Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


22. Staying Up with Niall

          When I finally woke up not being tired anymore I found myself in a car. It was pitch black outside. "How'd I get in here?" I asked. I was in the back seat with Niall in the front seat and Sydney next to me. "I carried you," Niall said softly "I was hesitant to let him carry you when he was angry, but Lou said he wouldn't hurt you," Sydney added. "aww thanks Niall", I said groggily,

          "so where are we going?" "NARNIA!" Niall screamed. My head shot up, "what the crap was that for?" I said now fully awake.  "my house," Louis said giggling, "we're going to my house." "Oh ok," I replied,"how long?" "we'll be there in 5 minutes, I know the twins will be in bed, but fizzy and Lottie will probably still be awake. You gonna be ok?" He asked glancing at me for a moment. 

          "yeah ill be fine, last time just caught me off guard." I said "what happened last time" Niall asked while playing with his shoelaces.  "I had a meltdown," I replied nonchalantly. Niall stopped playing with his shoelaces for a minute processing what I said then he began again. "Oh ok" he said.

          When we arrived at Louis's house, we all shuffled into the house.  I was now fully awake and not the least bit tired, but Sydney and Louis looked like they were about to crash, and Niall looked like he was about to die.  "can't I just have a couple of goldfish or something?" He groaned. "Niall we've been over this no food until after we're done tomorrow." Syd said sounding exhausted. 

          "why don't you two go to bed and i’ll stay up with Niall?" I suggested " we obviously can't leave him alone or else he'll sneak food." "Ok, I'll go get blankets, are you ok with sleeping on the couch?" Louis asked.  I nodded.  "if you need anything wake me, or Lottie will probably be up."  He said. Sydney was already asleep and Niall showed no signs of giving up with his quest of getting food.  "oh and if you want to watch movies or anything we have Netflix," he continued.  "I'm fine Louis, really, now go to bed." I said reassuring him.  

          Syd and Louis were fast asleep on the couch within minutes, and i was left with the job of Niall.  Don’t get me wrong, Niall is sweet and careless, but I wasn’t quite sure how tonight was gonna go, Niall seemed pretty adamant about his food. I turned on the tv, and flipped to TLC, where say yes to the dress, was still playing. Surprisingly, it was an episode I hadn’t seen.

          "So what's your dress look like?" Niall asked. I was taken back for a moment, I wasn't quite sure if he cared or not, but I always loved showing people. I pulled out my phone, and scrolled through my many pictures, most of Nikki and Syd and then some of my family.

          "Wait," Niall said.  "What?" I asked.  "Was that your sister?" "yeah," I said softly "you wanna see her?"  He nodded, "if that's okay."  I clicked on a picture and a girl with Carmel hair and blue eyes appeared. We shared a lot of the same features, except she had been about three years older. I handed the phone to him so he could see, and leaned my head on his shoulder, so I could just barely make out her face.  "I used to do everything with her, she was one of my best friends." I quietly said my eyes starting to tear up.  "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Niall said, handing the phone back. "No it's okay."  I replied wiping my tears out of the corner of my eyes.

          "so how about that dress?" Niall asked. I started scrolling through my pictures again until I came upon the dress. It was a strapless a-line dress with a sweetheart neckline that had a lace trim at the bottom, and there was a simple jeweled belt around the waist.  "It's pretty simple, but I love it," I said cheerfully.  "oh and I'm gonna wear these," I said clicking on a pair of white silk toms.  "You know cause it would be pretty difficult to wear heels on a beach." I said.  "pretty," Niall said, not really that interested, but he had been the one who asked.  

          "do you want to see Nikki's dress?" I asked. " sure why not." I showed him a picture of her dress, it was called Snow White, from a certain designer’s collection. The bodice was covered in little flowers, with a sweetheart neckline. There was a little satin white bod that separated the bodice and the full skirt. The skirt was long and flowy, with little flowers in different places all around it. I looked over at Niall who had fallen asleep I nudged him “Wow.” Niall breathed, “Yea. She’s likes that it’s named after the princess that her nickname came from, she also loves the flowers and how it’s not your everyday wedding dress.”

           I smiled looking at the picture. “Here. I also have Sydney’s.” I grinned as i flipped through my pictures to find the correct one. “Here.” I showed him a dress with a fitted top, with draping, and as it came to the skirt, it slightly exploded. There were ruffles everywhere, you would think it would be overwhelming, but it looked very elegant and pretty. “That one’s my favourite.” Niall smiled, lifting his head off my shoulder and taking my phone. He examined the dress and smiled giving the phone back to me. “Very pretty. I love it.” He smiled and said quietly as he fell backwards onto the couch, trying to keep his eyes open.

          "So are you tired yet?" Niall asked.  "nope, you wanna play a game, or watch a movie?" I asked.  "um let's play a game, then we can watch a movie later." He responded.  "Ok question game, or truth or dare?" I asked "Question game, I'm too tired for truth or dare." Niall said.  

          "Ok you go first," I said nudging him awake.  "what's your favorite food,". Niall asked, I could definitely tell where his mind was.  "Umm probably pizza, or pretty much anything Italian, you?"  " pretty much anything, but Italians my favorite also" Niall replied.

          "do you like Sydney?" I asked wanting to know.  "Ummm kinda," he said slightly blushing, just enough to see in the low light. "are you gonna ask her out?"  
"hey no fair that's two questions, but maybe... I will, now my turn."  Niall said. "do you like Lou?" My mind raced for a moment, thinking of all the thoughts where i would get butterflies in my stomach when he brushed up against each other, and how i couldn't help but smile when i was around him.

          “Possibly. I don’t really know. I like him, i will say that. I just think we both are not in the right place for a relationship, right now at least.” I gave a small smile, partially lying. Sure, of course i liked Louis. But there was no way that he would ever like me back. So, that’s all it was going to be. Nothing more.

          "ok ummmm, where's one place you've always wanted to go. " I said. "America" he said without thinking. "where in America?"  "California probably," he replied yawning " what about you?"  "I wanna go to Florida, but New York City would be cool also," I said.  I looked over to see Niall had closed his eyes and was laying down on the couch.

          “Niall?” I asked.  “Yeah?"  he mumbled. “Oh nothing, I just wasnt sure if you were still awake.” I replied. As I layed down on the couch myself.  I grabbed the remote and went to Netflix.  I decided that I wanted to do a Harry Potter marathon, I chose the first Harry Potter movie and grabbed a blanket.

          My stomach grumbled, and I stumbled towards the kitchen, after i had made sure Niall was asleep. I grabbed a bag of bbq chips from the pantry and sat down in front of the tv. I watched the first half of the movie,  quoting my favorite parts, and then after feeling like i had gorged myself, went to put the chips back in the kitchen. I came back and finished the 1st movie then started the next one and curled up on the couch.  I slowly started to drift off to sleep just as Dobby appeared on the screen.

I woke up and looked at my phone, I was past 11pm.  It took a minute for my eyes to focus, but I managed to stumbled to the kitchen without hurting myself.  A light was on in the kitchen, and I heard rustling. Crap i thought, if that was Niall I was screwed.

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