Twin vs Twin

The O' Connor twins, Sean and Steven, are identical but have completely different personalities. Sean is a nerd and Steven is the most popular kid from first year right up to third year. They're constantly fighting and pranking each other. but their biggest fight occurrs when the new girl, Amy, comes to their class. Can they get over it?


1. The Twins


         "Steve, you complete arse!" The shout rang through number 153 Northern Avenue, Newry, N.Ireland. Steven O'Connor grinned and walked up the stairs to admire his handy work. He found his twin brother, Sean, standing with gunge in his hair and on his uniform.

             "What?" Steven said, trying hard not to laugh.

             "I know it was you who did this," Sean shouted, indicating to his uniform, "it's messed up!"

             "It's an improvement," Steven said, smirking. Their uniform was a bright green blazer, a white shirt, a green and brown tie and dark brown trousers that reminded Steven of mud and grass.

             "God, what's all this shouting for?" their dad asked, coming out his bedroom door, his face half shaven, the other half still had shaving cream on it. Their mum followed close behind, already dressed.

             "Steven, what the hell,"she shouted when she saw the mess, then she made her voice calmer, "come on Sean let's get you cleaned up. And on your first day of second year too."

            "Get down those stairs now, Steven," their dad said angrily, "I'll deal with you later."

           When they arrived at school that morning, Steven was automatically swarmed by all the popular ones. Sean headed for a wall at the edge of the playground and started to listen to his ipod. Friday by Rebecca Black started playing. He changed it quickly. "Why do I even have that on here?" he thought to himself.

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