Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


1. The Man who Killed my Sister


            It was white. I know it sounds stupid that i remember the colour of the car, but it will always be the car that killed my sister. It was late and was snowing really hard, my brother was driving and my sister was next to him. I was in the back, listening to my music when a scream broke out.

            I looked up and saw two bright white headlights coming towards us. There was no time to react for the next couple of moments, it was horrific. And when i woke up, Caroline was dead and my brother, he doesn’t remember who i am. He just sits staring at the white hospital wall hoping to remember, somethings have come back. But none include me. The doctors don’t think he ever will.

            I’ve never liked therapy groups its just a bunch of sad people talking about sad stuff that happened in their life. I’m not mental, I don’t need their help. I watched my sister die right in front of my eyes knowing there was nothing i could do to help her. And my bother doesn’t recognize me, every time I look into those eyes that used to be full of life, i see a stranger. Whats worse is he sees a stranger in me.

            I don’t need this, I just need time to remember, forget, accept. “You mentioned that you wanted to accept what happened,” The councilor started, “So i’d like you to meet someone... This is Greg. He was driving the van that hit your car” My mouth fell to the ground. I didn’t know if i wanted to meet him. I had decided i didn’t want to press charges, but that didn’t mean i wanted to become friends with him. A tall man walked out. He was large and didn’t have much hair, and was probably in his mid thirties.

            “Claire do you have anything you want to say to Greg?” “Umm...” I stammered, “Were were you going?” Greg tentatively responded, “I was in a hurry to pick my clients up. I was late and I couldn't see very well because of the snow... And that’s when.” He trailed off, afraid to say what happened next.

            “Ya, I know what happened next.” I said annoyed. The councilor could hear the edge in my tone, so she said, “Okay. I think That’s enough for today, but i want both of you to talk more another day.” I sighed, but knew I had no choice ever. Since my parents signed me up for these classes against my will.

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