Twin vs Twin

The O' Connor twins, Sean and Steven, are identical but have completely different personalities. Sean is a nerd and Steven is the most popular kid from first year right up to third year. They're constantly fighting and pranking each other. but their biggest fight occurrs when the new girl, Amy, comes to their class. Can they get over it?


3. Rejected


At that the whole class filled with the noise of talking and moving chairs.

"Hey, that new girl is pretty hot, don't ya think?" Steven's best friend, James, asked him.

"She's alright," Steven answered, shrugging his shoulders but inside he couldn't help agreeing with James. He felt envious of his brother. He looked over at his brother who was sitting on the seat next to Amy, talking to her (which really suprised Steven).

James looked over to where Steven was staring. "Steve, looks like your brother's really hitting it off with Amy, you'd better move in fast before he gets her."

"Shut up, Jamie," Steven said, shoving James off his seat, "it's my brother we're talking about. He can't get a girl to save his life." But Steven couldn't help feeling that what James said might be true. He looked back at Sean and Amy and watched them talk and laugh.

"Fine I'll go over and talk to her," Steven grumbled, getting up from his seat.

He walked over to them, leaned on Sean's desk and said to Amy, "Hey I'm Steven, Sean's twin. Everyone calls me Steve but you can call me what ever you like."

But Amy looked round him to Sean and asked, confused, "Is he always like this?"

"What? An arrogant pig? Then yes," Sean said to her, "Steve, just go."

Steven couldn't believe it. He was the most popular kid in junior school and he was rejected by a girl who seemed to prefer his brother, who was a major geek.

"Alright then, this is war," Steven thought to himself as he walked back to his seat.

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