Start all over.

Start all over is about Paige Alister an australian girl trying to escape her bad past and start all over. Paige and her family move to England where she starts at a new school and meets none other then Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. She soon learns that she cant escape her horrible ex-boyfriend especially not when shes carrying his baby! And its because of him that she's scared to love again.


4. Jealousy

Paige's POV.

After english i packed up my things and strated walking home. I was halfway when a car pulled over. I got a little freaked out then i relised that the boys were inside. "Hey do you want a lift?" Louis asked me, i looked into the back seat and saw that Liam, Niall and Zayn were already in the car with Harry in the front. "I'm pretty sure your al full, but thanks any way." Although i did kinda want a ride, i was a bit tired after school, i turned to walk away. "GRAB HER!!" Louis yelled and the next minute Liam and Niall had pulled me into the backseat with them! I couldnt help but laugh and thats all that i did the whole car ride, these boys were hilarious! They dropped me home and i spent the rest of the night texting Liam and Harry while i did my homework. Maybe this day wasnt so bad after all.

(Friday after school) "We're all going back to Louis' if you wanna come" El asked me, over the last we had become close and she was now my best friend. "Yeah sounds like fun." i said to her as i got my bag out of my locker. We walked over to where the boys were standing. "Ready to go?" Louis asked us as he pulled El in for a kiss. "Yes, lets go im starving!!" Niall said from behind me, we all laughed and split into 2 cars. When we arrived at Louis' house we all went into his kichen and we all helped ourselved to some food. Harry turned on some music and everyone started singing it was so much fun. When the song 'we found love' by Rhianna came on Harry came and started dancing with me, then at the end if the song i felt his lips touch mine. It was like an electric shoock i was surprised at first then i kissed back. What was i doing? I pulled away and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirrior and splashed water on my face. Harry kissed me. He just kissed me and i actually injoyed it? And i kissed back! What have i done Harry was a good friend and we could have just ruined it!

Harrys POV

I couldnt take being away from her any longer i went and started dancing with her. I knew i liked her, there was just something about her that mad me feel amazayn!  I was admiring her beauty when i suddenly kissed her, i didnt relise what i was doing untill she started kissing back! She kissed back thats got to mean something right? She then pulled back and ran off to the bathroom. Shit! What have i done i dont even know how she feels about me! I was knocked out of my thoughts when Liam came over and shoved me, hard, i almost feel to the ground but i somehow kept my balance. I looked at Liam, "What the hell mate?" i asked confused, i looked into his eyes and saw that he was angry and hurt, but what had i done? Oh shit! i forgot Liam likes Paige. Had he seen? "What the hell is wrong with you Harry you can't just suprise kiss her like that! How could you do this to me? You know how i feel about her!" He was yelling at me i didnt know what to say, the others were now all looking at me. "I didnt mean to Liam, you know i would never do anything to hurt you or Paige on purpose, something just came over me im so sorry." I looked at him he was taking in my words and finally sighed. "It's ok Harry, i know you like her to, im sorry it was just a kiss i shouldn't have over reacted. We should let her decide who she likes." I nodded and hugged him, just as Paige came out of the bathroom."Well, now that we have that sorted lets party!!" Zayn said and turned up the music and everyone started dancing.

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