Another World (A Cole Pendery (IM5) SHORT story)

Victoria goes to a new school. Dalton is her guide and she meets his friends (IM5). She gets along with the guys and they all had a great time. One guy really likes Vicky but doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels when he sees her or when she looks at him. Homecoming is coming up pretty fast, will the guy finally tell her how he feels? Want to find out? Well read the story! Hope you enjoy it <3


3. Did he just...?!

-2 months later-

I’m starting to feel like home now. This school is actually what I’ve been looking for, great friends, great teachers and everything. I’m actually glad that I came to this school. IM5 and I have became very close friends, it’s unbelievable.

I’m sitting outside on the field doing my art homework, which was to draw something on campus. I sit there with my sketchpad and my sketching pencils. Then all of a sudden a pair of hands covered my eyes and I couldn’t see what I was drawing. The person impersonated Dalton and said something in an accent. I listened carefully and knew it was Cole.

“Cole” I said

“what? How did you know?” he asked sitting down next to me

“well I’m just that talented” I said smiling at him.

He smiled at me. I couldn’t resist but smile bigger. I stared into his gorgeous eyes. Just staring at him makes my heart race. He is hot.

“so Vicky…” he said

“yea?” I asked him looking straight at him. He directed his gaze to the ground

“um… I was just wondering…” he said hesitantly “I know it’s just days away… but… will you go to homecoming with me?” He magically handed me a rose.

“where did the rose come from?” I asked him

“well… you see, I’m just that talented” he said mocking me for what I said earlier

I laughed. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him.

“yes” I said.

He suddenly has this huge smile on his face. We looked at each other. He kissed me on the cheek and left. I think my heart skipped a beat. I was paralyzed. I just couldn’t believe that the hottest guy in school just asked me out to a dance. >< And it is coming up in a few days, I still haven’t have a dress to wear. I was very shocked that he actually did. I never knew he had the guts to do that, I mean, he’s kinda shy when he talks to me…

“Cole told me” said Dalton

“told you what?” I asked

“don’t pretend to be naïve Vic… he asked you out” he said with a big smile

“ok he did…” I told him

“I’m so happy for you babez” he said giving me a hug.

Dalton is my BFFL. He and I are like tight. We know a lot about each other, it’s amazing. He’s like my go-to person for help, advice… basically anything. And he’s such a sweetheart. AND we both love dolphins ;) hehe

That night, I went shopping with my other friends, Amy and Rachel. We had a fun night. I bought a dress to wear for homecoming. I’m not really a fan of dresses but this dress looks amazing and I really like it.

-the day of homecoming party-

Amy and Rachel came over with their dresses and everything in their bags. They promised and swore that they will help me. I didn’t say that had to but they insisted and when they insist, there is nothing to stop them.

So 3 hours before the boys come pick us up, Amy and Rachel started getting ready and dragged me with them. They got out all their make-up stuff and hair stuff out on my desk. I sat down while they did something to my hair. It took about half an hour, I didn’t really care what they did, I just trust them in doing the right thing.

So half an hour has gone by, they has finished doing something to my hair. I stood up and walked in front of the mirror. HOLY FACK! I look amazing!

“What did you guys do to me?!” I said

“your welcome, btw Cole will love it and definitely comment on it, credits to us, we rock Amy” said Rachel high-fiving Amy

“thanks guys” I told them

-A few minutes later-

The doorbell rang. I could hear my mom walking to the door and 5 different voices echoed in the house. So Amy, Rachel and I headed downstairs. We slowly walked down the stair and the guys had their ‘shocked’ faces on. It was fun to see how they reacted.

“Wow…” said Cole “you look amazing Vicky”

“thank you, so do you” I said back

He looked HOT with tux… his hair… PERFECT and his smirk just makes me melt. I didn’t know what to say. I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I’m so nervous. Oh god…

-hope you guys enjoy this! Pls COMMENT!!-

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