the loungeroom and sat on the couch think about what had happened. Could i really be pregnant? God i hope not.

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