Start all over.

Start all over is about Paige Alister an australian girl trying to escape her bad past and start all over. Paige and her family move to England where she starts at a new school and meets none other then Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. She soon learns that she cant escape her horrible ex-boyfriend especially not when shes carrying his baby! And its because of him that she's scared to love again.


2. New School

Paige's POV

I walked to school trying to remember the way and trying not to freak out! I arrived at the front gates and made my way to the office asking everyone for directions as i went. I finally made it to the office and waited patiently behind a girl with short blonde hair. After the girl had finished i told the lady my name and she printed off my timetable, as i turned to leave i crashed into a boy that was walking past and i had dropped my timetable and he had dropped all his books. I quickly bent down to help him, what a great first impression crashing into someone before the bell had even rang. "Sorry," i said as we picked up his books. "its fine, i wasnt watching where i was going." he replied in a beautiful accent. Athough i had been here for a couple of weeks i still wasnt used to the english accents. I stood up and handed his books to him and i noticed that he was really hot. He had a great body, beautiful big brown eyes, an amazing smile and brown hair turned into a little quiff. "Im Liam Payne." He said looking right into my eyes. "im arhh im Paige, Paige Alister." i replied lamely. i turned my head towards the floor and felt myself going pink. "You must be new here, i havent seen you around here before, i know i would have remebered someone as pretty as you." He said to me making me go an unattrative red. "Umm yeah i just moved here from Australia a couple of weeks ago, its my first day." i said still looking at the ground embaressed."Well what have you got first i could show you the way." He offered polietly. I looked at my timetable oh great science, my worst subject. "I have science."I said to him sadly. He laughed at me. i gave him a confussed look and he said "I have science to we can suffer together!" I nodded and he grabbed my arm pulling me along. It wasnt a long walk but there was kids everywhere. He was pointing out places to me and people were saying hi to him in the corridors, he must be pretty popular. When we arrived to the science room Liam dragged me over to his friends, "Everyone this is Paige, shes new here and just moved here from Australia and she is really nice, so i would like for everyone to make her feel welcome." I smiled shyly usually i wouldnt be shy but there was 5 hot guys including Liam standing right infront of me staring at me."im Niall lovely to meet you." Said the blonde one with a thick irish accient. "im Zayn." said a dark haired boy quietly."IM LOUIS! AND I LIKE GIRLS WHO EAT CARROTS!!" Said a the brown haired one very lodly that i couldnt help but laugh."Ignore him, his very immature," said a boy with brown curly hair,"im Harry." he said and reached out for my hand and kissed it making me blush."Hey you used to love me being immature!" said Louis and everyone laughed. The teacher walked in and Liam sat me next to him as she started to talk.

Liams POV.

I cant believe my luck, first day back at school and a incredibly cute girl runs into me and turns out to be really sweet. I can already tell that i have feelings for her so when Harry cracked onto her and kissed her had i gave him a dirty look. He looked at me innocently and i sat Paige next to me as far away from Harry as possibly. He was a nice guy sure but he liked to play girls and i wasnt gonna let him ruin my chances with Paige. Thoughout science i had lots of excuses to talk to Paige because she was new and didnt have any books i was more then happy to share mine. We got to no each other a bit better and i invited her to have lunch and recess with us. After science i had music and she had drama so i walked her to the drama classroom as she turned to thank me i gave her a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye and walked away to music. All through out music i couldnt stop thinking of her.

Paige's Pov.

I cant believe he kissed me on the cheek! I new i liked him but i wasnt sure if i was ready for a relantionship after what happened in my last one back in Australia. All throughout drama i thought about Liam. I started to panick because the last time i felt like this was with well Tom, even thinking his name gives me shivers. I will never forget what that jerk did to me and now he might be ruining what could be a new love! 

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