Another World (A Cole Pendery (IM5) SHORT story)

Victoria goes to a new school. Dalton is her guide and she meets his friends (IM5). She gets along with the guys and they all had a great time. One guy really likes Vicky but doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels when he sees her or when she looks at him. Homecoming is coming up pretty fast, will the guy finally tell her how he feels? Want to find out? Well read the story! Hope you enjoy it <3


4. Heaven <3

-Last Chp-

So we went outside and there sitting outside my house is a limousine, black shiny tinted limo. We all stepped inside and settled in. It wasn’t a long ride… my house is just about 10 minutes away.

When we stepped out of the car, there were lots of paparazzi everywhere flashing their cameras at us, taking every single movement. We finally went inside after a 5 minutes walk from the gate to the assembly hall. There were already many people in the hall, chatting and dancing with their friends and dates.

Cole put out his elbow suggesting that I should take it so he would lead us to the middle of the dance floor. He is such a gent. We danced to fast song, medium pace songs, it was a blast. I had fun showing off my dancing skills.

“ehumm” said the MC

“hope you all are having a lot of fun, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. Last year, the homecoming king and queen were Alex Scott and Marina Goldburg. This year’s king and queen might be them, might not be them, let’s find out. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this year’s 2012 homecoming king is…” he said opening an envelope

“…Cole Pendery!”

Everyone cheered and clapped except for Alex, who is not satisfied about this. He has won for the past 3 years and this year is not his year.

“congratulations Cole, you are this year’s homecoming King.” he said, while an assistant puts on the crown

“and this year’s 2012 homecoming queen is……… Victoria”

WHAT? ME?! HOW?! I was in shock. The crown slowly moved out of the way for me to walk up to the stage. Almost everyone was clapping and cheering for me. My face was shocked, I was shocked, and most girls were shocked. But how?

The assistant puts the crown on my head. Cole smiles at me and whispers congrats. He led me to the dance floor and we slow danced for 2 minutes until everyone joined. I rest my head against Cole’s shoulder and I could hear him chuckle to himself. The feeling that I am having right now is unbelievable! After a few minutes, we stopped dancing and went to the chairs and sat down. I was tired, wearing heels… I don’t normally wear heels, only on special occasions… like this.

I was about to say something to him when I felt his lips pressed against mine. It felt like the world is spinning around me, sparks flying everywhere. It felt amazing! I slowly pulled away and bit my bottom lip. I feel like I am in heaven. He smirked at me.

I asked him about how I was enrolled in being one of the contestants for homecoming queen. He told me everything that most people dislike Marina and wants someone more beautiful than her to take her place. Someone more beautiful than her?! I doubt it was his own words just to flatter me. I thought to myself. We had an amazing time talking to each other.

An hour later, Cole wanted to walk me home because my house wasn’t that far away. So we started walking away from school. It was a nice day out, the moon hovering above us, the stars lighting up the pathway. It was romantic. Soon we reached my house. We said goodbye and he gave me a goodnight kiss. I went inside the house and closed the door behind me. I slowly slide down onto the floor with a creepy smirk on my face.

My mom came downstairs to see who came back. When she saw me, she smiled to herself and went back upstairs. I had the best day of my life!

I told my mom everything that happened today and she was very proud of me. I put the crown on my desk, got into my pjs and drifted off to sleep.


-THX for taking time reading this short story! Pls COMMENT, much appreciated-

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