Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


8. X-Factor

          When I woke up nothing had changed, my brother still didn't know me. Except I didn't wake up until 10AM since I went to bed late last night giving me an hour to get ready before Louis picked me up. I was really excited because I was glad to have another friend. Nikki and Syd thought One Direction was the world to them, so they must be really good, that and they were all really cute.

          That would definitely explain what happened during lunch yesterday when we were getting pizza.  I went downstairs to grab breakfast  and showered, then rushed back upstairs only having twenty minutes before he got here. I put on a bright summer dress and my silver toms and I left my curly blonde hair down to cover the red scar on my collarbone. I still hadn't gotten used to looking at it, the only people who ever saw it were Nikki and Syd. Louis texted me that he had arrived so I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs.  I told my parents I was hanging out with my friends. I hopped into his black car and we started towards the Starbucks just down the street.

           "You look amazing" Louis said staring at me,I nervously looked down making sure he couldn't see my scar "Thanks" I replied blushing. It only took a couple of minutes for us to get there and we decided to do drive thru after what happened yesterday at Dominos. I ordered a double chip frappachio and Louis got a iced coffee.

           The x factor was held in London so it was about a two and a half hour drive there, but we were meeting a Simons house where he would drive us the rest of the way. I lived in a town called Sheffield, which according to Louis wasn't that far from his house. On the way to Simons we talked about the show and what they were performing. This was the first time the show was going to be live, and they were lucky enough to have gotten through.   When we pulled up to Simon’s house my heart dropped. All the other boys were outside waiting for us next to a car.

A white van.

           "Are you okay?" Louis asked "Umm, ya I'm ok" I stuttered slowly stepping out of the car trying to act as calm as possible knowing that if I didn't I would break down. The other boys had gotten into the car now with Simon in the front and a security guard driving. Niall was standing next to me trying to figure it out, I  leaned over and whispered "white van" into his ear. "Ya I can see that it's a white van.. I really don't....." then suddenly it clicked in his head and he realized why I couldn't get in the car. The car that had killed my sister had been white.

           "Are you going to be okay?" he asked "do you want me to get someone to drive you home?" I took a deep breath knowing I would have to face this sooner or later " No I'm ok " I said shakily as I slowly stepped into the car and Niall followed me. "What was that about?" Louis asked leaning over to Niall

           Niall looked at me for reassurance, I nodded my head just barely and he whispered something to Louis. Suddenly I felt warm strong arms wrapping around me I looked up and saw bright blue eyes. Louis somehow thought it was necessary to hug me to feel better which once again only made it worse. I don't know why every time he hugs me I start to cry, I guess it's because no one has ever hugged me since the crash.

           My parents have been so caught up with my brother they just seemed to forget about me.  I choked back a sob and soon everyone in the band was squeezing me to death. I started to laugh and cry at the same time. I barely knew these boys, but they cared so much.

           As the hug slowly broke apart I wiped away my tears and Harry and Zayn started talking about how nervous they were for the performance, and Liam, Louis, and Niall were busy talking about what they were going to do for something called the video diaries. While everyone was busy I took out a small mirror from my purse. I looked into the reflection and gasped a little too loudly when I saw that my scar was showing. I quickly covered it up just as all of the boys turned around. "what's wrong " Liam asked, "oh nothing," I said trying to figure out a reason " I just ...." My friend chose the best possible moment to text me

Nikki: Want to go get frozen yogurt today?
Me: I wish I could but I have other plans
Nikki: Well, fine then. You know. Just leave me alone with my cats, okay. I’ll just sit at home alone and eat buckets of ice cream, cuz im a lonely single cat lady. Le sigh.
Me: Lolz, You know i would, but today I'm going to London to watch the boys rehearse
Nikki: What.....? Why didn't you tell me. Le sad face.

I giggled and Liam leaned over to look at my text, he took my phone and typed something to her.

Me: If you want next time you can come! Xx Liam
Nikki: Yay. Hello random person who may be Liam.
Me: Hello love Xx Liam

          Liam scrolled through my contacts pulled out his phone and entered her number, he handed me back my phone and started texting her. Next Harry grabbed my phone and took her number and soon everyone in the car was texting her. By then she had stopped responding to me so I texted Sydney.  

          She freaked out just as much and once again my phone was passed around handing out her number.   When  we finally got there, I heard screaming from outside. Not again I thought, but put on a smile as I walked out of the van.
"Who is that" they all asked in confusion

          The rest of the band came out and I was soon forgotten, but I stayed in between Louis and Niall. When everyone had finally gotten inside we made our way backstage. I was directed to a lounge area while the boys warmed up with a vocal coach.  It was rather big and had a tv to watch the stage, a huge table full of snacks and multiple large soft couches.  

          After about twenty minutes a tall brunette lady directed me to the stands. One section over was filled with about 50 fans.  The same lady came up on stage and said " One Direction will now practice their performance for the live shows on Wednesday. We kindly ask that you stay silent during the performance only cheering when appropriate. Thank you, here is One Direction"

          The section erupted with screams as the boys came on stage.  Viva la vida started playing and the fan's screams slowly died down with the occasional "I love you Harry" being screamed from a teenager. When the song had ended every person in the stands was clapping and screaming at the top of their lungs.  The boys came down into the crowd to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.  Once they had finished we walked backstage together.

          "So Claire what did you think?" Liam asked,"You were amazing!" I said truthfully.
Simon met us backstage and I went back to the lounge while he talked with the band about what needed to be fixed before the live show next week.  


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