Start all over.

Start all over is about Paige Alister an australian girl trying to escape her bad past and start all over. Paige and her family move to England where she starts at a new school and meets none other then Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. She soon learns that she cant escape her horrible ex-boyfriend especially not when shes carrying his baby! And its because of him that she's scared to love again.


3. Recess

Paige's POV.

After drama i went to the caferteria and saw Liam and the boys, as well as some girls i hadnt meet yet. They waved me over and i slowly walked over to them. "Hey, how was drama?" Liam asked me as i sat down next to him. "Umm yeah it was alright.How was music?" I replied taking a bite of my apple. "It was great!" He said, i couldnt help but notice the sparkle in his eye when he said it."You must be Paige." said the girl with brown hair that Louis had his arm around."Im Eleanor, but everyone calls me El." I smiled at her, she seemed really nice. "And im Perrie, nice to meet you. Liam has told us lots about you." This girl must have been Zayn's girlfriend because Zayn had his arm around her, wait hang on a minute, did she just say Liam has told them lots about me?Liam barely even knows me how could he tell them lots about me? Liam must have seen the confussed look on my face because he said, "I really didnt tell them that much about you i just told them how nice and pretty you are." Was he blushing? All thoughout recess i got to know everyone a lot better and i really clicked with El. The bell went and i looked at my time table. Yes double period of art! I love art its the one thing that keeps me sane and from breaking down into a emotional wreak. "What have you go now?" Liam asked me looking over at my timetable."Double art, do you think you could give me directions to the art room?" I smiled at him. "No need," said Zayn from behind me, "i've got double art now to, we can walk together." We waved goodbye to everyone and walked to the art room. "Do you like art?" i asked curiously. He just nodded in reply. We arrived at the art room and took our seats just as the teacher walked in. "Hello class! For those of you who dont know my name is Miss Floyd." She said cheerfully. "Today we will be drawing still life." She contuined on. Yes drawing my favourite thing to do. "You will have a choice of drawing this bowl of fruit," she said pointing to a bowl full of green and red apples. "This toy car, or this vase of flowers." She said pointing to a little red car and a patterned vase with colourful flowers in it. "Everything you need is in this cupboard, now begin!" She said then went and sat at her desk at the front of the classroom. I quickly got up and got the supplies i need and started to draw the vase with flowers.When i was halfway through i looked at what Zayn was drawing. Wow! He is a great drawer. He was drawing the toy car and it looked exactly like the actually toy."Wow! Your really good." I said to him. He looked up at me, "No im really not yours looks really good." He smiled at me and went back to drawing. Compared to his mine looked like a 4 year old drew it. The bell rang quicker then i would have like because i was having fun drawing and getting to know Zayn, he was a really nice and funny guy! We packed up our stuff and went and meet up with the others for lunch. I sat between Liam and Harry. Harry was really nice and helpful towards me, but he did keep trying to hold my hand but i kept pulling away. I looked at Liam and he was looking really dirty at Harry, i wonder what Harry did to piss Liam off so bad?

Liams POV.

Harry was hitting on Paige and wasnt even trying to hide it from me. He knew i liked her but he just kept trying to get close to her, he did this with every girl i liked he always took them away from me.Luckily Paige was a smart girl and wasnt falling for his charm. "Are you okay? You look pissed?" Paige asked me making me fall out of my thoughts. "Yeah im fine im just tired, you know first day back at school and everything." I lied. I must have been showing how pissed i was at Harry because she looked at me with concern, then turned back to Louis who was telling a story about how he almost got hit by a car again. Man he really needs to learn how to cross a road propley or one day he will get hit. The bell went and Paige, Harry and I went to english. I sat between them because i didnt want Harry flirting with Paige.

Harrys POV.

What the hell is up Liams bum? Why is he trying to get between me and Paige. I mean i know he likes her but honestly i think i like her to. And i think it should be up to Paige who she picks, although i already know she will pick me the girls always pick me. But i dont want Liam to get to hurt when she does. He always falls way to fast and way to hard like seriously what is up with him and doing that?


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