Another World (A Cole Pendery (IM5) SHORT story)

Victoria goes to a new school. Dalton is her guide and she meets his friends (IM5). She gets along with the guys and they all had a great time. One guy really likes Vicky but doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels when he sees her or when she looks at him. Homecoming is coming up pretty fast, will the guy finally tell her how he feels? Want to find out? Well read the story! Hope you enjoy it <3


2. Settling In

-Vicky's POV-

Wow. That was… whoa. I looked up to see what their reaction was. They are both staring at me like they’ve seen a ghost or something. This made me a little uncomfortable.

“um… guys…” I said trying to make them snap out of it. But it didn’t work. So I decided to grab Dalton’s guitar out of his hand and pretend to smash it in slow motion.

“DON’T YOU DARE MISSY!” he shouted and grabbed his guitar out of my hands

“I don’t know what to say…” said Cole, still staring at me

“say what” I asked

“your voice…” he said

“is angelic” said Dalton completing Cole’s sentence

I felt shy for a few seconds and started to blush.

“no… your voices sounds much more amazing than mine” I said denying it.

The both looked at each other and shook their heads. Being honest… I think Cole sounds better than Dalton. I love both their voices though. And I kinda have a crush on one of them. I try my best not to show it so that they won’t know.

So after music class, we went to the cafeteria for lunch. It was packed with people like being in a jungle full of animals. I was holding my tray when a guy came up to me.

“hi Victoria, I’m Alex, wanna come sit with me and my friends?” he asked

“um sorry but I’m sitting with someone else…” I said and walked towards IM5.

The guys asked me what just happened and I told them. I thought it was weird, like I don’t even know him and he’s asking me to sit with him? WTF. The guys told me who he is and that he has a girlfriend. He is apparently the homecoming king and prom king and his girlfriend is always homecoming queen and prom queen. Typical jock and head of cheerleader. Why would a guy like that ask me to sit with them?

Anyways, so we ate and talked. There was this silence because our conversation ended. Then all of a sudden, Dalton and Cole broke the silence by telling the other guys that my voice is an angel. They described it in detail, and Cole was looking at me the whole time. It was scary because he was sitting in front of me and it’s hard not to look at him. He looks cute and that smile is just… OMG. Gabe, Dana and Will looked at each other and smirked. I know exactly what they were thinking and it’s not that great.

-hope you guys like it! PLS COMMENT!! :)-

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