Twin vs Twin

The O' Connor twins, Sean and Steven, are identical but have completely different personalities. Sean is a nerd and Steven is the most popular kid from first year right up to third year. They're constantly fighting and pranking each other. but their biggest fight occurrs when the new girl, Amy, comes to their class. Can they get over it?


4. The War Begins


Sean couldn't believe it. A girl, a pretty girl, actually spoke to him. "The best thing about it is that she rejected Steve," he thought, with a grin on his face.

Sean had to stay in after school because Steven had to practise with the school football team, so he sat on the wall, listening to to his ipod, mouthing the words to boulevard of broken dreams by green day.

When their mum came to pick them up, she automatically asked what was wrong because Stevn had a grumpy face on him and he kept giving Sean dirty looks. But he stayed silent and climbed into the car.

"Ok what's the matter?" their mum asked them again in the car.

"Oh nothing," Sean answered, "just the fact that Steven is angry because the new girl, Amy, rejected him."

"Steven, seriously," their mum said to him, looking throught the rear view mirror.

"But the good thing about it," Sean said, laughing, "is that she sits beside me and she is starting to become my friend and everyone's making fun of him, as a joke of course, 'cuz he was rejected."

"So your sulking over that?" she laughed, still looking through the rear view mirror, "that's the stupide-"

"MUM! LOOK OUT!" Steven shouted.

Their mum quickly slammed on her brakes as two five year olds ran across the road, a twelve year old girl chasing them, her hair flying behind her. "Charlie, Lily, stop!" she shouted. The twelve year old grabbed the two five year olds hands and came over to the car. Up close, Sean could see who it was. It was Amy!

"I'm so sorry for my little brother and sister running in front of you," Amy said to Mrs O'Connor, ignoring the boys in the back. Then she looked done at her younger siblings and said, sternly, " you two, apologise."

"Sorry," Charlie and Lily chorused.

"It's ok, it was an accident, " Mrs O'Connor said, cheerfully.

"Ok,thank you. Bye Sean, bye Steven," she said, Lifting Lily up into her arms and grabbing hold of her younger brother's hand before walking away.

"Who was that?" their mum asked, puzzled.

"That's Amy," Sean answered her.

"Oh," their mum said, not saying anything else.

"Steve don't you think she looked prettier with her hair down?" Sean asked his broher, knowing that it would annoy his brother. His theroy was confirmed by the groan his brother let out as he thumped his head on to his schoolbag. The rest of the way home was quiet.

"This is epic," Sean thought to himself,looking out the window, "a pretty girl actually rejected Steve. That's never happened before. This is the best way to get on his nerves."

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